7 life hacks for masturbation. Only for women! | Practices

7 life hacks for masturbation. Only for women!.

7 life hacks for masturbation. Only for women! | Practices
How to diversify masturbation? How to experience much more pleasure in the process? Eats a few simple life hacks that very seriously change the sensations. Their use will cause many orgasms, and then they will be used in paired sex.

1. New positions

The usual poses are good and convenient, but why not try something completely new? For example, Sex standing. If in pairs this is normal practice, then not everyone is solved to masturbate so. At the same time, you can throw your leg on the sofa, lift and bend at the knee or just stand on tiptoe. It is still convenient to squat or knees, it also changes sensations. At the same time, the pillow is placed between the hips, and the vibrator is already on it. But remember, very It is important to have a support point, so as not to lose balance during orgasm.

2. Legs together

During masturbation, a woman often spreads her legs to the sides, but you can try and vice versa. If before orgasm hips and knees, The experiences will become much brighter. In such a situation, the area of influence on the crotch increases, which gives incredible bliss. You can try to keep the limbs and from the very beginning of the process, but it will be more difficult to get excited, the desire will grow gradually, but the finale will delight with new colors.

3. Plush into the water

Games in the bathroom are very interesting, but you can practice them differently. Someone likes to masturbate shower. And try it do under water. Dial the bathroom, and guide the stream when the body is immersed. Of course, more pressure may be required, but it will be very interesting. It is worth playing with sex toys that are not afraid of moisture. Their touch in water differs from caresses in the air.

4. Look for new points

Explore the point G. It is located on the front wall of the vagina. Its stimulation is a massage of the clitoris, but internal. This organ is much more than it seems. And it is the massage of such a point that leads to multiple and jet orgasms. You can stimulate your fingers, or you can with a special curved sex toy. And with new discoveries you can share with a man, he will also like such orgasms.7 life hacks for masturbation. Only for women! | Practices

5. Read!

You can get excited from fantasies, viewing porn. But special pleasure is to read erotic stories. This includes the imagination! You can choose short stories, or you can read an exciting novel, and dive into the new world every evening, and together with the heroes live their erotic adventures.

6. Look for new sensations

This is not the simplest task, because new stimulation is possible only with the help of sex toys. But every year new technologies appear, which somehow massage the body in a new way. Vibration, pulsation, massage, wave vibrations – all this is created for female pleasure. And you can give it to yourself by choosing an intimate thing for masturbation. It will be possible to apply it and together with a partner.

7. Get an orgasm in unexpected places

Today there are sex toys that can be worn inside and turned on from a smartphone. At any time it will be possible to activate movement, and this will cause the strongest excitement. Dozens of models are now activated from the distance, and no one will guess about their work, they move silently. What could be better than orgasm in the gym, at the desktop or on a walk?

Masturbation, like sex, can be art if you look for new experiences and sensations every time. It is not difficult to open a new world, you just need to become interested in intimate goods, try unique cosmetics for sex. Want to plunge into this world, learn a lot about pleasure? Arrange an intimpati, this is a meeting at which the consultant will come to your home, tell everything about sex toys and even show some of them. Find out how to organize such communication – the organization of intimpati.

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