6 Super Effective Masturbation Methods

6 Super Effective Masturbation Methods.

…which every woman should know

Ladies, raise your hands who likes to masturbate! We will be honest with each other, and it turns out that the hands raised everything, well, or almost everything. Ah, masturbation, it would seem, is so simple, but such a difficult activity. This is what many of us want to enjoy, but at the same time they often experience a feeling of fear or even anxiety.

Masturbation should not be “awkward” a thing! It should be as full and relaxing as meditation or yoga. After all, this is just a pleasant and relaxing pastime. And there will be a few simple tips to help you.

6 Super Effective Masturbation Methods

Study your body

Good knowledge of the body will help to understand and achieve the desired reactions to one or another effect on sensitive zones. You know where your clitoris is located, how it looks? Find a picture with an anatomical image of the clitoris whole. Perhaps you will be surprised when you see it completely. Study the location of all its parts and especially the head. Now take the mirror and carefully study it, so to speak in natural form. After all, if you do not know what the clitoris and vagina look like, then the process of masturbation will occur “blindly”, Why are you just to receive your legal portion of pleasure!

Decide what is better for you

There is no single recipe for pleasure for everyone! There is no universal size or shape that would suit absolutely everyone! Your body is unique, its reaction to stimulation is unique! And only you can find out, understand and decide what suits you best! The same clitoris can be acted in far from one way using pressure or friction.

Find the clitoris manually

Lie in a convenient position, making sure that no one will disturb you for a long time. And now start to slowly explore the entire vulva area with your hand. Slowly move to the upper part of the labia connection. Here you feel to sleep and delicate protruding part – the head of the clitoris, which can be hidden under a special leather hood. The clitoris head is its protruding part of about a quarter of its total size (that is, three of its quarters are hidden inside). It is this small detail that is almost entirely responsible for your orgasm!

After you found the clitoris, start trying to influence it in different ways. Use the different degree of pressure and speed, circle your fingers around it, move the hood… Do not miss anything that will come to mind. Look for what will give you the pleasure!

Use the toy

Good high -quality sex toy (and better than two or three different) should just have every woman next to the bed! And this is not a crime against morality at all, but an elementary manifestation of care and self -love. If you have not used toys before, believe me, this will change your world. It is worth first to study the modern extensive assortment of intimate accessories and start getting to know them in practice. And once again, it is better not to limit yourself to one or even two toys – modern intimate products are very diverse in types of stimulation. And only in a practical way you can find out what is best suited to you.

Explore the point G

Yes, the clitoris is a female! However, often I want something else, more… Fortunately, there are about a million ways to give yourself pleasure. One of these pleasure centers is the point G, which is located about a few centimeters from the entrance inside the vagina on the front wall, which is closer to the stomach. The sensitive spot is best stimulated by specially designed toys for this (yes, modern intelligent accessories can be very narrowly specific). Although, unlike the clitoris, point G is not an erogenous zone for absolutely every woman. Therefore, experiments, practice and practice again!

Orgasm is not an end in itself

Many women cannot achieve orgasm even during masturbation. And often, this can cause completely unnecessary thoughts that something is wrong with you. In fact, it’s completely normal! You just have not yet found the option of stimulation that will become your lifesaver wand. In addition, many women cannot completely relax even alone. And this can also cause the impossibility of achieving the desired.

Highlight yourself a time when no one will bother you definitely. Try to relax, focus on thoughts about pleasant things (not necessarily related to sex). When the brain focuses on thoughts of pleasant, you can rather feel excitement. And yes, an orgasm in female masturbation is not the only goal! Yes, you can do without it! Sometimes the process itself is much more important than the final. In the end, masturbation is solitude with oneself, relaxation and enjoyment of your own body!

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