Women’s condom: what is it, how to use

Women’s condom: What is needed for, how to use, how to wear?.

The phrase “female condom” causes many perplexed smile – this is generally possible? What, excuse me, pull it? It turns out that this method of contraception really exists.

What is a female condom

Female condom (he is also called “femid”, from English. Female and Condom) – this is a method of barrier contraception. This is a pipe made of elastic material. From both ends, the walls of the condom thicken and form stiff rings.

According to its technology, it is not particularly different from the masculine – like the usual cond, it excludes the contact of the mucous membrane of the partners and prevents the seed fluid from entering the vagina.

Why invented a female condom

This method of contraception was invented in the 80s of the last century by the Dange of Lass Hessel. He was concerned about the growth of HIV-infected in Africa countries. The infection also spread through male violence, so Hessel decided to create a method of barrier contraception, whose use depended on the woman.

It was assumed that female condoms would protect the inhabitants of the third world from unwanted pregnancies and infections that could convey aggressors. After the development and production of the first parties of the UN condoms began to distribute to women of African countries for free.

Femidoms began to be produced in the United States only in 1991, but they never gained widespread. Now it is quite difficult to find them – for example, in America, only one company produces femidoms.

They are used by women who want to maintain control of their health and a childbearing function, protect themselves from unreliable lovers and protect themselves from diseases transmitted sexually.

Compared to hormonal contraceptives of femidoma – a safer and more effective method of protection. Female condoms cause less side effects and protect not only from unwanted pregnancy, but also from STD.

How to put on a female condom

To put on such a contraceptive is no more difficult than introducing a swab:

  1. Remove jewelry from your fingers, so as not to accidentally damage Femide.
  2. Squeeze the inner ring of the contraceptive and place it inside the vagina.
  3. Need a finger and pour a femid to the cervix with a femid.
  4. The outer ring of a wore femidom can protrude 1-3 cm from the external labia.

How to remove a female condom

The contraceptive is removed immediately after intercourse. At first it is scrolled several times, holding the outer part so that the sperm remains inside. Femide is removed, holding the outer rib. It is very important not to pull and not make sudden movements – thin polyurethane can break, and seed fluid will fall into the vagina.

The advantages of femidomes include:

health. Barrier contraceptives are safer for women’s health than hormonal;

pleasant sensations. Femidoms are made of thin polyurethane, therefore, during sex, the sensation of both partners is stronger than when using a conventional condom;

Lack of allergies. Allergic reactions to latex that do not allow people to use condoms are often found. But femid is made of polyurethane – this is more hypoallergenic material.

Of the minuses of female condomov, they note:

Inaccessibility. In many countries, this contraceptive can be ordered only via the Internet, in pharmacies it is not for sale. In addition, its price is usually 2-3 times higher than for male condoms;

Small knowledge. Scientists did not investigate femidoms for the degree of protection against pregnancy, and also did not find out the causes of possible irritation of the mucosa in women using such contraception;

Libido decrease. The worn contraceptive leaves the vagina with a polyurethane ring, which can cause embarrassment and compression during sex.

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