With or without antennae: unusual condoms | Condoms

With or without antennae: unusual condoms.

With or without antennae: unusual condoms | Condoms
Good sex should be safe. That is why it is so important to always have with you condoms. Condromes are the best contraceptive. With proper use, you can protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy and diseases transmitted during sexual contacts. Made from latex or polyurethane, They cope with protection perfectly, but on this their functionality is not limited. Today, manufacturers have stepped far ahead, improved models of their condoms and made them an excellent addition to sexual caresses. Summing -down, with antennae, multi -colored, with ribs and pimples – all this about them, about condoms. Yes, they are very unusual, and they can be pleasantly surprised. Want to know more about this? Then catch our guide on condomes with the most interesting additions.

What is unusual in condoms?

At first glance, it may seem that condoms cannot surprise anything. Someone generally treats them with neglect-they say, without them is more convenient and better. But this is all a relic of the past. Condoms of the 21st century are ultra -thin and absolutely safe products. There are models that provide the effect: "body to the body", They even transmit the heat of the genitals. But the best models are with addition. This is where you can really take a walk and discover protected sex from a new side.
Condoms can complement:

  • Pimples.
    Such models were designed specifically for women. The bulges are located in such a way that with the penetration of the penis, stimulation of the most sensual nerve endings begins. With them, the penetration force will increase several times, and not a single site is left without attention, including point G.
  • Ribers.
    Add pleasure to both a woman and a man at the same time. The whole trick is that they can be placed both inside and out of the condom. Ribs can be of any shape (waves, rings), providing additional stimulation.
  • Color.
    Here everyone can choose to their taste – one will like green, the other red, third yellow.
    And the taste can be chosen literally. Color often complements the aroma – floral or fruit. With them, sex will become many times more pleasant.
  • Lumining elements.
    Condoms can glow completely in full length, only on the tip, or stripes. It’s fun with them And you will never lose your dignity even in the dark.
  • Tue.
    Are soft and even slightly tough for lovers of hot sensations. Their main task is to stimulate the walls of the vagina.
    Moreover, from where exactly they will be located, the sensations will be completely different.
    Help add the acuteness of sensations even in the most classic sex.
  • Lubrication.
    With its help, the condom easily slides into the vagina, does not rub and does not create discomfort. But it is original.
    Prolonging – to extend sexual intercourse, heating or cooling – for unforgettable sensations.

Who can come in handy for such condoms?

With or without antennae: unusual condoms | Condoms
Unusual protection is cool. There is something all down and mysterious. It seems to be familiar sex, but with notes of novelty. Many people will like them, for example:

  • Pairs with extensive experience. Over time, sex with a familiar partner becomes cloying and monotonous.
    And bring notes of novelty to him is to save the relationship.
  • Aesthetes. I want something unusual? What about the aesthetic side? The standard condom is already banal, but if it is a bright color and with interesting convexities – it’s nice to look at it.
  • Extremes. Yes, yes, you did not rush.
    Take the same mustachioed condoms – Sex with them is already a kind of extreme, And if you season this with an unusual posture and place, you get a triple bomb.
  • Playboys. It is not easy to surprise the girl, but otherwise she will not remember you as a best lover.
    But if you come with something on the one hand ordinary, but in fact – new and interesting, Effect "Wow" Provided.
  • Novelty lovers. A variety of sex helps to better understand yourself, your desires, and does not let you get bored.

And indeed everyone who is interested in.
They are designed specifically to paint a sexual life, make ecstasy brighter and deeper, and sensations are saturated!

What brand to pay attention to?

  • Durex is perhaps one of the most recognizable brands.
    The British manufacturer always keeps up with the times: releases new items, pleases with a beautiful packaging design. A huge plus – its own line of lubricants and lubricants compatible with latex. Latex at Durex high quality, Without an unpleasant odor "Rubber".
  • Sagami – Japanese brand, which specializes primarily in protection from polyurethane. These are the highest quality condoms. Super-thin, completely devoid of any smell. More expensive than many other brands, but the price justifies itself. The wall of only 0.01 mm thick allows you to fully feel the partner.
    With them, sex is as natural as possible And at the same time safe. Suitable for people who have latex allergies.
  • Luxe – Mark with a wide variety and unusual assortment. Antennae and their most unexpected location are aimed at obtaining new and colorful sensations. Each original condom is sold one thing, So you can try, experiment and find for yourself the most suitable option.
  • Spring – A fairly young brand who came to the market in 2015, but has already managed to prove itself as a quality product. The brand is aimed at young people who are not afraid to experiment in bed, and for everyone who is ready to try new and unusual.
  • Masculan – German brand creating premium products at affordable prices. The characteristics of their condoms exceed the established European norms. In addition to their line you can choose protection for any, even the most impressive size.

TOP of the best original condoms

  • Luxe maxima Deep bomb # 1 – Already became a legend.
    It is necessary to try it at least once to understand what it is Really deep pleasure.
    Above – three triple spikes, under them – large pimples clasping a member in the area of the bridle. Despite the fact that all the most interesting is located outside, the head of the penis does not remain deprived and stimulated in full. And if the guy has a sensual bridle – from successfully located pimples from will be in the seventh heaven from pleasure.
  • Condoms Sagami Xtreme №5 Lemonade They are already surprised only with a box with a funny design, but the chip is not even in it.
    The condoms themselves are transparent, but have a slightly light linen, and grease with the aroma of lemonade. Japanese generally love to surprise unexpected solutions, And they really do it. By the way, the same brand has another cult aroma – Coca Cola.
  • Durex pleasuremax These are two in one.
    Both a man and a woman at the same time will receive additional pleasure with them, because none of the parties should be left without attention.
    At the base of the condom – special rings that enhance friction. A little higher – pimples gently massaging pussy from the inside. In the area under the bridle – all the same rings, in case the most sensitive area of the man is right under the head. In general, this is a win -win solution – make a relief along the entire length. Wherever the most sensual zone is located – it will definitely be discovered and stimulated.
  • Spring Aromatic No. 3 – for true connoisseurs of exotic. Their lubrication is supplemented by the aroma of tropical fruits. To make a blowjob with them is a pleasure. You close your eyes, inhale the aroma and plunge into the atmosphere of the Paradsk Island.
    It remains to take a banana in his mouth and hone his oral skill on it. The main thing is not to be forgotten and not by chance not bite it.
  • Condoms Masculan No. 2 Classic – Any girl’s dream.
    They have a pleasant pink color. Below the head and until the base there are small convex points on them. That’s who you can really say about: "small, but remote". They gently stimulate each section of pussy, Without leaving the lady indifferent.
  • Sagami Hot Kiss They will surprise with their innovative lubricant, who during sex begins to warm up the vagina, And in addition, it enhances the sliding effect. With them, the pussy will really become hot.

The most common questions

With or without antennae: unusual condoms | Condoms
It would seem that everything is clear with protection, but sometimes questions arise that deserve a detailed answer.
We selected the most common of them so that you have no unnecessary doubt, and you can fully enjoy safe, high -quality and unusual sex.

  • Can the antennae scratch the vagina?
    -No, manufacturers understand that the vagina is a very delicate and sensitive environment. The antennae is not prickly and without sharp corners, so they cannot leave scratches in any way. They are made of the same material as the condoms themselves, as a rule, is latex high quality, so you should not be afraid.
  • Can it hurt?
    -In theory, this is possible. But there will be no guilt of condoms in this. If there are scratches on the genitals – during friction they will make themselves felt. And the bulges here will become an additional irritant. In this case, with the experiments, you should wait until the healing of the wounds. Pain can occur with insufficient lubrication. So If a girl is often "drying out", It is advisable to have a lubricant at hand.
  • What will happen if you accidentally swallow the grease of the condom with "taste"?
    -Nothing. All lubricants used in such condoms are absolutely safe for a person even when it gets inside. They are designed primarily for oral affection, so such condoms can be safely licked. And if you want even more taste, you can use Oral lubricants, they can slide over the body and genitals, and then lick and even swallow.
    Just do not forget that the basis of an edible lubricant should be water so that it does not damage the structure of the condom. Here is such a delicious pleasure.
  • But I will definitely like it?
    -Each person buzz in his own way. One needs quickly, the other slowly, Someone will like wavy ribs, and someone will receive a powerful orgasm thanks to the antennae. To understand this, you need to try.
    Start looking for the best option for yourself, try, experiment, study, and then you will find what you like exactly!

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