Types of condoms. What is important when selecting protection? | Condoms

Types of condoms. What is important when selecting protection?.

Types of condoms. What is important when selecting protection? | Condoms
There are a condom selection rules. If you follow them, the product will not reduce the sensitivity, will not. And the likelihood of latex damage is also reduced. Therefore, everyone should know about these nuances.

In our time, both men and women suffer from the inconvenience of condoms. The former complain of the inappropriate size, the absence of sensations and the loss of an erection. The second – on gratitude, irritation, breaks and discomfort. Many couples are content with what they are, they buy a classic of a famous brand in pharmacies or supermarkets or generally the cheapest in assortment after hussars (and someone is “hussar”). And then they stare, despite the fact that the condom does not fit a little, Exposing himself and his partner

The size of condoms. What are?

What is fraught with a condom not in size? SPPP and unwanted pregnancy. Too narrowly sitting – break and deform, too free – slide or spill.

Condoms are chosen not only in length, but also in width.

  • Standard (classic) condoms – This is 180 x 52/54 mm, wall thickness – 0.06 (but we will talk about thickness later).
  • There is still an Asian standard – 47 mm width. Many brands of the mass segment, in order to save latex, choose intermediate values (CONTEX occurs 49 mm).
  • Large condoms – All that is more than these parameters. Often from 190 mm in length and 56/58 mm in diameter.
  • Condoms of smaller parameters also meet.

And there is nothing shameful in buying condoms in size, this guarantees you comfortable and pleasant in every way sex.

To decide on individual parameters, you should use a regular centimeter. Measurements are carried out with an erect state. You need to find out the length and thickness to find out which condom “sits” better than others.

How to find out the size of the product?

Absolutely all manufacturers write the parameters of their condoms, and many even mark packs with models of non -standard sizes. Everything that is necessary for the choice is to carefully read the description.

A slightly increased size is 190 mm in length and 56/58 in width, but there is even more. You can see Okamoto, Masculan, Sagami,Vitalis, Bayan, Durex, CONTEX And inexpensive Luxe.

For those that are even more (or vice versa – less than the standard) – to the brand My size.

The Germans My Size represent the widest possible line of size:

  • No. 47 – a condom width 47 mm – is recommended for a member circumference from 9.5 to 10 cm
  • No. 49 – for a circle from 10 to 10.5 cm
  • No. 53 – from 10.5 to 11.5 cm.
  • No. 57 – from 11.5 to 12 cm.
  • No. 60 – from 12 to 13 cm.
  • No. 64 – from 13 to 14 cm.
  • No. 69 – from 14 to 15 cm.

And, accordingly, their length varies from 160 to 230 mm.

Very convenient latex condoms. You can choose exactly your size. Latex thickness in My Size 0.07 mm.

Each brand has its own special size table by which you can easily determine which one you need.Types of condoms. What is important when selecting protection? | Condoms

Wall thickness

Heard the expression “in condom as in a spacesuit”? And with the unwillingness of a man to put on a condom, because he does not feel anything in him or he immediately falls, collided?

Sometimes they, of course, are excelled or exaggerated, but there are a lot of truth in their words. And “as in a spacesuit” they feel (or rather, they don’t feel) also women. Because the sensitivity is different for everyone, and some irritate condoms or almost real touch as a cellophane package. And all this instead of a good such hot member of blood and flesh!

What to do in such situations? Choose more Thin condoms. The pack of walls is always indicated on the pack.

Many take any more and only later they understand, and after all, these can be ultra -resistant condoms for anal sex, the walls of which, of course, are much denser than usual.

Another thin walls save, if the condom is slightly small – in this they will press less on the penis.

So, if the condom spoils all the sensations, but you do not consider other means of contraception, then look for “ultra -thin” marks on the packs. Yes, it will be written in literally – ultra -thin or super -thin.

What thickness is usually

Classical thickness – 0.06 mm. She It occurs more often than others. There are only a little thicker than classics 0.05 or 0.04 mm. For more sensitive persons – 0.03, 0.02 and even 0.01 (in the brand Sagami – the thinnest condoms in the world).

Important: condoms from latex and condoms from polyurethane differ in elasticity – thin latex is quite easily stretched and is less felt, while polyurethane does not stretch at all. If suddenly it does not fit in size – about
Comfortable sex can be forgotten.

The small size will be godlessly crush and reap, killing all the sensations. The big will simply slip.

Be careful, many brands call ultrathum condoms with standard walls (marketing move), so read not only inscriptions, but also Look at specific numbers.

Durex Elite are considered super -flowing, but do not indicate the real wall thickness on the package. And real thickness is 0.065 mm (most classic condoms have
thickness 0.060 mm).

But Durex Invisible is really thin – their wall 0.040 mm.Types of condoms. What is important when selecting protection? | Condoms

If condoms are torn

If you have no problem with size and sensations, but you spend the time in bed so fervently and vigorously that condoms are torn – choose super -strengths.

Most often, this follows an increase in the thickness of the walls, but there are brands that offer reliable material without loss of comfort and sensations. The same Sagami, for example, not just ultra -thin, but also ultra -resistant (This applies to models only from polyurethane).

But more often, condoms are torn due to inaccuration, pollution, burrs on gross male hands and other mechanical minor damage, which no one takes seriously.

Condoms for anal sex

With this format, I especially recommend using condoms, even if with vaginal penetration you neglect them.

Why? Because the microflora in the anus is special and it is fraught with irritation to the penetrating to the one, which can then affect you, even if everyone went to the shower and you had sex yesterday.

With anal sex, many use anesthetics (painkillers) or cosmetics for muscle relaxation. An anesthetic affects a decrease in the sensitivity of both the receiving partner and penetrating. The condom in this case also serves as an obstacle and retains the sensations to someone who does not need to anesthetize.

During anal sex The condom is subjected to double load – tight entrance, strong friction, compressed resistant muscles. Therefore, the chance to damage it is great and it is worth choosing models of increased strength. Usually it is a wall with a thickness of 0.08 or 0.09 mm. Their thickness is completely and completely compensated by the resulting sensations.

When choosing, it is worth noting that there are no condoms for anal sex, so with the impregnation that already exists can be uncomfortable. This is easily solved – you buy a bubble of special anal lubricant and make a combo! When choosing, be careful – only water -based lubricants and some hybrids are combined with condoms (look for a note – compatible with condoms).Types of condoms. What is important when selecting protection? | Condoms

Condoms and intimate cosmetics

Now you can buy an auxiliary tool for every taste that solves various sexual problems. Not only painkillers or relaxing sprays for anal sex, but also prolongers (means of a similar freezing effect for extending sexual intercourse), warming and exciting creams, taste oral lubricants, etc.D.

How to combine condoms with them? Read labels and instructions again. Many indicate the basis, if it is water – there will be no problems. Others can violate the structure of the condom and bring it into disrepair. Look for the inscriptions “compatible with condoms” if the basis is not indicated.The lubricant is applied to a condom from above, and only after it is worn. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the lubricant does not get inside, since then he will slip and act in the process.

It is more convenient to lay a prolongator in the head (where a special reservoir) is a condom and very carefully distribute along the walls, although you can do without it. More convenient and more effective than applying to the penis. Special extending condoms are also sold, where the tool is already inside.

Condoms for oral sex

Make a blowjob in a condom – it is also a pleasure (for cunnilingus, they also sometimes cut a condom to use by analogy with a latex cloth), mainly unfamiliar couples are hunting or use it for completely random and sudden contacts. But use – yes.

Manufacturers are trying to somehow compensate for this with taste or aroma. Latex with a touch of Coca-Colas – It is a little nicer than just latex, yes? Not all flavored condoms are tasteful, although almost all taste – flavored. To distinguish, the principle is the same – read the description.

Still, if you practice oral sex, alternating it with vaginal, which you are engaged in a condom, after removing in your mouth, a slight smack of latex still remains. The taste is a little compensate for.

And also flavored and taste condoms often make color and beautiful, Therefore, many are happy to take them just like that – they are more pleasant to wear.Types of condoms. What is important when selecting protection? | Condoms

Dryness and friction when using condoms

Unpleasant sensations when using is a fairly common phenomenon in permanent users of inexpensive brands. It is solved as simple as possible – the acquisition of an additional water -based lubricant bottle. If additional lubricant did not help get rid of discomfort – try changing the brand or thinking if you have allergies to latex.

Allergies to latex

In some, condoms cause terrible irritation, dryness and even burning. This may be associated with poor -quality material, a bad composition of a lubricant or violation of storage and transportation conditions.

But if the situation is not one -time, but is repeated even with more expensive condoms – this is an occasion to think about whether you have an allergy to latex. Such an allergy is quite difficult to identify.

In this case, condoms Replaced with polyurethane, thin and durable, and most importantly – hypoallergenic. Polyurethane is more pleasant in all respects, transparent and has no smell, except that it costs more and does not slip so well. But this is decided by the acquisition of additional lubrication.

A large line of polyurethane condoms can be found at the Sagami brand. They also sell a line of monobrand lubricants, very cool!

Other condoms

In addition to the most basic types of condoms there are many more with special effects. It’s how to choose a salute for New Year’s Eve: you can take a simple salvo, Chinese flying beetles or an entire impressive installation.Types of condoms. What is important when selecting protection? | Condoms

What is the market generally offering?

Condoms for steam, on the external and inner sides of which different compounds are applied. He is an extensor, it is exciting and enhancing sensations. They do such to finish simultaneously. About finishing is more a matter of work and luck, but you will get new sensations for sure!

Condoms with a warming and cooling effect

There are condoms with various outer relief – pimples, ribs, waves, lines. It can be either pronounced or barely noticeable. There are condoms with antennae, again variable – some are very small and rather resemble a relief, and the Luxe brand produces such cosmic models that not everyone will decide to wear.

Sets and boxes of condoms

Continents are sold both blows and boxes, and even whole boxes! If, for example, you prefer one specific brand that is difficult to find – it is convenient (and often extremely profitable) to order a big box. Boxes and sets come both with one type of condom, and with the assortment.

For example Unilatex there is a multi -collection box as much as 144 pieces!

Most often, aromatic or taste condoms are sold by sets, the SET includes several different tastes. But there are also sets for the couple, as inexpensive and cool CONTEX MAGIC BOX, in which the funny assessed all sorts of different for experiments in pairs.

Condoms for non -traditional couples and safe experiments

If everything is clear with gays and they use standard condoms, then how do lesbian couples do? Of course, in a pair where two women have sex, it is more convenient to use the same latex or polyurethane wipes on a permanent basis, but it happens that there was no at hand or now there is simply no way to buy. Then, for oral sex and any other caresses, condoms can be cut, and entirely – put on fingers. Safety is above all!Types of condoms. What is important when selecting protection? | Condoms

Female condoms (internal, femidomes)

In modern realities, researchers came up with special female condoms. Now women can completely and completely control the situation.

Such condoms are usually nitrilic or polyurethane, Introduced into the vagina, Announcing on a special rim at its base (another rim is at its end).

You can put them on as much as 8 hours before intercourse.

Femidoms are not very popular, firstly-they are quite expensive, secondly-inserting them is not particularly easy, thirdly-with femids it is not recommended to use additional lubricant, t.To. The condom will slide or can even shift into the vagina, fourthly-quite a lot of women when testing shared that the use of femidoms caused them unpleasant and even pain. Well, it looks pretty strange.

But the femidoms have one big fat plus – they Ideal for group sex or alternating anal and vaginal penetration. No rubber change is required, and the absolute security of a woman is maintained.

What else needs to be known about condoms

Necessarily! Ritual – wash your hands. Various substances of the passing day remain on our hands – in a male mukhanik it can be machine oil, a woman has any cosmetics or hand cream, both have a meal, dirt, etc. All this is fraught with damage to the condom.

How to open a condom?

Gently with fingers. Not with a knife, not scissors, not a clip, not a key and not other household items, which you will think of. This can damage a condom, and
You will thereby put yourself and a partner at risk.

How to put on a condom?

If you have never used condoms, you need a little dexterity to put them on. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the sides and not rush, hold it by two fingers by the tank, and gently roll it out with your free hand.

After long and tiring training you will do it with one hand and without looking!

You can still put on a condom with your mouth – it is entertaining and sexy, but it is better to practice before that – on the phallimitator or banana.

All of the above processes simplify the lubricant (you can take edible water -based – from System JO or Swiss Navy) – this is how the condom rolls easier and faster, and the process itself can be turned into a fascinating prelude to hand -made techniques.Types of condoms. What is important when selecting protection? | Condoms

Is there a shelf life?

Certainly! And after its expiration, latex and polyurethane lose their properties. Do not evaluate the quality of the “overshary” condom, think about your safety. The shelf life of polyurethane condoms is usually higher than that of latex.

If outwardly something is wrong?

Just don’t use this condom. Take another. They do not save on their health.

How to store condoms?

In a dry and cool place, protected from direct sunlight, without compression or weighty objects lying on top, at a comfortable room temperature.

Not in the car (temperature difference), not in the wallet (mechanical damage), not in the bathroom (humidity).

The condom is very easy to damage, even while it is in individual packaging. Any micro -processes can lead to leakage, the condom can break in the process or burst from the filling of sperm.

It is recommended to take condoms with you in a native common box (not in foil) or in a special case that can be purchased additionally.

The history of condoms

The condoms were invented by Dr. Charles with the speaking surname Condem for King of England Henry VIII.

The whole XVIII century European men fought with the Church for the opportunity to enjoy without consequences.

Needless to say, the men won? And condoms, before that have strictly one size, mainly made From the mucous membrane of the intestines of animals and quite expensive sold, gained widespread and total restyling. There are more materials for condoms, and scientists have provided different parameters for their carriers.

In the XVIII century, in parallel with the invention of rubber, rubber condoms also appeared on sale. They were made in pharmacies to the size of customers, the “elastic bands” were considered reusable.

At the end of the 18th century, women rebelled against condoms, believing that control over birth rate should belong to them.

In the 20th century, scientists opened latex and all condoms began to make it from it.

In 1982, the “pros and against” condoms finally stopped, since it was only the only way to protect against AIDS transmitted.

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