TOP-5 lubricant on silicone basis

TOP-5 lubricant on silicone basis.


Water -based lubricants are worldwide recognized as universal. We have already disassembled the top 5, and now we will talk about lubricants on a silicone basis. Sometimes, by the way, they are indispensable. For example, with anal sex without a condom. . We all know – anal sex is not fast, you can’t rush here, there is nowhere to do. A water -based lubricant is certainly suitable, but it will quickly dry out and it will have to constantly smear, house, in short, as you want to call, but this is inconvenient and infuriates. The silicone base lives much longer, does not spread anywhere when applying and provides the best sliding.

It is worth remembering that with a silicone-based grease, condoms, silicone toys, gel, cyber-leggings, hyperrealistic dildos cannot be used. In this case, the lubricant will ruin, the above materials are corroded, which is not at all comme il fake. But with ABS plastic or anal samples of glass or metal, lubricant on a silicone base goes with a bang. The prelude was finished, go to the top.


You are ready? Then we will!

Gel Unisex for softening Silicon Glide, Viamax

An excellent gel of medium consistency, provides prolonged sliding, does not dry out, does not absorb, does not evaporate. Starts to work right there, instantly, that is. It does not cause discomfort.

Format: gel

Volume: 70 ml

Silicone lubricant Toko Lubricant, Shunga

One of the most popular silicone lubricants today! Convenient bottle with a lid, large volume. Good composition, no chemical smells. It does not cause irritation. Very long -playing! The consumption is scanty. And in general, Shunga has all the intimate cosmetics on a solid “five”.

Format: gel

Volume: 165 ml

Silc Glide, Hot lubricant

Hot has all the lubricants in very convenient formats, in bottles of lids, in short to use them – it is a pleasure. Here is silicone lubricant – no exception, a very cool bottle with spraying. The lubricant itself without color and smell, leaves a soft and silky bedspread on the skin, the chip of this little thing – an extremely long -standing film.

Format: Spray

Volume: 50 ml

Silicone-based lubricant Liquid SEX® Silicone-BASED LUBE, Topco Sales

You know what we love Topco Sales? Good quality and tasty color. Also, of course, for bright bottles and tubes. Sooo slippery consistency for this sex marathon! You can use it even in the shower-it will remain in its place 😉

Format: gel

Volume: 113 ml

Moisturizing Come in Glide-Oil Silicon, Inverma

Invertma did not hear about this series of lubricants, probably only deaf! Excellent, super-slipping lubricant for good, high-quality sex. Made in Germany, by the way. Das is a fantastic!

Format: gel

Volume: 75 ml

And what lubrices do you choose?

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