The best cooling lubricants

The best cooling lubricants.

The best cooling lubricants

The best cooling lubricantsLuburbicants with special effects — This is an opportunity to experience something unusual. And if A pleasant chill spills on the skin, What could be better on a hot day? Cooling lubricants — This is a find for lovers of new experiences. You can use them for vaginal, anal sex. They will not be superfluous and during masturbation.

Dreaming lubricant solves several problems at once. Firstly, it improves sliding. Movements seem to be more smooth. Secondly, it changes the sensations from touch, they seem more distinct. And the skin seems to be refined, and even the breath of the breeze causes ecstasy. At the same time, lubricants are affordable in price, everyone can try such an effect. And we have chosen 5 funds that are really popular.

1. Invigorating lubricant Pjur Cool for cooling

Pjur – This is a brand of the best lubricants. Quality compositions are suitable For any erotic games. And among many interesting lubricants there is a cooling. Pjur Cool created on water -based, so it is permissible to use it with any toys. He gives a feeling of coolness on the skin, all participants in the process feel it. Lubrication is applied to genitals immediately before sexual intercourse. The effect lasts up to 30 minutes. The composition has a pleasant light aroma, delicate texture. Not sticky, leaves no trace of clothes. Consumed economically.

2. Silicone’s gel link — Ice cooling

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