Lubrication and sex toys: how to combine correctly?

Lubrication and sex toys: how to combine correctly?.

Now on sale many all kinds of toys for sex are presented. They cost a lot, because I really want such valuable and favorite devices to serve as long as possible. Much depends on the correct selection of the lubricant. For example, silicone, and even more so oil lubricants can mercilessly ruin toys made of gel. Silicone products can be used exclusively with water -based lubricants. Actually, these are the most neutral lubricants to which all materials without exception react normally.

The summary of the article

  • Do you always need to use grease?
  • How to choose the right lubricant?
  • How to use lubricants?
  • How much lubrication will be needed?
  • If toys are used together ..

Do you always need to use grease?

Of course, you can try to use dry toys, but this is real blasphemy. Lubrication specially designed for this purpose will significantly increase sensitivity, and at the same time will save the valuable device from Skoro wear. Even a small portion of a lubricant will help to make penetration softer and sensual. True, experienced lovers claim that there are never many lubricants. It allows you to reduce friction at times, which will necessarily affect the quality of sex. The lubricant will also benefit the toy, because it can last longer.

How to choose the right lubricant?

On sale you can see the three most popular categories of lubricants:

1. Silicone – ideal for sexual entertainment in water.
2. On water -based – the most universal.
3. Based on oil products – the most thick, are used mainly for anal sex and male masturbation.

To understand the features of each of the presented lubricants, you will have to get to know them better.

Silicone lubricants

These lubricants are simply wonderful for those who love entertainment in the water. Lubrication and sex toys: how to combine correctly?
Of course, for this you will need waterproof toys, which will have to be abundantly coated with silicone -based products. These lubricants are incredibly stable in water, because after the first application they work for a long time, without requiring additional lubrication. This is their main feature.

Silicone lubricants are cleaned with ordinary soap. They can become faithful assistants to the couple, who goes somewhere to the sea coast in the hope of holding amazing days and nights there. You can purchase such auxiliary funds in specialized stores.

Water -based lubricants

These are perhaps the most universal lubricants of all existing. They can be used in absolutely any cases with a wide variety of sex toys. Erection rings, vibrators, phallimmitators, sleeves for masturbation – all this will bring much more pleasure if, before using devices, to apply a water -based lubricant on them. The biggest advantage of such funds is that they are very easily washed off and do not dirty clothes, unless the dyes are added to them. However, this feature makes them unsuitable for use in water. They dissolve instantly, because for sexual games in the bath, pool or sea will definitely not work.

Lubricant from oil products

Lubrication and sex toys: how to combine correctly?

These lubricants have a thick consistency, because most often they are used for male masturbation or anal sex. Penetration with such lubricants is carried out much softer. Even hard caresses become more delicate and tender, do not cause pain and do not lead to rubbing. It is important to remember that such lubricants cannot be used with latex toys, since they can ruin them. For the vagina, it is also better not to use them, since they can cause irritation. So, if vaginal sex or the same stimulation is planned, it is better to find other lubricants.

How to use lubricants?

  • Not every lubricant proposed on sale is equipped with instructions for use, therefore it will be useful to find out before applying what what is happening. Regardless of the composition of the lubricant, they use it almost the same.
  • Always, before applying a lubricant to the body, it must be squeezed out of the tube in the hand and grind a little. Only after that is the product applied to the desired part of the body or sex toy. This will make the use of the lubricant more comfortable.
  • All of the toy you need to lubricate, whether it be vibrators, phallimmitators, butterflies or vibro -yields for clitoral stimulation. If the toy is designed to penetrate, it is necessary to completely lubricate its trunk and head.
  • A sufficient amount of pound should be applied to the toy. Its inner surface should be wet, but not so much that the lubricant flows out of it. Approaching water -based lubrication, you need to do it quickly until the product is absorbed into the hand.
  • When using the male masturbator, the lubricant must be applied to the inner surface and toy entrance. You should not get carried away much so that the lubricant does not flow out through the outer hole. If necessary, you can always add the right amount of lubrication.
  • If during use the lubricant has dried or it is not enough for comfortable sex, it is necessary to lubricate the necessary places again.

How much lubrication will be needed?

The amount of lubrication used depends solely on personal preferences and sensations. It should be so much so that the toy slides easily and does not cause discomfort. Silents love to apply lubrication in large quantities. Partners who prefer sex is wider, use a very small amount of lubrication only to reduce friction. In order to understand how much lubriant will be needed to enhance sensitivity, it is necessary to experiment.

If toys are used together ..

Some couples are very fond of using sex toys for two. This helps them tune in to a common wave and approach the orgasm together. When using such toys, you need to lubricate almost everything – the toy itself, yourself and the partner. For example, if the partners decided to use a vibrating erection ring, it will be necessary to apply a lubricant to the penis, the internal and outer part of the ring, as well as the genitals of the second partner. This will add sensuality and make sex more delicate.

To choose the perfect lubriant for yourself, you need to try. A huge number of such funds with various smells and tastes are presented on sale. There is no other way except experimental in this case. Of course, along this path it is necessary to be guided by the main characteristics that describe the means of a particular category. When choosing, it is also important to remember your own reactions to various stimuli and what kind of sex is the lubricant intended. Many sellers offer samples of various lubricants that will help to decide on the choice without throwing money into the wind.

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