Condoms. Answers to popular questions

Condoms. Answers to popular questions.

Condures are a widely used contraceptive method that can prevent pregnancy and transmit sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Despite their popularity, questions still often arise about condoms.

What is a condom?

A condom is a type of barrier contraception. Continels are most often used to prevent sperm from entering female sexual paths. With proper use, condoms can prevent pregnancy and IPPs by 98 percent. But with more negligent use, the effectiveness of condoms is about 85 percent. Condoms – inexpensive, affordable, safe and effective method of contraception.

How popular is the use of condoms?

Condes, especially male, are the most popular barrier method of contraception, since they provide protection against unwanted pregnancy, as well as from sexually transmitted infections.

They are inexpensive and effective by about 98% with proper use. In addition, they are easy to use, and no side effects occur from the use of condoms, with the exception of latex allergies in some people.

There is also a myth that condoms affect the sensitivity of the penis, but it is unreasonable. To enjoy sex, make a condom by part of the prelude and select the type of condom that is better for you and your partner.

Due to condoms, the partner disappears an erection. What to do?

If your partner has an erection when using a condom, try to make the process of putting on a condom part of the prelude or put it on your own. Test condoms of various types and brands to choose the most suitable.

After sex, there was no sperm inside the condom. How could this happen?

There are several reasons why there was no sperm after sex in a condom. Firstly, perhaps your partner did not have ejaculation or he ejaculated before putting on a condom. It may also be that sperm leaked out of the condom. This can happen if your partner left a condom on his penis after he left an erection. When this happens, the penis becomes soft, and due to the weakening of the tension of the condom, sperm can flow out. In addition, sperm can flow through a gap or hole in a condom.

After sex, a condom remained in me. Is it possible to get pregnant because of this?

If the condom accidentally remained inside you after your partner ejaculated in it, sperm can leak out of the condom to the vagina and stay inside you until five days. You can get pregnant from this, depending on what period of your cycle it happened.

To avoid such situations, your partner must pull out his penis immediately after ejaculation, while he is still in an erect state, holding a condom at the base of the penis.

How important the brand and size of condoms are?

The condom brand is not as important as their size. Using a condom of a suitable size can prevent discomfort, as well as the risk of flowing and gaps.

It is important to make sure that the length and width of the condom are suitable for the one who uses them. Another important thing that you should know whether you or your partner allergy to latex. If there is an allergy, then in this case you will need condoms without latex.

Can condoms cause vaginal infections?

Condoms do not cause infections. On the contrary, the use of condoms can prevent sexually transmitted infections. If after the first use of the condom you feel discomfort, pain, burning or itching, you may be allergic to latex. To be sure of the reason for the discomfort, make an appointment with the doctor.

Is it possible to get pregnant if at first the condom was wearing inside out?

If your partner first puts on a condom inside out, you have a chance to get pregnant due to pre-seeded fluid, possibly remaining on a condom. This is more likely if you have ovulation or ovulation is about to begin.

Pre -ejaculate is a liquid that may contain or not contain active sperm. This means that it is possible to get pregnant from the pre -ejaculate, although this is unlikely.

Is it possible to get pregnant if a condom has torn during sex?

There is a chance to get pregnant if the condom has broken during sex. During sex, a liquid called the pre -ejaculate is released, which was previously written. This is an uncontrolled process. Prevention fluid may contain active sperm capable of fertilizing the egg if it enters women’s floor tracks a few days before or during ovulation.

When the condom is torn, the pre -ejaculate can get into the vagina, which can lead to pregnancy.

The partner wants to have sex without a condom and forces to take birth control pills. What to do?

You decide whether you want to take hormonal contraceptives. However, it should be taken into account the fact that tablets do not protect against sexually transmitted infections. In addition, since contraceptive tablets are a hormonal method of contraception, they affect the level of hormones.

Explain to your partner that condoms are a safe, inexpensive and effective method without side effects. If he is concerned that condoms will reduce his sensations and spoil sex, let him know that this is not so.

I feel pain when we use condoms. What could be the reason?

Sometimes when using condoms, you can feel some pain. This can be caused by various things. You can be sensitive or allergic to the material from which a condom is made, for example latex, which can lead to dry vagina. You can feel pain due to the lack of lubrication, as the condom slowly loses its grease during sex. After a while, this can cause pain in the vagina.

The condom has broken, but I took a pill. Is pregnancy possible?

Emergency contraception tablets is a very effective method of protection against unwanted pregnancy. If the over -the -counter tablets containing levonorgestrel will be accepted within 72 hours after sex, a chance to get pregnant quite low – according to various sources, no more than three percent. As a rule, the sooner you accept the remedy after unprotected sex, the lower your chances to get pregnant.

I had sex without a condom, but my partner did not experience an orgasm. Can I get pregnant?

Sexual intercourse without contraceptives can lead to pregnancy. Even if your partner did not have a ejaculation, you can still get pregnant from his pre-ejaculate, the risk of which increases, especially if ovulation occurs or is about to occur.

How can you have sex without a condom?

There are a great many methods of giving birth control. If the use of men’s condoms is not suitable for you, you can choose any other barrier or hormonal method of contraception. However, keep in mind that each method has its advantages and disadvantages, performance indicators, contraindications and cost.

If you need a safe, effective, inexpensive and widespread method of contraception, which also protects against STIs, a condom is your best choice.

How effective condoms are? If you use a condom, whether contraceptive pills are also needed?

If you use a condom correctly for each sexual intercourse, you will not need additional contraception means. This is an effective method of protection against pregnancy and IPP. However, if you take contraceptives, you may need a condom to protect against IPP. This can be useful, for example, if you have a new partner.

Is it possible to get pregnant after sexual intercourse using a condom?

Using a condom is a very effective way to prevent an unplanned pregnancy and IPPP. In fact, when used correctly, a condom is 98 percent prevents conception.

However, there is a slight probability of getting pregnant even using a condom due to improper operation, violation of integrity or leaving the condom in the vagina after ejaculation.

Condoms. Answers to popular questions

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