What is a foot-physha

What is a foot-physha.

Everyone at least with the corner of their ear heard about such a phenomenon as foot-physism, but basically few people know what exactly this is. In fact, foot pheny – This is a sexual interest in legs. This is a very common direction of fetishism, both among men and women. In fact, foot-physha is so popular that in many countries there are even whole associations of people who are interested in foot pepperism.

Sexual interest can be caused by the appearance of the feet, touching them, the taste and smell of the skin of the feet or toes, the movement of the fingers, the temperature of the feet.

Foot-physha is often associated with a high interest in shoes and stockings. Foot-fluist can attract dirty feet, bare feet of a partner in jeans, slippers and other open shoes, stockings, tights, high-heeled shoes, legs jewelry – bracelets, rings and the like.

In a foot pheny for each individual person, the shape of the foot and toes, the length of the toes, the ratio of the fingers, the natural shape of the nails on the legs, and, of course, pedicure, can matter. Everything is very individual here, and there are no rules and norms.

The vast majority of foot-physhysts – these are men, only every fourth fetishist is a representative of the fair sex. Lust and admiration precisely female feet – This is a classic version of foot phenyism, which does not lose its relevance over the centuries. However, the interest of women in male feet is also a frequent phenomenon, it just is much less often publicized.

First of all, the fetish must be divided into two varieties – This is himself sex with the immediate participation of the legs (sexy fetish), and just pleasure from seeing the legs (aesthetic fetish). Aesthetic fetishists, as a rule, are limited to admiring the legs of a partner, compliments to the legs, varnish and kiss them.

Sexy fetishists use legs to get sexual satisfaction. In this case, the legs are used as a item of masturbation, they are stimulated the genitals until the orgasm is achieved. Legs can be used not only for satisfaction, but also as part of the prelude, for caressing the neck, chest and genitals, as well as, of course, the feet can be used in fisting.

But do not think that foot fees – These are only naked legs on its own. Sometimes he can go in a direct bundle with beautiful shoes, accessories and intricate design and color of nail polish.

In addition, we can say that in a foot pupil there is a whole subsection of interest in nylon and socks. This type of fetish is characterized by sexual excitement from nylon. This may include wearing tights and stockings during sex, the desire to break tights on a partner, the pleasure of coercion of a person to be in tights of another person as a humiliation.

And even such a phenomenon as a man in socks during sex can be a manifestation of not just laziness or haste – it can be excited precisely by stay in socks during intercourse. So do not scold your man that he did not take off his socks, suddenly he just likes it!

What is a foot-physha

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