Types of sexy fetishes | What are | Fetishism

Sexy fetish: types and features.

Types of sexy fetishes | What are | Fetishism
Sex fetish – This is excitement from objects, forms or parts of the body. Contemplation, touch or other manipulations with things cause maximum sexual desire. Fetish is the worship of things, admiration for them. It is often found today, but rarely wears dangerous forms requiring specialists’ intervention.

For many years, fetishism was considered a perversion. The work of Dr. Freud claimed that fetishism occurs as a result of psychological injuries in childhood. But today the attitude has changed. Modern fashion industry, as well as the media in every possible way encourage the development of the fetish. Advertising “imposes” the love of objects, and it really fills the life of a person.

What is fetishism, how it arose?

Fetishi appeared in a person many millions of years ago. But only before they were more often called talismans. These were objects that brought good luck. Programs guarded the dwelling and man, and individual objects gave confidence and the ability to move away from danger. Such things were guarded, inherited and praised in legends.

Today, everyone also has his own “talismans”. For example, it is difficult to do without a phone or keys. And they are also a fetish for contemporaries, but rarely sexual.

Sexy fetish -This is excitement from interaction with some things. Erotic experiences can cause the contemplation of beautiful underwear, shoes, clothes from certain materials. Manipulations with breasts and nipples, feet, hair can also give joy.

A fetishist can be called any person who considers beautiful forms of the body, admires clothes or other objects that may be owned. But it is precisely the sexual desire for things that turns the personality into a fetishist. When the form is more important than the content, when objects are more interesting than people, then it is really a fetish.

Can this be called a deviation? No. It is only worthwhile to treat this when passion interferes with living a normal life or pushes into actions prohibited by law. For example, the sexual desire of a dead body is necrophilia. This is a type of fetish that can make a person do strange acts. In this case, you should see a doctor.

Types of fetishes

Fetish objects can be a variety of objects. And often there is a fetish on the situation. It is moments of shame, fear, anger that cause excitement. And then a person strives to fall into such circumstances as often as possible.

The fetish includes not only the object, but also certain manipulations with it. For example, things can be sniffed, licked, put in bed with you, kiss, collect, masturbate on them. There are 4 categories of things that are most often interesting to fetishists:

  • Clothing and shoes. The most common fetish in the modern world. People are excited by role -playing costumes, beautiful linen, stockings, tall heels, erotic overalls. Passion can cause not only wardrobe items, but also certain fabrics. Latex, vinyl, lace, velvet are also very attractive for fetishists. Any part of the wardrobe can become part of the fetish of another person, thousands of options.
  • Body parts. Foot fetish is the most common version of the fetish. This is a love of feet. But the chest, lips, hips, stomach can still excite. Passion for very complete women and men, for the absence of limbs, to limited movements. Sometimes it is interested in something specific, for example, the shape of hairstyles and hair color, eye cut, nail shape. And sometimes attracts the figure as a whole. Often, with this form of fetishism, a person himself is not important, but only part of it is interested in. This can interfere with the construction of harmonious relations.
  • Social situations. In the period of some experiences, sexual desire may occur. Condemnation, punishment, ridicule sometimes lead to sexual discharge. Feelings and situations are also the shape of the fetish. Statement, helplessness for many are very desirable, and this is also a desire not related to a person, but with circumstances. The desire to repeat some experiences for the sake of excitement is a fetish.
  • Objects of wildlife. Trees can also excite. And also animals, birds and insects. Observation of them, the game in them and sexual experiments with these objects can be desirable and exciting. A variety of such a fetish is zoofilia. In the BDSM games, the fetish is often realized in the form.

What is a fetish and how a fetishist feels?

The delight of possessing a fetish is familiar to many. For example, the contemplation of a girl in stockings in high heels can cause a sexual desire. Similar feelings causes beautiful breasts or elastic priests. I want to possess such objects, and it is precisely the sexual meaning. And if the content is not too important, then it is definitely a fetish.

The situation is difficult when a person cannot get sexual discharge without his fetish. For example, if you cannot find an object, it is not nearby, then the excitement does not arise. If the object of the fetish is laundry, then the problem is easy to solve, and if the fetish is rare, then this leads to psychological disorders.

Sexy fetish does not always lead to orgasm. It exactly causes desire, but does not guarantee the completion of the process precisely the peak of sensations. For example, many women are excited from a beautiful male press, the presence of vegetation on the body of a man, light unshaven, etc. But even if a beloved man has one of the fetishes, it delights the lady, but does not guarantee her orgasm when close to such a partner.

It is believed that fetishes are more often in men than in women. According to statistics, this is so. But the ladies also react to separate things, although this is not always strongly expressed.

Ways to manifest the fetish

Most fetishists do not tell many about their desires. It is not customary to openly discuss sexual preferences in society, so all the experiments remain behind closed doors. But at the same time, the degree of fetishism is of different.

  • Moderate fetishism. Things or forms really excite, but sex is possible without them. Fetisha items are only an addition to full -fledged sexual contact, add experiences, and enhance the intensity of emotions. At the same time, the fetish is not imposed on loved ones, is not put up for a show, it does not bother anyone to live calmly.
  • Obsessive fetishism. A person dependent on the fetish. Without him, he cannot get sexual pleasure. Games from objects prefers to contact with people. Often demonstrates his fetish to people, even if it scares them.

Obsessive fetishism can also be unpleasant for the person who is subject to him. In this case, it can be removed. Modern psychiatry offers effective methods for changing the situation.

Antifotishism – what is it?

The opposite feeling of fetishism is antifothyshism. This is a situation when a thing, body shape, the situation is disgusted. Sexual attraction to such an object is impossible and even a memory of this causes rejection.

Antifotishism can sometimes be confused with intelligibility. For example, if a person does not accept sex with a full partner, if his body repels him, this is not always antifothyshism. This is just a point of view or conclusion from personal experience. If this feeling does not interfere with life, it is just a personal preference.

Foot fetish

Attraction to the feet is a foot fetish. This is a very wide direction. Someone excites the fingers, their movement, bending. Others admire high heels or platforms, boots, unusual shoes. There are people who are excited from socks, golf, chulykov.

Often a fetish is the smell of the foot. It is sweat that can cause desire. And with the legs it turns out to produce a variety of manipulations. For example, tickle, iron, massage. And in the BDSM there is a practice of Bastinado – this is flogging along the feet. For her, rods, special bamboo sticks and lashes are used for her.

Foot fetishist is a person who himself loves to do something with the feet of others or the one who loves something to happen to his feet. To some extent, a girl who boughts beautiful shoes can also be considered a fetishist.

Latex Fetish

Latex is a special material called “second skin”. Put it on the body with grease, as it should perfectly cover each bend of the body. So that the surface of the costume glitters, it is covered on top with a special composition and rubbed to the desired state.

Latex clothing often becomes the subject of a fetish. She looks great on any figure. In it, a person feels himself tight, limited, but at the same time very attractive. Fabric causes abundant sweating. Special clothing is sewn from latex, it is characterized by high cost and special storage requirements.

Medical fetish

Games in the doctor and nurse is an opportunity to realize many fantasies. And white robes and medical devices often cause sexual desires in people. The objects of the fetish are images of medical staff, medical needles and syringes, chairs, enemas and other details.

Medical fetish is an opportunity to spend hundreds of interesting manipulations. Various expanders, viewing glasses, catheters make it possible to play the script every time in a new way.

Belleva Fetishism

People can excite the underwear of another person. The smell of worn things, their appearance is the objects of the fetish. Today you can buy even worn panties to satisfy this interest. People are excited by gaskets, diapers, linen of the opposite sex. Sometimes men like to wear female things or vice versa.

The object of linen fetishism is also photos of people in underwear, photo of the laundry. Images give less experiences, but they can also be collected. And the object of the fetish is the laundry that does not need to be removed during sex. Panties with slots, overalls, shirts and short skirts, stockings – these are favorite objects of fetishists.

Fetish of traces on the body

Traces on the skin can be left in different ways. For example, traces of ropes are beautiful and very bright. But they quickly disappear. Traces of handcuffs with strong compression can stay for a long time. And on the body you can leave bruises, cuts, scratches and punctures. Fetish on traces is a frequent phenomenon in the environment of BDSM.

Tattoo, piercing, tattooing – these are also vihous objects for excitement. Beautiful drawings on the skin, shoring, punctures cause no less sexual interest than underwear and beautiful clothes.

Fetish uniform

There are people who are excited at the sight of uniforms. Police, firefighters, the military are able to delight them. And the uniform can sit perfectly on both women and men. Overalls are a frequent game in role -playing games. Special costumes can always be bought to realize fantasies to life.

Fetishists love to put on their own form or are excited when others do it. Interest can cause only one image, one suit, or can completely different. Even a clown is also a uniform, although not standard.

The subject of a fetish in the modern world can be any things. Cars, smartphones, and computers can excite. Fetishism is not a disease, it is a hobby that causes a sexual desire. And although many consider it a perversion, this is not true. It is worth treating it only when desires prevent a person and people around him from living, and this rarely happens.

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