Tilingual – a rare sexy fetish

Tilingual – a rare sexy fetish.

All people have come across a tickling since childhood. She amusements, causing a smile. Someone cannot stand it, and some just ignore it. But there is a special category of people that can be excited and get sexual pleasure from this process.

So, ticking. A sweet word that does not carry deep connotation in itself. It is translated from English as “tickling”.

Tilingual – a rare sexy fetish

As in any fetish in Tikling has its own categories of fans:

  • Tikler is a person who loves to tickle.

Maybe you noticed that there are people who enjoy the tickling process, even if you, for example, categorically against being its object. Perhaps in front of you is a hidden ticler.

  • Tikla or Tikl – a person who is tickled.

There are those who are important for whom the difference between these words. Tikl is a man. Tikla is a girl. But, most often, the word “tikl” is used to both floors.

  • Svitch – a person who enjoys both processes.

He loves to tickle and not against tickling him.

At one forum dedicated to this fetish, they conducted a survey that showed that 45%love to dominate, 14%are ready to endure tickling, and 30%are able to enjoy both of them. The remaining, it seems, is generally against tickling.

Tilingual – a rare sexy fetish

There is its own code in Tikling.

The main rule of this unspoken document is the lack of violence and mutual desire to be tickled. You can not cause tickle pain. It is worth stopping if the partner stops having fun. But any rules are pleasant to violate. And some admit that they get more pleasure when the victim is against and resists.

Tilingual – a rare sexy fetish

Tickling necessarily requires a partner. So our body is arranged that it is impossible to give it on its own. One of those who expressed their version of what was happening, although he did not associate this with sex, was Aristotle. He suggested that the feeling that we perceive as tickling is the reaction of the body to the danger. For example, in small animals and insects that can be dangerous. As soon as a person understands that there is no danger, he relaxes and rejoices that he survived. 🙂

Tilingual – a rare sexy fetish

It is suspected that tickling has a rich story, but it was like ticking in the USA that he appeared in the 90s, and in the world in-2001. So this year he celebrates the age of majority.

But once it was used as torture. The suspect in witchcraft was tied in the square and everyone could tickle it, and not what you thought. Or rub the feet with salt and release sheep that are not indifferent to this taste. A special torture was a bug, which was planted on the head of a penis or nipple and covered with a nutty shell. Trying to find a way out, the bugs tickled these sensitive parts of the body with his paws, turning pleasure into torture.

Tilingual – a rare sexy fetish

Tikling has no restriction on body parts. You can tickle your neck, hands, feet, stomach and back. Any part of the body whose affection your partner reacts. For tickling, you use fingers, nails, hair, curls, special scrapers and wheels. This fetish does not require special training and special knowledge. This is the attractive. Although, now many devices have appeared that reliably fix the victim, preventing it from breaking out and stopping torment.

Be sure to try and you will find that tickling is not only fun, but also pleasant!

Tilingual – a rare sexy fetish

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