Hard corn fetish toys

Hard corn fetish toys.

Hard corn fetish toys

When we are talking about hard Core, we mean that toys are extreme. This is not a kindergarten, but not pampering. You need to be prepared that these toys can cause severe pain. However, some men and women perceive such toys quite erotic and regularly use them.

Hell Gate

Such an experiment may be painful, but some women madly like such a leash for the penis. «Hell Gate» – This is a set of several metal rings, which, when used properly, decorate the penis from the scrotum to the head. As they sit on the penis towards the head of the ring, and the last ring serves just a decoration. Although it is more convenient to put them in an unlucky state, they are still intended for an erect penis. And really can be painful, especially if the rings are not selected in size. However, they often do this intentionally, it is not for nothing that those who like to feel pain in the penis and scrotum buy this toy in vain.

Clue. But pain – Not the only sensation caused by a toy. She can open oral sex on the other side, especially if a woman holds ice cubes in her mouth. The combination of ice, heat, metal and skin can drive crazy.

Hard corn fetish toys

Prostate massage

The toy fully corresponds to its name, this is a device that contributes to the production of seed fluid, sperm. And although the name promises pleasure, in fact, the toy is created to keep a slave man in his subordination. This fetish toy looks very attractive – 22 cm metal rod with rounding at one end with a diameter of 2.5 cm. A man needs to maintain the health of his prostate, but this does not mean that he should enjoy the process.

Clue. The introduction of the toy will anally help to produce sperm, but you can do this without bringing a man to orgasm. Perhaps this will sound cruelly, but the slaves are created in order to give pleasure to their lady. Therefore, if she enjoys, not allowing an orgasm, it means that it is to be.

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