Footfetish is an innocent hobby or deviation requiring treatment?

Footfetish – The secret passion of a man.

Footfetish is an innocent hobby or deviation requiring treatment?

Fans of the work of Quentin Tarantino have long known about his passion for female legs: almost every film has shots with a close -up foot. The scene from the film “Kill Bill” became the cult, where the heroine of the mind of Turman goes to explanation with the antagonist in elegant sandals that emphasize the flexibility of her foot. And in the famous episode with dance in the “Crime Reading”, the camera grabs the ankles of the scandalous wife of criminal authority.

Love for female legs and domestic classics also burned – Pushkin and Dostoevsky. “Ah, legs, legs! Where are you now? Where you are wandered with spring flowers?” – only one of many lines in Evgenia Onegin dedicated to his secret passion. Fedor Mikhailovich wrote to his wife Anna Snitkina that he dreams of kissing her legs.

The sexualization of female legs is generally extremely common, it is not for nothing that with the onset of spring, when women dress in skirts and dresses, posts from the stronger sex in social networks are filled with delights about this. Many men experience the experiences of the sensory plan when they notice how a colleague sways the shot on his finger or tinkles with a bracelet on an ankle.

This is a perversion?

Strictly speaking, almost all men are footjackers, female legs are an object of close erotic attention along with a round ass and high elastic breasts. In this case, we are talking about a mild degree of manifestation of fetishism, when a clear fixation does not occur: a man admires his legs, but for the onset of excitement he does not need an indispensable contact with them. But the deviation can be talked about when bedrooms need practices with female feet, otherwise the erection does not occur.

Footfetish is generally innocent deviation, but some adherents of this direction can deliver unpleasant emotions to the girl with their obsession. There is a category of fetishists who simply besiege the woman they like and actively include this practice, even if she is unpleasant for her. They do not develop relationships with a girl, do not plan any bedding practices except FF, and all their messages on social networks are only about the subject of their passion.

How to practice

The most common manipulations in footfes are massage and licking the legs. One of the lovers of this practice at a specialized forum wrote that he could massage women’s legs for hours and lick every finger. The shape and size of the feet does not play any role, but the youth of a woman matters. Licking senile legs with the performing veins and side bones of footfes do not burn with desire.

Most fans of this topic love not cleaned legs, but, as they call them, “spicy” – that is, after a whole day of being in shoes. The natural smell of stale feet leads them to a state of excitement and sensual delight. On the network there is even a practice of selling girls and tights by girls, fetishists buy them to masturbate, inhaling the smell of wear.

Some girls make good money on the passion of men to footfes – they shoot a video in which they water their feet with chocolate, crush strawberries, paint their nails or simply touch the camera with their fingers. In addition, private videos are created on request, which are naturally more expensive in which girls fulfill personal requests – for example, spread their feet with glue and demonstrate how the leg sticks to the flat surface and the string compositions stretch from it.

In sexual practices, footjob is common-masturbation of a member of the feet, the fetishist is quite capable of reaching the climax from such, in general, mild influence. Stroking the legs of the crotch, anal zone, massage with the feet of various parts of the body will deliver a footjacker bright sensual experiences.

Extreme in footfes

The softest practice in BDSM from the footfes is trampling on the back, legs, buttocks of a man. A tougher option is a trampling in heels – a woman walks through the body of a partner, putting on thin stilettos shoes, and he enjoys these painful injections and pressure. Bruises after such practice – a common occurrence.

The most extreme type of springboard is the jumping of a girl dressed in high heels shoes, on the body of a man from a chair. A rather dangerous practice fraught with skin punctures and bruises of internal organs, however, it also has many fans.

Footfetish is a good way to enhance the sensory attraction in a couple, if you do not go, of course, to the extremes. There are many nerve endings on the feet, and massage and stroking this area will be an excellent prelude to lovers who sincerely want to enjoy each other.

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