Fallomitators with the function of ejaculation | Falloimitators

Fallomitators with a function of ejaculation.

Fallomitators with the function of ejaculation | Falloimitators
The most popular product in a sex shop was and remains the phalloimitator. Thanks to active demand, the assortment of the dildo is very extensive. Now you can find an abundance of completely different shapes and sizes imitating a real male organ or a completely original design. And a separate niche among all this splendor is occupied by phalloimitators with the function of ejaculation. What is so good this feature and how to use it?

Fallomitator with the function of ejaculation, or, as it is also called "ending" – This is a sex toy imitating male ejaculation.

This device is ideal for masturbation with penetration or additional game with a partner.
The charm of this sex toy is that a woman can control the release "sperm" during its climax, thereby increasing the orgasm.

"Ending" The phalloimitator is most often made in the form of realism and covered with PVC, latex or "live body", Cybercock.
Sex toy has a special reservoir in which a fluid replacing sperm is placed.
By pressing the container at the right time through the hole on the head of an artificial member "Ejaculate" splash out, imitating real male ejaculation.

In order to choose a dildo with the function of ejaculation, you need to know about some differences.
This will help to navigate and purchase exactly the toy that will suit you directly.

What are the ending dildos

Fallomitators with the function of ejaculation | Falloimitators
Fallomitators with the function of ejaculation are in several variations of execution:

  • With a reservoir at the base. The container for a sperm fluid in such toys is at the base of the dildo.
    Like at Cumshot-Dildo. The barrel of the phalloimitator is covered with a relief imitating wreaths and bulges of a real penis. A ribbed pattern at the base of the head gives additional stimulation when the toy moves.
  • With a remote tank. The capacity for artificial ejaculate is located outside the toy.
    It is convenient to keep it in the palm of your hand and squeeze at the right time.
    Like at Squirty Peter Dinger.
    A clearly expressed relief based on the barrel in the form of balls and strips of the head gives additional bright stimulation for each movement.
    A slightly enlarged head adds sensations of realism.
  • With Proskoy on the basis. This additional function will allow you to attach a sex toy on a smooth surface, thereby freeing hands.
    For example, like Squirt From the American manufacturer DOC Johnson.

    This phalloimitator imitates a real penis.
    The shape of the barrel, the vein drawing, a clearly expressed head, scrotum and even skin texture – all as close as possible to the shape of a male penis.
    Attaching the phalloimitator, for example, on the tile in the bathroom, you can enjoy the sensations and fantasies, representing some hot man.

  • With vibration. Additional stimulation will help to get even more pleasure.
    At the phalloimitator From Baile The relief in the entire barrel imitating wreaths, as well as a clearly marked head in conjunction with vibration.
  • Big size. Such phallimitators include toys, the size of 20 cm or more. Ideal for women who want to feel maximum fullness.
    Such phallimitators can include Squirting Cock Balls-Flesh From the King Cock collection from Pipedream. The trunk along the entire length is covered with convex veins, at the end the head, like a real penis. At the base is a removable liquid tank to simulate ejaculation.
    The manufacturer added a liquid lubricant to fill the pear capacity to the kit.

Why use

The phallimitator with the function of ejaculation can be used both alone and paired.
Using it for masturbation, a woman will be able to enjoy simultaneously with her imaginary partner, without fear of unwanted pregnancy.
To play in pairs, you can play a script from a porn movie using an ending dildo instead of the third partner.

It can also be applied if the time of the orgasm of partners does not coincide.
In this case, the woman, feeling the approximation of the climax, presses the container and the artificial ejaculate splashes into the bosom, enhancing the orgasm.
You can also try to use such a toy like a blowjob test with ejaculation in the throat, the convenience is that it is possible to control the release of fluid and understand in general whether there is a readiness "to swallow" or not.

And of course, the phalloimitator imitating ejaculation, Frequent guest of female fantasies about dirty sex with a lot of sperm. Sometimes there is not enough visualization for bright orgasms, they agree?

How to refuel a final phallimitator

Fallomitators with the function of ejaculation | Falloimitators
Everything is clear with the function of ejaculation, now it remains to figure out how to fill the fluid container in order to completely immerse yourself in sensations:

  • Water. The easiest, safe and economical way. It is recommended to use water heated to body temperature, for a complete similarity. In the same way, you can even douch for therapeutic purposes, filling the container with herbal infusion or medicine prescribed by the doctor.
  • Liquid lubricant. An expensive option, but optimal for those who do not have enough viscous consistency when using water. For this, special lubricants are used. There are universal lubricants in powder, which can be diluted to the desired consistency with water.

Also on the Internet, people share recipes for preparing artificial ejaculate.
Using folk recipes, it should be borne in mind that after using such an artificial sperm myou need to have a sex toy especially carefully both inside and outside. If it is not well enough to clean the surface of the phalloimitator and internal channels, then the probability of bacteria reproduction, which when it hits the mucous membrane can harm health.

After washing it is better to treat a sex toy with antibacterial drugs.
For example, a spray PJUR®WOMAN TOYCLEAN to care for toys.

And remember that no one guarantees you that "Folk" Recipes will not harm the surfaces of sex toys and will not make it unsuitable for further use.

The phallimitator with the function of ejaculation is capable of diversify your sex life, strengthen orgasm and help feel male ejaculation without risk to get pregnant.
The feeling of fullness by Semyon incredibly excites, making the stimulation of a particularly sensual.

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