Why do you need a prelude to sex and why it is so important

Why do you need a prelude to sex and why it is so important.

Prelude in sex is preliminary caresses aimed at emotional rapprochement and achieving the peak of excitation. The main task of the prelude is to prepare partners for full sexual intercourse both psychologically and physically. For example, men have an erection, and in women a sufficient amount of lubrication is distinguished.

Sexual pleasure is an important component of the normal life of any person. How much a person will enjoy the upcoming proximity depends on the quality of the preludes. Prelude is a kind of “setup”, preparation for sexual contact.

In some cases, it is very short. Therefore, a woman does not have time to relax and in the end cannot get pleasure from the process.

Intimate pleasure is such a subtle process, it is very individual. It is enough for some women to just take a partner by the hand and go to the bedroom with him.

And there are those who have a long -term excitation process. This does not say that something is wrong with them. Just all people are different. Therefore, a very attentive approach is required for the prelude. This is a very important point that you should not neglect.

In men, sexual excitement, as they say, manifests itself obviously. If a man is excited, then his dignity accepts the appropriate position.

Not understanding the features of the female body, the man tries to act decisively and immediately. He is ready to enter a woman. This is not very good, since an unprepared woman will experience discomfort during sex. Her vagina will not emit lubrication in the right amount.

What is a prelude in sex

In the world of art, it is customary to call the introductory part to the musical work, but in sex Prelude, these are actions aimed at achieving the peak of excitement.

In the case of a woman, in addition to a psychological mood, the development of a natural lubrication of the vagina is very important, without which penetration can be not only unpleasant, but also painful.

From the point of view of psychological readiness, the prelude before sex can occupy about half an hour. If the lady is in the Noma place for herself and she is not familiar with the room, then a small excursion should be made, show what is where and open access to the necessary shower, mirror, towel, etc.

Directly in the bed of the prelude is the physiological arousal, namely the production of lubrication. Masturbation, affection, kisses, intimate conversations, cunnilingus, here is a small list of tools of high -quality prelude.

Why do you need a prelude before sex?

Women and men differ not only in the characteristics of the structure of the body. The processes of excitation in them occur in different ways:

• that the man is excited, testifies to the appearance of a partial erection;

• a man has a complete erection;

• testicles become a little more;

• Lubrication is released on the member.

Women’s prelude before sex: the main goals

The excitation process in women occurs for about 15 minutes. That is how much time is required for the prelude. The fact that the female body is ready to intimacy can be determined by the following signs:

• nipples on the chest swell;

• veins appear on the surface of the mammary gland;

• the clitoris also becomes swollen;

• a lubricant appears from the vagina;

• gradually the vagina becomes longer;

• Sponges strain.

All these changes contribute to the fact that during the proximity the penis will enter tightly. Of course, in this case, both will receive the maximum pleasure from sex.

If you do not spend a little time on the prelude, then a woman can experience unpleasant and even painful sensations during intimacy. There is nothing surprising in the fact that some women consider sex an unpleasant process and try to avoid it.

What options for the prelude are

In fact, there are a great many options for the prelude. There should be no rudeness in sex. Of course, some like hard sex, but there are exceptions. The prelude should not always be strictly in the bedroom. She can even be in a public place.

• You can organize a romantic meeting with dinner. There is nothing more exciting than a joint dinner with a glass of champagne by candlelight. Many women are excited at the sight of a man who drinks wine, and with whom they will soon be in the bedroom.

• You can just talk. Do not be shy about talking on intimate topics. By the way, this is a great occasion to discuss your expectations from the upcoming proximity, to voice your own preferences to the partner.

• bed games. You can significantly diversify sexual life, experimenting, for example, with the image of a nurse. After all, this is also a prelude. This is allowed to make proximity much brighter.

• kissing your partner in the bedroom is just wonderful. Provokes the production of endorphins, which allow you to achieve true pleasure. In addition, this really brings partners together.

• If the partner is somewhat tense, massage will help. Touching a naked body not only excites a partner, but also excites a partner. Do not rush and immediately caress the intimate areas of the body. You need to act gradually, slightly teasing.

The simple secrets of the prelude

Do not rush with the moment of proximity. Do not grab a woman by her chest or crotch, trying to try her with a “inside” finger.

You need to start just stroke it. According to sexologists, easy movements can be stroked the delicate skin of the elbows, the inside of the thigh.

Strong compression of the chest can be unpleasant. You can play a little before the start of sexual intimacy, pulling it a little. A role is a role -playing game.

You can slightly flirt with a partner on the way home. If the girl is excited slowly, then the post of 69 will be a good way out of the situation. The proximity of the male body, which could be more pleasant.

High -quality prelude will help to excite a partner more. If a woman is very excited, then sex will give her maximum pleasure. In this case, it will even be useful.

There will be no unpleasant sensations and possible health problems. The excitement of a woman will be transmitted to a man. She will try to get the maximum pleasure herself and achieve orgasm as soon as possible. As a result, both will be satisfied with the result.

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