I constantly want sex – 15 ways to remove excitement and attraction

15 ways to stop excited and want sex.

Sometimes it happens that you constantly want sex, and excitement and sexual tension are no longer something episodic and acquires an annoying character by overwhelming your life. If it becomes difficult for you to live with constant obsessive thoughts about sex, you are tired of constantly thinking about him and want to reduce excitement, then this article is to help you. These 15 tips will help you cope with the constant desire of sex.

But first, let’s answer a couple of simple questions.

When sexual excitement becomes a problem?

First, let’s plunge into an important question. Excitation is a problem? No. Most people at some point in their lives were sexually excited and know what it is. Although it is worth noting that we all experience this feeling with different frequency.

Body biology and thoughts with our fantasies are factors provoking excitement and desire for sex. So, for example, if you feel sexually attractive, you are in good emotional contact with your partner or are in a certain phase of your menstrual cycle (concerns women), then this is quite normal if you are more than the slopes for sexual excitement, and want sex more oftenusually.

Of course, I do not mean that an excited state is characteristic only of people who are in a relationship – no. I just say that the quality of relations affects libido, especially in women.

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Most often, the state of sexual excitement in itself is not a problem, but this is not always the case.

As with any obsessive desire, if it interferes with your work, study, relationships, or you feel that you constantly want sex and it spoils the quality of your life, then it’s time to think about doing something with this.

Further, we will talk about some work on yourself, about the moments to pay attention to when you are constantly excited and want sex, and work a little with them. Tips may seem banal, but nevertheless they are workers.

Well, let’s figure it out.

How to deal with sexual tension

Below we will give 15 ways how to reduce sexual attraction. The perfect solution for you depends on the seriousness of this problem and your personal circumstances. For example, if you need to prepare for an interview or for testing, but you are distracted, use these methods of female masturbation for quick sexual discharge. This can be exactly what the doctor prescribed “)).

When it never stops – When you are very often excited and this affects your life for a long time, you will need to take more decisive and long steps to stop experiencing constant attraction and desire for sex. In these more difficult cases, a doctor or a psychotherapist may be your best assistant.

Now let’s move on to methods that will help reduce excitement.

1. Have sex

One of the most pleasant ways to relieve excitement is to have good sex. When your sexual needs are satisfied, it is much easier to focus on homework, child care or on something else that you have in the daily routine.

Of course, this may not work if sex that you have does not suit you. In this case, the problem may double – disappointment may add to sexual dissatisfaction. But there is good news if your partner is open to develop in sex and he really wants to give you pleasure in bed, I advise you to pay attention to these two articles:

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2. Masturbation

If you do not have a partner or the opportunity to have full quality sex, or if having sex simply did not fully satisfy you, masturbation is a great way to relieve excitement and sexual stress. In fact, self -satisfaction through masturbation can sometimes be easier and less expensive in time than to wait and count on the right actions from your partner.

If you want to replenish your arsenal technician of masturbation or you are completely new to this and without the idea of how to masturbate? Learn how to touch yourself with your fingers from this masturbation guide for women!

3. Avoid sexual stimulation

This may seem illogical when the first two points in this list are said about the opposite, but sometimes sex can make you want even more. If you are such a person, perhaps it will be best to avoid sex, especially when you need to focus on other things.

4 physical exercises

Exercises are a good way to return the blood to your body and drive it away from the genitals, which will reduce constant attraction. Many guys report that good strength training helps to get rid of annoying “risers”.

Similarly, this study [1] notes the advantages of strength exercises to the feet for the treatment of jokes caused by drugs. That is, elementary squats can help patients get rid of unwanted erection, which was not caused by excitement or sexual desire. If in acute cases this helps, then, of course, it will not hurt to try this method when you try to relieve excitement!

In addition, focusing attention on household matters or issues of work will distract you from thoughts about sex.

5. Take yourself something

One of the tips that we would like to give to reduce sexual attraction is just to stop thinking about sex. Because otherwise it will not work. In fact, attempts not to think about something guarantee that you will just think about it. This is the old “Poles of the Pink Elephant”.

Instead, you should plunge into some exciting activity. We mean not just employment. Find those things that really capture – or require the maximum of your attention. Think about what you can get lost for a few hours?

You will not have time to look around, as time flies unnoticed, and you will no longer be so preoccupied with thoughts about sex.

6. Hardening – controlled body stress

When you need to urgently stop excited, you can sometimes give stress to your body to restart and switch it. What do we mean? Take a cold shower or ice bath and this will reduce the libido in the moment. You can also cause yourself a little pain (only without fanaticism and without injuries), but sufficient to get yourself out of a state of sexual excitement.

7. Meditation

Meditation is useful for a number of things. For example, she can help to cope with anxiety and stress. Modern meditation of awareness can help you improve sex. On the other hand, this is also a way to curb obsessive sexual thoughts.

How this practice can help be excited and with the same success to relieve excitement? It’s all about our thoughts and the ability to control them, concentrate on the right ones and switch the bad aside – not to nourish them.

We are where our attention is, we are talking about.

In this case, you may notice that your mind and / or body are excited, but this will end, since you consciously switch your attention to something else and do not allow this feeling to gain strength. If you do not succeed and you are upset, it will only make you think about it even more.

8. Communication. Spend time with others.

When you drink tea with a work colleague or discuss the latest news with a friend or girlfriend, it is much more difficult to be excited (if the interlocutor is not an object of your sympathy). This, of course, is not reliable, but if this time leads to interesting conversations or classes (I’m not talking about sex), you can simply find what you forget about your sexual desire.

In addition, excitation without a partner can make you feel lonely. So spending time with others can be a good way to relieve excitement and get rid of a sense of loneliness.

9. Avoid “includes desire”

It is likely that you can name several things that can cause sexual excitement. It can be certain exercises for the abdomen, a vibrating motorcycle saddle, some kind of song, a favorite movie or even jeans that sit tightly on you-all this can stimulate your sexuality.

Even intimate text messages to the partner can arouse you.

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If you have not yet had time to notice that it most often causes thoughts about sex, pay attention to what is happening when you feel sexual excitement. If you can establish a connection, you can try to minimize the time that you spend on these things, at least when you have other things that you need to do.

10. Focus on the “killers of excitement”

This may sound trite, but if you need to be distracted from vulgar thoughts, some things can be quite effective. For example, it is difficult to be excited when you think about some unpleasant situations that were in your life.

The Internet can facilitate this task if it is difficult with imagination or memory. Just walking some unpleasant things like pictures or videos. The main thing at this moment will not get lost and not to gain something superfluous, which can, on the contrary, enjoy a sexual desire!))

eleven. Check your medicines

Although most medicines most often inhibit the sexual function (reduces libido, disrupts lubrication, dulls orgasm or provokes a weakening of an erection), nevertheless, some drugs may act the other way around. The reason why you do not know how to reduce excitement can lie in your first -aid kit.

If you recently added a medicine or changed the dosage, it can be a culprit, even if it is known that it should reduce libido (a great example – contraceptives). And if this is a serious problem, you should talk with your doctor about alternatives or a change in dosage so that you can stop being constantly excited and feel better.

12. Do not forget about the “other substances”

Of course, drugs released according to the prescription are not the only “medicines” that can fall into your hands. Some people use prohibited substances precisely because they want to get excited or get more pleasure from sex. Cocaine, methamphetamine and ecstasy, as you know, cause excitement in people [2]. So keep it in mind if you are “indulging” with this.

13. Talk to your doctor

Can you constantly want sex because of some health problems (which you may not even know about)?

Yes, you can.

Bipolar disorder

A typical example is a bipolar disorder, which was once called manic depression. People with bipolar disorder experience manic and depressive episodes. In the first case, people can behave risky, for example, use drugs or have sex actively.

As stated in one research work:

The literature indicates an increased frequency of risky sexual behavior in patients with bipolar disorder during manic episodes compared to patients with other psychiatric diagnoses [3].

If you have a bipolar disorder, you will not necessarily be too excited. It can simply be difficult for you to control your periodically aggravated traction for sex. Nevertheless, the search for effective treatment can be the key to the cessation of constant attraction and a decrease in risky sexual behavior during manic episodes.

Although bipolar disorder is a more obvious example, it is far from the only. Another problem is persistent genital excitement, as the name [4].

Borderline personality disorder (PRL)

Hypersexuality can also be a symptom of a borderline personality disorder or prl. According to researchers:

“People with a borderline personality disorder often show great sexual concern” [5].

Although this does not have to be bad, it can definitely be if you cannot hold your Sexual desires under control.

Brain damage

Damage to the brain can also cause disruptions in the processes of excitation, which confirms the idea that excessive excitement may not be associated with desire, but with the inability of your brain to correspond to social expectations. For example, patients with degenerative diseases of the brain, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, can also demonstrate hypersexual behavior [6, 7].

But physical trauma can also make meaning.

Unfortunately, damage to the brain is not always reversible, but if you are interested in how to reduce libido, the doctor can recommend medications or surgery that can help.

And if there is no underlying disease, the doctor can prescribe medications to reduce sexual desire.

Another problem is that doctors are often not quite competent in sexuality issues. They may not know how to talk about sexual problems, or can ignore side effects of a sexual nature as insignificant, especially if you complain that you constantly want sex.

14. Check your diet

Finally, think about the role of your nutrition, and those products that you often consume within a week. Remember that certain products are aphrodisiacs, that is, they cause excitement.

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Most often people are interested in aphrodisiacs when they want to increase libido. But if you ate a lot of such products out of ignorance, you can simply reduce their number in your diet. Of course, this can be unpleasant if you like artichokes or chili peppers, but perhaps you should sacrifice something to get rid of excessive excitement.

These were 15 methods that you can use to reduce sexual attraction. But remember ..

There is nothing wrong with the fact that from time to time you want sex more often than usual. If this does not prevent you from living, you may focus on taking your sexuality, and not on attempts to reduce your libido.


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