How to excite a woman before sex?

How to excite a woman before sex?.

How to excite a woman before sex?

The attraction of a woman to a man is based on the fact that he demonstrates character traits and behavior, which are naturally attractive and exciting women. If you show these features and behavior, a woman becomes excited. It doesn’t matter, woman 18, 30, 40 or 48 years old – There are certain features of male behavior that will excite it. In this article you will find out «How to excite a woman».

How to excite a woman correctly

When you openly and confidently interact with a woman, it makes her feel naturally attractive. For example, many guys suppress their muscles in order to be more neutral and friendly towards a woman, and some guys suppress their masculinity so much that ultimately they are more feminine. This is applicable not only on the first date, but also after many years of marriage. How exciting techniques help:

  • They will make any woman excited, raise the mood for sex, no matter how cold she does not seem originally.
  • Reduce stress and stress that prevents it from experiencing an orgasm.
  • Physical ones will be removed «Blocks and nodes», which prevent her from testing an orgasm with the whole body.
  • Will relieve back pain (which occurs when wearing high heels), which can stop women with orgasm.
  • Prepare the situation so that it corresponds to a sexual mood.
  • Will increase sexual attraction of both partners using only acupressure.

To be seductive means that you make a woman feel necessary, desirable and allow flirting between you. This behavior excites women, because they not only feel attraction, but also the fact that they are respected, and not only are considered as a sexual object. Show that you see her special, that she means something. It is not enough to be kind with a woman to make her feel excited. You must first make a woman feel attractive.

How to excite a woman with her hands

How to arouse a woman with her hands? This is a very easy and simple way to excite a partner. If the guy talks with a woman for the first time, he can lean towards her to whisper something. During this gesture, it will be appropriate to touch her face, hand or shoulder.

A more efficient way to excite in a married pair can be called massage. How to excite a woman massage? An excellent option, will make a surprise for her. Buy in advance aroma candles, massage oil, exciting grease and erotic costume. From such a set, any girl will go crazy with pleasure.

How to excite a woman

During any interaction with a girl, you need to be «Here and now». Back all thoughts, all guesses and start acting. It is impossible to be convincing and charismatic if your thoughts about other matters. She will feel fascinated by a whisper and physical contact. If a man is in a relationship or marriage with a woman and tries to arouse her for sex, he can take advantage of pleasant memories from the past, supplement it with dance and kisses in the neck.

Always try that a woman feels like she is the sexiest woman on earth. Instead of just looking at a woman with a friendly, pleasant smile, you need to add a sexual element. How? If you look at a woman and think that she is sexy, it will appear in your body language. She will understand what your smile means, feels sexy vibrations.

How to excite a woman before orgasm

Orgasm is obtained at the time of peak excitation. This feeling can occur during sex or ordinary prelude. A whole set of actions will help to arouse a woman to orgasm:

  • How to excite a woman before sex?Kisses in the neck.
  • Dance for your favorite song.
  • Touching the hips.
  • Whisper in the ear.
  • Aroma candles will create an atmosphere.
  • Massage and massage oil.
  • Touching intimate places and kisses.
  • Courageous voice and movement.

Only the use of different actions will help to achieve the desired effect. Visual contact is also important as physical.

How to excite a woman: dots on the body

These special techniques of influence on female points will make something magical for a woman. They will help easier to develop her orgasm, to come to the desired state faster. What points to influence:

  • The point that is located on the hairy cover is in the very center of the head (on the top of the head). Exposure no more than 3-4 minutes, with breaks of 15-20 seconds. Such a massage will help get rid of excess tension and establish blood circulation throughout the body. Then you can proceed to the prelude.
  • A point located on the foot between the base of the phalanx of the large and index fingers (from the inside). These points are used both in male and female massage. They carry out blood flow to the pelvis and allow you to configure a person to exchange energy.
  • Points above the ankles from the inside. The impact on these parts will warm the body and «Calm» organism. Healthy blood flow and excitement – This is one.
  • The point that is located under the navel.
  • Massage of all points that are close to the genitals must be carried out very slowly and gently.
  • Point, at the pubic bone (5 fingers above). Also requires a careful effect.

In the complex, work on each point will help to bring a woman out of fatigue, drowsiness and lead to orgasm. Stop at each point for no more than 5 minutes, with small breaks. Also, special attention should be paid to the atmosphere – muffled light and candles. Perfumes with pheromones will only accelerate the process of excitement. Come into our sex shop to choose the necessary attributes for excitement.

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