6 secrets of perfect prelude | Psychology of relations

6 secrets of perfect prelude.

6 secrets of perfect prelude | Psychology of relations
The prelude make love brighter. The perfect prelude guarantees magnificent sex. And a man who deftly leads a woman to sexual intercourse will be automatically considered an ideal lover. The purpose of the prelude is to make a woman not just start and tune in, but want sex with all the gut and burn out of desire. So what is the secret of ideal preliminary caresses?

Let her not know that the prelude has already begun

You can start preliminary caresses outside the bedroom. Let the partner still do not yet understand that you have already started to start her. We can talk about vulgarities on the phone, whisper in the ear in public places, quietly start to caress in the elevator. You can do this anywhere, the main thing is that the mistress has already begun the thought of sex, although you have not yet offered it. Send a small message with erotic content, let the girl play a fantasy, and she will look forward to your solitude.

If you have someone at home except you, then catch your soul mate in the bathroom and start to caress and stop after a couple of minutes. Let her look forward to the arrival of the night when you find yourself alone.

How long does the perfect prelude last?

As the cooks say: "The longer the product pickles, the tastier it is". The prelude is the same, but the main thing is not to overexpose! According to polls, preliminary caresses should last 2-3 times longer than sexual intercourse itself. If a woman needs 10-15 minutes to achieve orgasm, then the perfect prelude should last at least 20 minutes. Tease a woman, let her burn out with impatience.

How to understand that it is time to move to the main? Let the woman herself asks for this or check the intimate places of the partner for humidity.

Do not rush "from a place to the quarry"

Before starting to take off her underwear from the ladies, start stroke and kiss her hands, touch the ears, neck and other parts of the body that clothes do not cover. As soon as you understand that it is time to remove everything superfluous, do everything slowly and neatly. A woman will not appreciate if you start to quickly take off her clothes.

Undressing can be an exciting game. After each thing removed from the body, examine the opening area of the body. Caress the skin with your hands, lips, pause before the next moment of lifting clothes.6 secrets of perfect prelude | Psychology of relations

Diversity – the key to success

How to make diversity in preliminary affection? Here are a few options:

  • dance striptease (you can both man and woman);
  • come up with a role -playing game;
  • use sex toys;
  • Massage.

If you decide to do with simple kisses and stroking, then do not limit yourself only to kisses on the lips. Study the body of your half, look for new erogenous zones. Also do not caress one part of the body for too long. It can tire and get bored.

Do not be silent!

For a man and a woman, it is important that they are caressed not only with their hands and lips, but also in words. Whisper about your desires, about how good you are and how you want your partner. Communication while making love brings together and gives the mood for unforgettable sex. Sometimes even a few words spoken quietly in the ear, enough for the lover to tremble with impatience.

Ask about the desires of the partner

Perhaps she will want you to unexpectedly prepare her for sex while she is busy with any business. Or maybe she wants you to use the dildo during the prelude or turn on a porn movie. Talk about what you like the most in sex, which places are the most erogenous. If you talk about it more, then sex will become better and brighter every time.

No matter how much the secrets of perfect preludes are, but the main thing is only one – naturalness. Sometimes candles, sexual linen and compliments cannot replace sparks that are between lovers. If you do everything sincerely and with desire, then great sex is provided to you.

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