Whether the prostate massager will help to cure prostatitis, instructions where to buy

Whether the prostate massager will help to cure prostatitis, instructions where to buy.

Whether the prostate massager will help to cure prostatitis, instructions where to buy

If you have never dealt with a prostate massager, it will be difficult for you to imagine how it looks and works. Such devices are sold mainly in sex shops and, in addition to therapeutic effect, they give men incomparable sexual pleasure.

Prostate massager is a magnificent erotic toy that you can use for your pleasure, although more often they talk about it when it comes to prostatitis. The disease is found in almost every second adult man, so you need to think about prevention long before real problems begin with erection and potency. It is easy to use the device, no special skills are needed for this, but you still have to train the muscles of the anus before the introduction of the device.

A doctor’s news about prostatitis can be at a standstill. Especially when experts recommend prostate massage. Many patients even begin to resent: what is it, they say, for the procedure such that infringes masculinity? Where it is seen so that “cancer, and even my finger there”? Some refuse prostate massage only because “they are heterosexuals,” and this is “certainly a procedure for gays”.

Whether the prostate massager will help to cure prostatitis, instructions where to buy

Piquant toy from prostatitis and for male pleasure

But be that as it may, the stimulation of the prostate gland is a serious matter, it is not worth neglecting. Prostate massage is not shameful. If we consider manipulation from a medical point of view, then it is needed to disperse stagnation in the gland. If you want, a doctor can do it manually. Not satisfied? Then do it yourself, together with the prostate massager. The gadget is what you need if:

  • It seems to you that the partner does not receive the pleasure of sex with you or you suspected her of imitating orgasm;
  • You have problems with the erection – the “friend” fails at the most inopportune moment;
  • Urination is accompanied by reins and pain;
  • You just want to take care of your health.

But even settling towards anxiety about their own health, relate to the massage of the prostate as a manifestation of non -traditional orientation, exactly stupid. It is more correct to consider it as an additional way to gain pleasure. Well, are men to blame for the fact that the organ that gives a fantastic orgasm can be stimulated only through the anus? This, if you want, is the machinations of the mother-nature herself. But why then deny yourself a real buzz? Did you know that the direct stimulation of the prostate makes you end much brighter, and the orgasm itself lasts longer?

Is it worth buying a prostate massager who is contraindicated

Unlike vibrators and anal traffic jams that are designed to stimulate the anus, these toys have a special shape: they are bent so as to act directly on the prostate gland. Plus they definitely have a limiter and a convenient holder, so it is easier to use the anal massager of the prostate. All that is needed is to apply a lubricant to the device so that it is easier to insert it into the anus, and take a comfortable body position.

Whether the prostate massager will help to cure prostatitis, instructions where to buy

Many are resolved to buy a prostate massager, but not everyone is recognized in this, although there is nothing shameful in buying such a sex toys. Decide on the size, form, additional options – and believe me: the juiciness of the orgasm that the gadget will give you can not be compared even with the first erotic pleasure received in life. The prostate massager does not have to be used alone, in proud loneliness and embarrassment. Make a therapeutic procedure part of your love game with a partner – do not hesitate, emotions will overwhelm you both!

By the way, unlike the prostate massage, which the doctor does manually, buying a massager has a number of advantages:

  • You can carry out the procedure when it is convenient for you (but adhere to some schedule, of course, will not hurt).
  • Available price – the cost of toys to stimulate the prostate starts from 500 rubles, and for reception the qualified urologist will have to be given at times more, and more than once.
  • Reviews of doctors about the therapeutic effect of anal devices. Why not, if their effectiveness is confirmed?
  • This is a simple way to make notes of diversity into an intimate life and get a powerful orgasm.

Despite the benefit that can be obtained when stimulating the prostate gland, the use of anal gadget is not always safe. Contraindications to the use of the device are:

  • phenomena in the bladder. bacterial prostatitis at the aggravation stage;
  • neoplasms in the genitourinary system (any – from kidney stones and ending with oncology);
  • stagnant phenomena in the bladder.

Several popular models of men’s massagers: take note!

There are many massages of prostate, you do not need to think that they exist in one option. Leading producers of sex toys offer a wide variety of models. You look at some, so in life you will not guess that this is an intimate device. All of them have different characteristics, capacities and options. Let us give an example of several of the most amazing prostate massages, which are on the sale of the best sex shops.

One hundred percent leader is Nexus Revo 2 Black. A sophisticated model that is equipped with a rotation function of the upper part. This device for men will let any man understand what a real orgasm is! The stimulant has a relief surface that massages the perineum, which only enhances the sensation. The cost of Nexus Revo 2 Black cannot be called the minimum (in addition, it can also be bought cheaper if you follow the link above), but for that set of functions, as customers note in their reviews, you can give more. The device works without noise, so you can safely close in the bathroom and start treatment ..

Whether the prostate massager will help to cure prostatitis, instructions where to buy

Power Probe massager is a sex toy from an American brand that has many modifications and is in demand around the world. The product is ergonomically, convenient and practical. The length of the gadget with a plastic case and a silicone coating is quite large, as for anal toys – 14 cm, in diameter a thing is about 2.5 cm. Thanks to the bent tip, you can easily introduce a massager into the anus, so it is recommended for beginners.

Revo Stealth massager from the aforementioned Nexus company is the top of brutality and power. It was created specifically for men and these are not just words. The device is a full -fledged stimulant for the prostate gland. The toy works at two speeds and six vibration modes. You will feel pleasure with this thing at the entrance to the anus. It is easy to manage it: no buttons and switches to feel at the rear passage – everything is automated. Take the remote control in your hand, make comfortable and enter the gadget “until the end”, and now get a good male massage!

If the anus is poorly developed, you need to start with small massagers. One of these is the Zini brand model. This device resembles a real vibration aid, but due to the delicate silicone shell, it works very tenderly and does not cause discomfort. The hard and relief core of the toy has additional recesses – they either enhance the stimulation of the prostate during the use of. The length of the dive of the device is up to 8.3 cm, and the thickness is 2.2.

Ocean pleasure will give other prostate massagers. Hugo Ocean Blue from Lelo is a unique option with a remote control in its own way. If you use with a partner, then the process of treating a prostate can be turned into a very exciting erotic activity. Made a gadget made of plastic and silicone, is used along with water -based lubricant. The stimulant itself is quite flexible, but the part that penetrates into the anus is firmly fixed and adjusted to the anatomical characteristics of the body: the larger the angle of inclination, the stronger the vibration becomes. Charging (the device works from USB) is enough for two hours – enough to get a colorful orgasm. Play with this massager in the shower – he does not pass water, but do prostate massage, completely immersed it in the water, is undesirable. In general, try, with this massager you will end brightly!

Whether the prostate massager will help to cure prostatitis, instructions where to buy

How to choose the right massager, where to start stimulation of the prostate

Each of the devices differs from the rest, so it would be wrong to advise someone one or another prostate massager. Focus on men’s reviews and forum opinions are not worth. Best of all, if doubt, consult a urologist. To choose a gadget that would bring maximum benefits and pleasure, you need to consider:

  • elasticity of the anal muscles;
  • the presence of diseases of the gland;
  • Age of a man;
  • personal preferences (color, shape, size);
  • Type of control and t.D.

If you are not familiar with the procedure, you cannot but be disturbed by the question of how to use the prostate massager and what you need for this. As such, super-preparation is not required for manipulation, but still, before immersing the anal device, it is important to observe some conditions.

  • First: empty the intestines. We make an enema or use an anal shower – the rectum should be clean.
  • Secondly, do not forget about the condom. Even if this is your personal massager, and you do not let anyone else use it, no one canceled hygiene. You can buy a special condom that is used for colonoscopic diagnostics.
  • Thirdly, select the best gel lubricant. Best on water or silicone -based water.

Now enter the massager into the anus. If you do this for the first time, lie on your side better and pull your knees to your stomach – this will force the muscles to relax and the device will enter painlessly. Now turn on the massager: it is very important to focus on your feelings. The orgasm will begin to roll up almost immediately, although erections may not be. According to men, the buzz is incredible! The approximation of orgasm seems to be stretched, I want to howl, screaming, the whole body is twisted, the pulsation is enhanced inside … With an orgasm, sperm does not shoot, but flows without stopping, and enjoyment after stimulation of the prostate lasts longer than an ordinary orgasm. When it all ends, remove the tip and remove the condom. The massager must be thoroughly washed (if it does not pass water) or disinfected.

Councils of urologists on the use of a prostate vibration massager

It is not necessary to use the device every day, even if you undergo a course of treatment of prostatitis-it lasts 10-12 days and is repeated three times another year. And if you use a massager for pleasure, then in this case you should not abuse it. Firstly, the gland needs time for rest and restoration, and secondly, as you know, they get used to good quickly. The usual intercourse after several prostate massages may not satisfy you completely, and the habit of ending only anally can poorly affect relationships with women. Do not forget about a partner who longs for your attention and ordinary vaginal sex. Use the prostate massager as an element of an intimate game, add variety to the bed with it, but do not make the main bet on it in receiving pleasure.

Whether the prostate massager will help to cure prostatitis, instructions where to buy

After massage, the gland urologists advise to urinate. If you felt pain during the massage, then something went wrong, something you did wrong. With obvious discomfort, you do not need to use the toy. There are doubts – consult a doctor, although massagers for prostate do not have negative reviews from specialists. Well, naturally, if you treat prostatitis, take medications and adhere to medical prescriptions – in some cases one massage may not be enough.

Which prostate massager to choose? First, read its characteristics, take into account the price. By the way, the cost does not always play a decisive role when buying sex gadgets. Sometimes budget toys are more suitable than sophisticated fashion models. So first of all it is necessary to proceed from your own needs and preferences.

In any sex shop of your city there are products such as prostate massagers. They are sold even in specialized pharmacies. But, as a rule, adult toys in offline stores are unreasonably high. We suggest you visit another place where any erotic goods are offered at an affordable cost and without prejudice to quality:

Link to the proven online store of prostate massages.

The choice is huge here, so it is simply impossible not to find what you need exactly! Among the goods are models of American and European brands. The price of a good prostate massager varies within a few thousand rubles, but the assortment contains a fairly wide anti -crisis line of goods. Each gadget is instructions, you will understand the operation without problems. Buyers in their reviews often mention the quality and durability of even the most inexpensive sex toys from this store. Decide, it’s worth it!

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