Prostate massagers – where, why and how | Prostate massagers

Prostate massagers – where, why and how.

Prostate massagers – where, why and how | Prostate massagers
Prostate massage is a simple procedure that is very useful for a male body. But besides health health, This type of stimulation gives a large amount of pleasure! The body itself is responsible for the production of testosterone in the body. Due to the importance of functions (the prostate iron is involved in reproductive and sexual functions) it is called the second male heart. The prostate is often compared with point G in women, they are united by a large number of nerve endings and tissue sensitivity. But unlike the female point of pleasure, the prostate is subject to inflammatory processes, in order to avoid which should be periodically carried out high -quality and correct massage, which, in addition to benefit, also carries A lot of pleasure. In this case, there will be toys (and if you are confused by the word “toys”, then please, special devices or devices) to stimulate prostate!

Where is the prostate and how to find it

But before the review of devices, let’s figure out where the prostate is and how to find it.
To feel the prostate gland (this is the second name of the organ), you can, depending on individual characteristics, usually it is about 4-5 cm from the entrance to the anus.

From the side of the abdominal cavity you can find a small tubercle, When touching which you will feel pleasant sensations.
If you are excited at the time of massage, then it will be easier to find a prostate, it is filled with liquid and becomes more noticeable. Before stimulation of the prostate follows for some time massage the zone of buttocks and anus. Everything should happen with the consent of the man, slowly and smoothly.

Another desirable condition is excitement. So you will definitely get a maximum of pleasant sensations!
And you can also arrange double stimulation, that is, combine sex with prostate massager. You will be delighted with what you feel!

Being healthy and incredibly pleasant for the men themselves, Prostate massage has become a popular way of self -satisfaction. Accordingly, in the sex industry there are many varieties of toys on this topic: anal traffic jams, massagers, vibrators, devices of a very unusual type.
Will watch?

Sex toys for prostate massage

Prostate massagers – where, why and how | Prostate massagers
A great example of high -quality traffic jams for men is a set of anal stimulants Bootie from Fun Factory.
Three different sizes and diameters of toys will allow you, as a newcomer, to know all the facets of the pleasure from anal caresses. Starting with the smallest traffic jam, you will help out amazing sensations from prostate massage, and with an increase in size, pleasure will only increase. Pleasant to the touch medical silicone will not hurt the skin and soft mucous tissues, which means that it will prevent microtrauma. A special restraint handle at the bottom of the toy will not allow the cork to slip inward and provide convenient mobility of the toy.

A Joy Division brand with a toy was a bomb among prostate massages XPander.
The latest generation of stimulants will allow you to expand the boundaries of your sexuality and give yourself unreal pleasure.

A special technology for the production of toy will allow reduce the volume of the stimulant by 50% before the introduction, which is very simple and absolutely safe. A Inside Xpander is revealed, giving a feeling of fullness and stimulating the most sensitive and secret points, bringing you closer to a powerful orgasm.
You can open new ways to enjoy, regardless of your orientation! And again, very high -quality and pleasant materials for touch is what manufacturers first care about.

Vibrators for a prostate are able to give not only a feeling of fullness, but also a strong stimulation of this sensitive erogenous zone. Brand Rocks-off I made sure that you had a great choice among the vibrators of this niche. Specially designed anatomically accurate bends toys They will give you unreal pleasure over and over again.
The process easily reaches to the prostate, simultaneously stimulating the main ribbed body of the toy and the sensitive area between the entrance to the anus and the barrel of the penis. A large number of vibration modes will amaze your imagination, and the toy will become a favorite!

And an erective ring Optimale C-Ring from DOC Johnson with anal process created specifically for double male stimulation. The ring will slow down the outflow of blood, which will provide a long and stone riser, and the stimulator itself will give pleasure from the prostate. Combine the two best phenomena: long sex and breathtaking massage of the sensory zone. I assure you, you will want to repeat this experience many more times!Prostate massagers – where, why and how | Prostate massagers
Do not forget to purchase and special Anal lubricant, which is an important attribute of safe and pleasant sex. There are gels developed specifically for safe and comfortable anal caresses. For example, a lubrication from the PJUR brand with the speaking name Analyse me. It prevents microtrauma, supports optimal sliding and relaxes the muscles of the anus.
Lubrication leaves no trace and has a pleasant smell, and is also easily washed off with ordinary warm water!

But, of course, an unsurpassed brand specialized on toys for anal caresses is still unrivaled Nexus. They have been helping people around the world for a very long time to get a real buzz from anal sex, and they succeed! In the Arsenal Nexus there are completely simple toys without bells and whistles that are perfect for beginners, and at the same time, professionals seeking new sensations will also pick up something new and will be satisfied.

Starter Kit, For example, created specifically for those who have never tried to massage the prostate. Three stimulants with a velvet surface of different sizes will open a veil of secrets of unknown pleasure for you.
Starting from the smallest massager, slowly developing anal ring, Gradually you want something more, and therefore there are other sizes in the set. Nexus knows what you need;)

Revo Stealth created for real professionals.
Fifteen vibration modes, a separately rotating head, a remote control panel and anatomically thought -out form of the toy – all this will be appreciated only by a knowledgeable person. This manufacturer can find what he will like.

On the issue of anal sex toys, the collection of the famous Lux Brand Lelo for men also cannot be ignored.
They always have something to surprise. Ground massager Bruno, For example, equipped with two motor in the head and at the base of the toy, providing double stimulation.
Six intensive modes, a special anatomical form, developed to influence the most sensual points, and the opportunity to enjoy without occupying hands – this is what this massager is like. I have not yet indicated a safe for the body and velvet material that prevents microtrauma. A truly worthwhile thing that will delight you with powerful orgasms for a long time!

Prostate massage should be an integral part of the life of any man!
After all, in addition to unrealistic pleasure, it is very important for the health of the body. And a wide variety of sex toys in stores can satisfy any of your wishes. Take care of yourself without ceasing to be men, Love yourself and end from this!

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