Prostate massage. Or how to combine pleasant with useful | Prostate massagers

Prostate massage. Or how to combine pleasant with useful.

Prostate massage. Or how to combine pleasant with useful | Prostate massagers
To begin with, we will figure out what kind of “Shy Cardinal” is this, prostate? First of all, I smoke towards the translation, which from the Greek Prostates means “standing in front”. This immediately says. Here it is, a real engine of male dignity!

If we talk about the prostate (or prostate gland) as an organ, then this is a small formation, in its outlines resembling a rounded pyramid, and in size, a chestnut or a nut that is located inside between the anus and the crotch. The prostate consists of muscle and glandular tissue, which produces a prostatic fluid or the secret of the prostate necessary to protect and nutrition of sperm. The prostate iron is responsible for the synthesis of male sex hormones (testosterone), the production of biologically active substances (prostaglandins), plays the role of the valve, closing the exit from the bladder during an erection and creates a pleasant sensation of orgasm due to the developed system of innervation (abundance of nerve endings). As a result of exposure to a wide variety of reasons, men arise in disorders of this important organ that affect their sexual, and indeed life, and a childbearing function. The most common among them is chronic prostatitis.

How to make this stagnant phenomenon not in the life of a man? How to avoid an unpleasant campaign to the doctor, in the skillful hands of which, despite the importance of the situation, to surrender oh how I do not want? There is a need for the ability to make prostate massage himself or with the help of a loved one. If you are so lucky that your partner is ready to help you in this difficult matter, then we buy thin medical gloves, special lubricants, and carefully, with one finger we make prostate massage, starting with strokes and ending with a small pressing of a finger pillow on it. It should be remembered that during the proper massage of the prostate, you should not have painful sensations, as well as that prostate massage cannot be carried out in the acute phase of the inflammatory process. As a result of these manipulations, an outflow of prostatic fluid occurs, it ceases to stagnate, the entire system is updated and the “idle engine” is launched.If you want to improve in this delicate issue yourself, then one of the most effective ways to influence the prostate will be specifically for that created massagers. Having an anatomical form, they immediately solve the issue of falling into the desired point by all 100%. In addition, they have the right vibration for the correct and comfortable stimulation of the prostate, not to mention the pleasant sensations that can be experienced in the process. Massagers are simple, we will call them mechanical and automatic – with built -in vibration.

He triggers to know that anal traffic jams are not prostate massages and are intended for the most part, to enjoy pleasure in the process of love games.

The latest achievement in the issue of prostate massage is the innovative prostate massager C Nexus Revo 2. It has a rotating head at the end located at the right angle, which most effectively affects the prostate. And if we talked about the engine, then this is a strictly male device that resembles the speed of speed switching with a bunch of additional options as a gift. Here you can regulate the force of exposure and speed, and not only receive a competent massage, but also discover for yourself truly dizzying sensations. Some of the most common and recommended prostate massages: Rocks Off Bad Boy from the UK and Nexus massages today are unchanged and popular among men who have managed to find the right solution to their delicate problem. The plus of such massagers is that they can be used both by yourself and with a partner, turning the usefulness of massage exposure into a truly pleasant sensation, which means not only to extend your sex life, but also to make it more saturated and brighter.Prostate massage. Or how to combine pleasant with useful | Prostate massagers

How to do prostate massage at home correctly?

It can be made in the “Doggi-Stay” position-this position is called the knee-elbow-massage in this position is best done with a partner. Or more convenient ones – on the right side – the legs at this time should be bent at the knees and shown as much as possible to the body, as well as lying on the back with bent or diluted legs. Massager and anus are abundantly lubricated with a lubricant. The massager is introduced into the rectum by about 5 centimeters. Enter the massager in the rectum must be very slowly and accurately. When the patient is in the correct position, the prostate gland will be above the rectum, closer to the stomach (along the front wall). After the massager introduces the entire length, you will create a feeling of urination – you reached the prostate gland. Massage should start with light vibration and progressive movements. If you do not have discomfort, you can slightly press. Movements are directed from the side sides of the gland to its center, squeezing movements should be in the direction of the anus. Massage can be finished when 4-5 drops of the prostate secretion are allocated (it takes a minute one and a half). It is desirable to turn the procedure every other day.
In the Nexus Revo 2 massage – the function of the rotating head successfully replaces the entire set of movements and pressure. This massager is a real professional in his field.

What is the “secret of the prostate”?

The essence of the massage is simple – it is necessary to influence the nerve endings of the prostate, thereby stimulating the release of stagnant and inflamed juice of the prostate gland. Together with juice (secret), many pathogens are also displayed. Massage has another beneficial effect – improves blood supply. This is well affected by increasing the effectiveness of drug treatment, prolongs remission.

Who needs prostate massage?

Prostate massage is advised to men with chronic prostatitis and pain in the pelvis, with impotence, which is caused by complications of prostatitis, for the diagnosis of prostatitis. However, this procedure cannot become a panacea for all diseases: massage is contraindicated in patients suffering from acute prostatitis, tumor process in the prostate, stones in the prostate, impaired urination of an unknown cause, acute cystitis, paraproctitis and proctitis, hemorrhoids and adenoma of the prostate in the later stages.

The article is provided by and is information. Before applying the methods described in the article, be sure to consult your attending physician.

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