Prostate: massage and treatment of gland at home | Prostate massagers

Prostate: massage and treatment of gland at home.

Prostate: massage and treatment of gland at home | Prostate massagers
Pegging, traffic jams, Anal vibrators, Everything, up to Fisting In men – thanks to the prostate, the source of unrealistically strong sexual satisfaction. Many do not believe in it, but it really is.

The Internet is full of articles and videos on why and how to use the prostate as efficiently as possible, and there are no objections that all these methods bring maximum pleasure. But here’s the question. Is it useful for your prostate gland? And in general, do you care for her correctly?

The main male pearl requires careful care, care and at least an understanding of what we are dealing with. Because in addition to pleasure, this little nut carries much deeper functionality, directly related to the health of many important organs in the body of a man.
But before understanding the rules of care, let’s talk about what is and generally what the prostate is doing.

Prostate (prostate iron) – very small iron in the male reproductive system. Having the shape of a walnut, it is located below the bladder in front of the rectum.
This is a sperm factory.
Your prostate iron, the size of a small apricot, produces an alkaline fluid, which at the exit from the body mixes with sperm and produces fertilizing spermatozoa.
This is a pump.
During an orgasm, the prostate gland provides little assistance in pumping sperm so that the spermatozoa during the purpose of the purpose.
This is a filter.
In addition, the prostate filters toxins that can fall into sperm. Things such as nutrition or the environment, and the lifestyle that we lead, can affect how well your prostate filters.
So pay attention to what you eat, and what this influence on your sexual functions. Products such as pepper, broccoli, grenades, mushrooms or pumpkin seeds have a beneficial effect on the prostate gland. But excessively salty foods, alcohol and smoked can harm your prostate, and not only her.
It’s like a point g.Prostate stimulation During sex, the strongest orgasm that you can only experience can bring. If you still do not know how to start and why you need to do it, then we will tell you everything.
Sexual Prostate stimulation – good prevention of diseases that become a scourge of many men in maturity. Well, this is also a great way to open new facets of pleasure.
Independent stimulation should be performed using special sex toys anatomical shape: it is often impossible to get to the prostate with a finger, but it is dangerous to use improvised things that are not intended for this due to the opportunity to damage the wall of the rectum.

But if you are a girl and want to offer your man something new, then you can’t rush here. The main thing is awareness. A partner can shock your finger in his anus, so discuss in advance everything “for” and “against”.
Before moving to prostate stimulation, Try to do a relaxing massage of the buttocks to a man. Take some tasty Massage Oil, and give it to the most delicate zone 10-15 minutes.

The second condition is strong sexual arousal – then stimulation will deliver less unpleasant moments at the beginning.
The third condition is the mandatory use of a large amount anal lubrication. Do not use improvised materials or the same oil, which you did a massage. Ruin the pleasure of both yourself and man.Prostate: massage and treatment of gland at home | Prostate massagers
The best position for prostate stimulation There is a position on the side when a man lies on his side, and a woman can stimulate both a male member and a prostate at the same time, which will give additional pleasant sensations. Try to introduce fingers with abundant quantities first lubricant, smoothly gentle movements. If everything goes perfectly, then feel free to take up the toys!Anal toys There are a huge number. Traffic jams, Christmas trees, Beads, Big And Small, even inflatable (in the sense of an extensor).
A very cool silicone anal cork has Lovense, called Hush. It is an ideal conical shape, so it will very easily go inside. Plus she has a comfortable pen, which also serves as a base. But the most interesting thing is that the cork vibrates. And you can manage it remotely, Using an application on your smartphone.
FunFactory Invented an anal stimulator Bootie Ring – ideal for massage of a prostate form. They also attached to him Erective ring. Thanks to the silicone coating, the toy is flexible and elastic, so it will be very comfortable to use. Just put on one end on the base of the penis (to enhance the erection and extension of sexual intercourse), and insert the second end directly into the anus. That’s all! Chic sex is provided to you.
Another cool toy is an anal electric stimulant Little John from Mystim. The guys produce toys exclusively with electrical stimulation. And they have no equal.
An electric traffic jam is made of aluminum, so it will be easy to care for it. Thanks to it, it will be conveniently inserted inward. And after the introduction, you will feel a slight trembling and a pleasant tingling.
In general, if you have never tried Anal toys, And pro electrical stimulation They didn’t even hear anything, then Little John – The best choice in this regard.

More fun than apple per day
To maintain male strength and health in general, prostate massage – one of the most effective ways. It has a number of advantages:

Improves blood flow. An increase in blood circulation in the prostate gland increases sperm, which reduces the level of impotence and enhances ejaculation as a whole. Active circulation subsequently enhances sensations during intercourse, well, reduces the risk of prostate diseases.
Reduces pain during ejaculation. . Prostate massage will remove pain and clean the channels.
Heals erectile dysfunction. Around the world about 20% of men suffer from erection dysfunction. Such problems can over time lead to complete impotence. Prostate massage is therapy that is aimed at stimulating certain zones that will help to cope with erectile dysfunction.
Reduces the risk of tumor development. Basically, an increase in the prostate gland is due to hormonal imbalance, cellular growth, or just a man’s age. Massage therapy significantly reduces the size of the prostate, which can also help with urination problems.Prostate: massage and treatment of gland at home | Prostate massagers
As for the themselves massagers, then here you need to choose carefully. After all, as the right massager can give pleasure and bring health benefits, so the inappropriate can do strong harm.
All suitable toys have an ergonomic shape, a slightly bent barrel to get to the prostate gland. Choose massagers from quality materials and do not forget about grease!
Company Nexus, Understanding men, creates excellent toys for prostate. And by the way, they will like your attending physician. Innovative massager Revo2 – This is a stylish silicone guy with a powerful motor, very elastic and pleasant to the touch.
Its main highlight is that it is equipped with the function of rotation of the head, so it will make a massage easier and more efficiently. And the ribbed handle of the toy was created, specially, to stimulate the perineum.

U Lovense There is a cool massager Edge. It is very flexible, so much so that you can bend the massage neck in any direction and fix it so that the toy does not fall out during the process. In addition to all useful properties, Edge can boast of remote control, vibration to music and many different cool functions. You should only install the application on the smartphone, and miracles will begin.
For advanced anal toys from the company Joy Division There is a series of very good massagers XPander, who are famous for their unusual functionality. The fact is that all the toys of the series have the ability to decrease to 50%, and then expand, getting inside the body. They are good with this. Each model is made in three sizes so that everyone can find a massager in level.If you still have questions about the prostate, its massage or toys intended for this, then we have a whole Blog section dedicated to prostate massage. Study!

There is a theory (although it is not proved clinically) that maintaining a certain amount of ejaculations per month (about 20) protects the prostate gland from toxins. Yes, even at the general level, regular sex will work miracles with your health and mood.

In the journal of the American medical community, an article was published about the results confirming the figure of 20 orgasms per month, in which the professors made a high -profile statement that the probability of developing prostate cancer in these people is 33% lower than.

The most accurate way to keep a healthy prostate is to have sex, gentlemen!

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