Overview of the anatomical vibration massager G-Vibe 2 | Personal experience

Overview of the anatomical vibration massager G-Vibe 2.

Overview of the anatomical vibration massager G-Vibe 2 | Personal experience
Black vibrator presented me by my husband. I selected in color to our other toys. Before that, in our modest arsenal there were only simple BDSM-stainedness and anal traffic jams. The vibrator is packed in an opaque box. The kit includes a magnetic charger, a storage cover and a funny instructions-the rally, which caused me a smile. Unusual pencil drawings clearly depict how the device can be used.

I, like a visual, immediately impressed the design. G-Vibe 2 resembles either tongues or tentacles. However, the people are commonly called the ends of this vibrator with petals, and we will act. In fact, the G-Vibe 2 is a vibration massager, at one end of which there are 2 petals, on the other-a round handle. The length of the working surface of 24 centimeters is just what often does not get. The first pleasure that the toy gave me is tactile. The most tender premium-slycon, velvety and elastic, which is nice to take in the hand.

The English manufacturer presents the G-Vibe 2 as an innovative anatomical vibration massager, a silicone miracle of technology, capable of giving a hitherto unknown bliss, and in an ironic commercial they even curl hair and fried their hairpin. Let’s figure out whether G-Vibe 2 is really universal and good as the English manufacturer describes it.

G-Vibe 2 paired with a man

We rarely use it in pairs with my husband, but this is our personal preference. As it turned out, this vibrator manifests itself perfectly in the prelude, but during the process, unfortunately, it becomes the third extra. Tried to stimulate the clitoris simultaneously with vaginal penetration, but it has to be kept all the time. I tried the pose of the rider, “Doggi -Stayl”, on the side and a lot how else – the hand is quickly tired.

But we decided not to give up so simply and try two more options. Anal sex with a vibrator in the vagina is also not pleased – the silicone friend constantly slides and interferes. And the option is the other way around – the vibrator in the anus, and the penis in the vagina is also inconvenient.

It turns out that during sex it can only be used as a vibrator, but nevertheless it is great and inconvenient, distracts from the process.Overview of the anatomical vibration massager G-Vibe 2 | Personal experience

G-Vibe 2 for masturbation

The vibrator is magnificent in solo-game. Previously, to achieve an orgasm without a man, I often watched porn. Until I picked up G-Vibe 2. Six modes were at my disposal-from monotonous vibration to chaotic vibro-flash. Powerful motors are in the barrel and in both petals toys. Property management and intuitive – on the handle of only 3 buttons responsible for the mode and power.

Of course, I tried all the modes, but the wave -like vibration caught me most of all. The waves grow and alternate monotonously. I especially liked to drive the very tip of the clitoris petal, and then act on the situation. You can insert one tip into the vagina, press the other to the clitoris. You can clamp the labia with petals. You can insert one petal into the anus, and the other is attached to the entrance to the vagina. The more you get fallen up, the more you increase the power, and literally after a couple of minutes an orgasm occurs. Fast, is it not true?

I also tested the most intriguing way – stimulating the vibrator of point G. To do this, you need to squeeze the petals, insert the vibrator entirely into the vagina. In the search for special sensations, you can make pushing movements. Say what you liked – nothing to say. Vibrate the entrance to the vagina and both walls. This was my first orgasm without clitoris stimulation. I have no idea where I have a cherished point, but G-Vibe 2, apparently, knows better.

When looking at the vibrator, fantasy asks to insert one petal into the anus, and the second in the vagina. In addition, this method of application is indicated in the instructions. But here the silicone friend failed. The petals are not only short, they are curved in opposite directions. You can only touch the holes with the very tips, but there will be a little sense from this.

G-Vibe 2 and penis

The vibrator showed himself well in a duet with oral sex. I will immediately make the main nuance – you need not to regret the lubricant. The vibrator can be placed at the base of the penis, opening the petals. The penis will be captured by vibration on both sides, and the head can be appealed with mouth. I tried to drive them back and forth, change the modes and power. The partner liked everything! But he especially evaluated the stimulation of the testicles in combination with the blowjob, since I had not spoiled it before – I could not do two things at the same time.Overview of the anatomical vibration massager G-Vibe 2 | Personal experience

G-Vibe 2 and water

The vibrator has passed “perfectly”. It is not surprising, because there are no holes in it: all the buttons are mounted under silicone, and the charging is magnetic. By the way, he holds the charge for a long time regardless of power. All the declared 4 hours without a break I did not experience it, but the month I did not touch the charge. At the same time, I used the vibrator from time to time from 5 to 40 minutes. What else I liked? It’s easy to care for the toy. I have it with my water with soap, then I wipe it dry and send it to the cover so as not to dust.

The overall impression of G-Vibe 2

As a result, G-Vibe 2 has the following advantages:

  • aesthetic appearance;
  • high -quality performance;
  • powerful but quiet;
  • Suitable for solo games with many scripts;
  • well complements oral caresses.

Like a bonus, a waterproof toy and holds a charge for a long time.

Cons G-Vibe 2:

  • It is not convenient to use in pairs either for penetrations or to stimulate the clitoris;
  • it is not cheap, while it does not cope with the declared universality.

This is a clitoral vibrator, and dardymmitator, and prostate massager. I would especially recommend it to persons inexperienced in sex toys. With G-Vibe 2, you can try just a little, then to invest in a narrowly-directional device, which will fulfill its task for all 100 percent.The video is not supported by your browser.

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