Massager point G: which one to choose?

Massager point G: which one to choose?.

Massager Gp – an intimate toy with a curved head to study the Grefenberg zone or, in a simple tongue, points G. With it, you will learn more about your own body, become sexy and liberated, get a lot of vaginal orgasms.

A good vibrator will become your friend for many years, so you need to approach the question of its purchase responsibly. It is better to study all the presented models and make a decision which toy is more suitable for you.

Several requirements are presented to the stimulants of the point G:

  • anatomical form designed to study the front wall of the vagina;
  • safety;
  • convenient management;
  • Ease of care.

Massager point G for women: varieties

Vibro -massager for point G is not the only toy, but a number of goods. They differ both externally and functionally. Let’s talk about the most popular right now.

Classical. Outwardly resembles an penis with a curved head, has a length of 15 to 25 cm. Equipped with a holder that allows you to control the vibrator, regulate the depth of immersion and the intensity of exposure.

It can be used for vaginal and anal self -satisfaction, targeted stimulation of a point G and prostate massage in men. Although, of course, for the latter it is better to use a special prostate massager.

Double. Equipped with a small process to excite the clitoris. Helps to obtain 2 orgasms at the same time: clitoral and vaginal.

Mini-stimulator. It has compact dimensions (from 2 to 5 cm), which allows you to wear it in lady’s handbags and take it on travel. In functionality is not inferior to more dimensional massages.

How to choose a dot masster G?

When choosing a stimulant, you need to build on the technical characteristics and your own preferences. Pay attention to the following parameters:

Nutrition. Modern vibrators eat from batteries and batteries. The advantage of batteries is a higher vibration intensity and saving on consumables.

Length. Every woman is unique, so when choosing a stimulant, you need to focus on the depth of the vagina. The further point G is located from the entrance, the more long the vibrator will be required to get to it.

Texture. The toy can have a smooth surface for smooth sliding or embossed – for acute sensations.

For those who have never used such stimulants, classic models are suitable. Advanced users can pamper themselves with vibrators with special grooves, notes, antennae, etc. D.

Modes. Massagers can have one or more speeds for varying degrees of exposure. Sometimes manufacturers equip them with pulsators (provide soft shocks), rotators (cause rotation), oscillators (create vibrations). Many of them can be used for erotic clitoris massage.

Management method. Switching modes and speeds can be manually or at a distance. In the first case, control is carried out using a wheel or buttons placed on the device itself.

In the second case, you can control the toy remotely using Bluetooth or radio waves, which is quite convenient and interesting.

Water resistance. Before buying a vibrator, you need to decide whether you plan to use it in your soul or bathroom.

If the answer is positive, it is worth giving preference to a waterproof model. Moisture protection devices are more expensive, but are more functional.

The cost of ordinary massagers varies from 1000 to 3000 rubles. More advanced models cost about 4-10 thousand.

If you plan to use a toy for prostate massage and stimulation of a point G, it is better to buy 2 separate devices. You can see and choose in sex shop.

Different materials are used for the manufacture of modern vibrators: plastic, silicone, latex, rubber, cyber-leather, glass, etc. D.

In order for the massager to serve as long as possible, you need to use it with suitable lubricants and follow the care recommendations.

How to use

First you should know the anatomical features of the genital organs that tell us the following information.

The ji point is part of the clitoris, gynecologists spoke about this only in recent years. As you know, the erogenous zone in the vagina was discovered by Dr. Ernest Grafenberg, who began to study the magic point in 1944 and continued the study until 1950.

The main problem was that about 60% of women did not find point G and did not experience any pleasure from stimulating the specified area.

It took many years to find out – the treasured tubercle is in a sleeping state and in the absence of regular stimulation is not able to bring the woman to orgasm. But as soon as the nerve endings “come to their senses” the girl will get access to the squirt.

Based on this, we conclude that stimulation of the ji point using a special massager should be regular.

If natural lubrication is not enough, then a water -based lubricant should be purchased. Next, take care of the pose.

It is better to lie on your back, put a small pillow under the hips, introduce the massager inside with slow movements, feel the coveted point with them and masturbate with neatly and circular movements until an orgasm is obtained. If the first time does not work, then the point is in a sleeping state and it will take time. Ji point massage can be combined with clitoris caresses.

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