Sakura branch in intimate plan: Complete massage guide

Massage “Sagura branch” for a man.

Sakura branch in intimate plan: Complete massage guide

Erotic massage is a great way to give pleasure to your man. Tender movements, romantic atmosphere and contact of naked bodies. What could be better? Ordinary sex quickly bothers. Therefore, you need to constantly make something new to sexual life. Then inside the couple the glow of passions will never decrease. The relationship will be stronger, disputes and disagreements will stop. We will tell you how to master stimulation techniques called Sakura branch.

What it is

Sakura branch in intimate plan: Complete massage guide

Sakura branch in intimate plan is an erotic massage technique associated with contrasting effects on body areas and erogenous zones of a man. The arsenal of the craftswomen “Manual therapy” includes rubbing, touching cold and hot objects.

The intimate depth of techniques depends on the woman. In decent “eastern” salons, a man delivers only aesthetic pleasure and help to relax. In institutions with a large bias in the sensory area, the result of the session may be a full -fledged orgasm.

Real craftswomen bring guys to the final without direct influence on the genitals. All actions are fleeting, almost invisible. Massage is easy to repeat at home. This does not need complex props and equipment.

History of massage

If you believe the legends, the technique of the Sakura branch owned Japanese geisha. For the eastern tradition, entourage and atmosphere are much more important than actions. Therefore, the type of geisha does not correspond to the meaning that we are used to investing in the word “prostitute”. Rather, it is something like an elite escortnate.

Employees of the sphere of intimate services from the Land of the Rising Sun during the training of new followers focused on the harmonious development of the personality. Girls were given basic education, instructed the skills of playing musical instruments.

It was pleasant to talk with Heisha, listen to the charming sounds of Samisan – a string forceps instrument, and enjoy the visual beauty of the tea ceremony. The probability of continuing the banquet depended only on geisha. It had to be charming, carried away and seduced.

If a man managed to achieve a woman in a kimono, various erotic delights served as a reward. Sakura branch was one of them.

Technique of execution

If the guy wants to experience a magnificent massage on himself, you can find the corresponding salon nearby. Only you should ask in advance what is included in the list of services. Otherwise, then the time will come to be surprised that instead of a naked masseuse, a hefty African American with a dildo at the ready.

Girls Mastering the Sakura branch will help you please a man with intimate massage and discourage any desire to look for a mistress on the side. A lady with skills will become the only specialist in a radius of a dozen kilometers.

First of all, we will prepare everything you need.


Here’s what you need for the session:

  • A couple of cognac glasses. The drink should be warm, with a temperature of about 45 ° C. We will use it instead of massage oil.
  • Ice cubes. Are needed for contrasting stimulation. First we put something hotter, and then warm. We periodically alternate.
  • Oranges. We need 4 fruits heated in the microwave. They will play the role of massage rollers during mechanical influences.
  • Sheet. Better cotton. Fabric is needed to start. She is sheltered by the “client”. Silk is too smooth, it cannot be felt on the skin.

If you make a sakura branch for the first time or not too sure of the partner, stock up on 3-4 berries of wet strawberries. She will replace the touch of your language. But a man might think that an erotic action will cause you only negative emotions to you and an erotic action. Therefore, you need to approach the use of this props with caution.

A stick with a feather can still be useful, it is a foam brush. The device will cope well with the role of a delicate stimulant for the skin.


First take a shower and send a man there. If you are in close relationships, visit the “bathroom” together. There you can do petition, but not too deep.

After water procedures, put the guy on the stomach. If the intimate is not supposed, it can stay in shorts. But it is better if the body does not interfere with underwear.

Dress. Erotic massage in a bra and panties looks unnatural. Moreover, the chest will need for friction about the naked body of a man.

Lubricate your skin with massage oil to provide good sliding. It looks beautiful. Bliks emphasize the advantages of the figure, help the partner experience excitement.


The man lies on his stomach. Your task is to choose a convenient pose. It is better to kneel down next so that there is access to the whole body: from head to toe. So you can perform massage without serious efforts:

Sakura branch in intimate plan: Complete massage guide

Cover the man with a sheet. This will create a security effect. The client will think that he is “in the house”. This is important when the first session is the account and you are just starting a joint intimate life. This is how it looks:

Sakura branch in intimate plan: Complete massage guide

Just lie down the body on the guy’s back and lie for a minute. This technique will help to enhance trust, warm the skin before the start of active actions. The main thing is not to tighten the process. Otherwise, the level of relaxation will become too strong. There will be a risk that the “experimental” will simply fall asleep.

Then we get up, put one hand on the lower back, and the second on the back between the shoulder blades. We begin to smoothly rock the body of a partner, then we do it with a greater amplitude. This is called “vibration”. Tissues are heated, blood flow is enhanced.

When swinging, you need to observe which muscles remain motionless – there are clamps that will have to be worked out first of all.

Slowly tighten the sheet from head to legs so that the fabric additionally massages the skin. We begin to smoothly knead the guy’s back with your palms, move to the buttocks, then to the hips. So you need to go to the feet and go back:

Sakura branch in intimate plan: Complete massage guide

The next trick is the sliding movements of the palms all over the body from top to bottom. Repeat the same with your fingertips. At this stage, a wand with feathers will come in handy. Saluable touches well stimulate the nerve endings on the skin.

Go to games with warmth and cold. We lower your head closer to the guy’s body, pour the skin areas with hot breath. Then we slightly pull off and blow cold air:

Sakura branch in intimate plan: Complete massage guide

Next there are a couple of options. You can lick his skin. But if you do not want, take a warm, slightly damp strawberries and apply it to the skin to slide slightly. Then use hot breath. This approach completely imitates pranks with the tongue:

Sakura branch in intimate plan: Complete massage guide

Take a glass of cognac, pour part of the drink into your palm and rub the back of the guy, buttocks, legs. Alcohol tones the skin, gives a pleasant aroma. If you blow with cold air, alcohol will quickly evaporate. You will get a powerful cooling effect:

Sakura branch in intimate plan: Complete massage guide

Next, take two warm oranges in your hands. The remaining two remain in case the peel bursts during the massage and you will have to change the “tool”. Press the oranges to the feet, roll them on caviar and hips. Nothing prevents a rough peel between the buttocks. The main task is to knead all the muscles:

Sakura branch in intimate plan: Complete massage guide

Do not forget about the hands. Biceps work the longest throughout the day, so the muscles can “clog”. We apply two oranges on the sides and roll along the shoulders, forearm. The pressure should be strong enough:

Sakura branch in intimate plan: Complete massage guide

You have worked enough with the back of the body. Ask a man to turn over on his back, or do it yourself. It all depends on your physical preparation and the weight of the guy. If you are confident in your own abilities, just make such a movement:

Sakura branch in intimate plan: Complete massage guide

Lay the oranges to the side. They are no longer needed. We make exactly the same manipulations that were performed with the back and buttocks. Wet the skin with cognac, lick, use cold and hot breathing:

Sakura branch in intimate plan: Complete massage guide

This is the most intimate part of the massage. After all, the genitals of the guy are now available for stimulation. Here you have complete freedom of creativity: you can make a blowjob, handjob. Nothing prevents the member between the breasts and move up and down. Do not forget about the legs. If the guy likes foot pheny, you can please him with an intense footjob.

When manipulating the phallus, lubricate your hands and sensitive head with a lubricant. Use water -based composition if you plan to have hot sex after a session.

Sakura branch – sensual and spectacular massage. If you master the technique of its performance, you can give real joy to your man.

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