Nuru-massage-a combination of pleasant and useful for two | Questions about sexual practices

Nuru-massage-a combination of pleasant and useful for two.

Nuru-massage-a combination of pleasant and useful for two | Questions about sexual practices
If you were at least once interested in erotic massage, you have exactly heard about Nura-Massage-the main trend in the field of intimate pleasures. What is it, what is useful and how to make it at home – read in this article.

What is Nura-massage

Nura is a special massage technique from Japan. From the Japanese language, the word “nuru” is translated as “slippery” or “smooth”. It’s all about a special gel: it is produced from seaweed, has no taste and smell, and also does not leave the sensation of stickiness and is easily washed off with water. Its task is to provide a long -term effect of pleasant and delicate sliding.

For Nuru-massage, close physical contact is important with the use of the whole body-arms, legs, abdomen, chest and even face. For this reason, all massage participants should be completely naked.

Once upon a time, only specially trained geisha owned this massage technique. At present, Nura is retaining its popularity, and more and more people are striving to master the art of this massage.

Nuru-massage helps to reduce stress and is generally recommended for therapeutic purposes. However, most often couples use it as a role -playing game or make part of a sensual prelude.

What is the benefit of Nuru-massage

This technique has many advantages in terms of physical and psychological health. At the same time, it is important to consider who and where exactly the massage is performed: a professional in a massage office or your partner outside the bedroom doors.

The advantages of Nuru-massage can be divided into two groups: what effect it has on a pair, and the general healing effect for the body.

Pros for partners

A new way to explore intimacy. Nuru-massage is a great occasion to spend time together and diversify an intimate life in a couple. Unusual sensations experienced during the sliding of the bodies will give the participants a lot of pleasure. This is also a new way to cause excitement in a partner.

Strengthening the emotional connection. Nuru massage is a powerful spiritual practice that allows you to strengthen the connection between lovers: relations in the couple become more close and trusting.

Therapeutic effect

Nuru-massage also has a favorable effect on health. In particular, it helps:

  • relax muscles;
  • moisturize, tighten and make more elastic skin;
  • relieve stress;
  • Switch a person’s consciousness from everyday problems to spiritual restoration.

Massage is best done in the evening, its relaxing effect can be compared with the state of a person before going to bed. Nura massage is also suitable for those who have:

  • There are problems with sleep;
  • The work is connected with physical labor, or to those who play a lot of sports – for muscle relaxation;
  • There are problems with potency or reduced libido-Nuru-massage incites passion, and the smoothness and leisureness of the process very gently reveals the sexual nature of a person;
  • crisis in relations with a partner or I want to bring something unusual to your intimate life.

Nura massage can be practiced by everyone who is interested. After all, in order to enjoy it, it is not necessary to look for the cause – just desire is enough!

How to make nuru-massage at home

To completely feel the therapeutic effect of Nuru-massage, it is best to trust a professional. The problem is that it is difficult to find specialists of such a profile and most often under such services hide things much more prosaic. So try to do or get a massage at home.

How to prepare for Nuru-massage

Take a warm bath or shower

This is necessary not only to become clean, but also for more relaxation, as well as to prepare the skin for massage. And the joint intake of the bath will help to better tune in to the procedure, strengthen the excitement. Do not wipe your leis.

Choose a comfortable surface

Nura massage can be performed on the bed, sofa, inflatable mattress and massage table. The main thing is that it is convenient and safe for you to slip the body through the body.

Cover the surface. For this, it is better not to take expensive bedding, an old sheet that will not be sorry to throw out after the session is suitable. You can put a large towel, a children’s diaper to avoid spots from massage oil. Or purchase Special Vinil sheet.

Create an intimate environment

  • Muffled light will help to relax. If possible, it is better to turn off the upper lighting completely: instead, make light accents with bulbs or candles.
  • For additional relaxation, use aroma lamp or special incense.
  • Do not forget about music. Ideally – make a playlist of calm compositions in the oriental style or find a suitable selection on the Internet.
  • In the room where the massage is carried out, it should be clean and warm. Disconnect the phones so as not to be distracted by work and other things in time of such a pleasant and intimate process.

Use a special gel

For such a massage, you can use any natural oil: almond, peach or coconut. But a special concentrated Nuru-massage nu from the French brand is better suited Mixgliss. Two options are presented to the choice: with extracts of seaweed and leaves of aloe-sail. The gel has no taste, has a slight pleasant aroma. Thanks to the concentrated formula, you get a long and comfortable ultra -operation, as well as economical consumption – there will be enough not one massage session. The composition includes only high -quality and hypoallergenic ingredients that do not cause irritation on the skin and mucous membrane.

Important: Ordinary lubricants are not suitable for this technique: they quickly dry out and begin to stick to the body.

Advice. Before the start of the massage, place the bottle in a container with warm water to heat the gel.

Nuru-massage technique

Both participants in the process should be undressed and generously apply a massage tool to each other’s bodies. You can perform massage in any position: lying on your back or stomach, and even sitting – it all depends solely on your own expectations and desires. Start with horizontal positions – at first it is very important to relax and prepare for pleasure.Nuru-massage-a combination of pleasant and useful for two | Questions about sexual practices
Tips on how to make a massage session more pleasant and sensual:

Use all the possibilities of your body

It is important to use all parts of your body: arms, legs, stomach, chest, face. First use circular movements to distribute the gel throughout the body body. Next, move from top to bottom, without depriving any of the skin. Movements should be smooth, tender and leisurely. Also do not forget to change the pressure – from light, barely tangible touch, to strong.

Change the situation

It is best to start with a position of lying on the stomach, after which you can turn over on your back, sit down and even change with a partner of places – everything is limited only by your imagination.

Use different massage techniques

Add soothing back massage or sensual massage of the buttocks to interact with the whole body. So you and your partner can relax much more than just sliding on each other. By connecting techniques, you will get the best massage without leaving your home!

Bring the case to the end

Even before the start of the massage, discuss with a partner what the end will be:

  • You can change places;
  • or engage in mutual masturbation, oral caresses or penetrating sex;
  • end the session with a hug or a joint trip to the bath.

Nuru-massage is an ideal option for a pleasant pastime with your soulmate. It improves relations in a pair, adds diversity to intimate life, also helps to fight stress, and the skin becomes fit and elastic.

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