Massage prostate at home to a buzz for a buzz, tongue or finger

How to make prostate massage in a man at home.

The sexual capabilities of a man are an unspoken measure of success among girls, and also guaranteed high self -esteem and self -confidence. Often there are characteristics like “man”, “male” and so on – this is a direct reference to how good the guy is in bed. By the way, you can well help your faithful to become an even more cool lover and at the same time give him a lot of pleasure with the help of the technique of affection for prostate. For single men, we also picked up options for independent massage – read on.

Unfortunately, the guys do not particularly care about their health: when one day, a member simply does not get up or there is pain when urinating, a sweetheart begins to panic. But the sooner the prevention of ailments and their treatment, the more chances to avoid problems at all. Stimulation of the prostate with a finger or special device is a procedure gorgeous in terms of sensations, which at the same time will strengthen health. Below we will talk about how to perform it and give special techniques for women who want to please their loved ones. Do not miss – this system really works as the best potency stimulator.

Massage prostate at home to a buzz for a buzz, tongue or finger

What is a prostate

The prostate is not in vain called the “second heart” of a man: this small iron partially is responsible for the process of urination, the production of seed, excitement, and for intimate functions. Still its correct work is the key to a good psycho -emotional state of a man. In short, this is a very important thing that is better not to joke. To strengthen her health, prostate massage is perfect.

Massage prostate at home to a buzz for a buzz, tongue or finger

The prostate gland is located between the rectum and the bladder (under its bottom), so you can feel the organ and stimulate it directly through the introduction of a finger or a small stimulant in the ass. In the form of the “second heart” resembles a chestnut, divided by a groove. Until it hurts, you do not feel it – it’s just an internal organ.

The volume of the prostate gland in adulthood is about 25 centimeters of cubic, the organ is almost entirely of glandular tissue. In adolescents, the base of the gland is a muscle, but with age it changes and by the end of puberty takes the correct parameters. Just at this moment, the guys end with pollutions, voice breaking and other signs of puberty. In general, if you are no longer a teenager, then your iron is normal standard size and performs all your functions.

Why do you need prostate massage

Let’s agree right away: there is an erotic prostate massage, which a girl or wife can do (it can also be done independently, especially conveniently with a special toy), and the healing to increase the activity of the gland. They can be combined to get a cool result and a bright orgasm. The method is really cool – you should try at least once, you will be guaranteed to get involved! This is just the case when pleasure and benefit can easily be combined.

Massage prostate at home to a buzz for a buzz, tongue or finger

With the stimulation of the prostate at home, the husband for high is clear – the organ is replete with nerve endings and compounds, which are directly related to erection and orgasm. If your half does everything right, you can get such a pleasure that can not be compared with the usual orgasm from sex with your beloved. By the way, ladies can invite their lovers to combine massage with other types of sex – for example, a blowjob or traditional sex, and in parallel on the “second heart” the vibrator affects.

The stimulation of the prostate for the husband for medicinal purposes should be done in such cases:

  • Prevention of blood stagnation in the pelvis;
  • Low quality of sperm (difficulties with conception through the fault of the spouse);
  • Deterioration of sexual function (poor erection, fast ejaculation);
  • Prostatitis.

It turns out that the intermination of the prostate at home is at the same time a pleasant and effective way to improve your health and get high. Do not pull with him: it is certainly much more pleasant than injections or operations that may be required in a neglected case. In general, it is recommended to try technology even completely healthy men to open new facets of their sexuality.


You can do prostate massage at home on your own, but only after consulting a specialist. Just to make sure that it will not harm. Some men, having read information about useful and pleasant intimacy, go all heavy, considering it a panacea from all troubles. In fact, it is worth remembering that the prostate iron is an internal organ, so you need to act tenderly and carefully.

Let’s take a look at in which cases the doctor will definitely prescribe manipulation:

  • Stagnant phenomena in the pelvic zone or the prostate gland itself;
  • Chronic prostatitis (bacterial and abacterial);
  • Genetic predisposition to the development of prostatitis;
  • Chronic pain in the pelvic zone;
  • Reducing sexual function.


Even the superpowered stimulation of the prostate for a buff can have adverse consequences if it is contraindicated in a specific man. Doctors have made a list of contraindications – if at least one of them applies to you, it’s worth it to forget about the procedure, and try other treatment methods:

Prostatitis in acute form;

  • Soreness during the procedure;
  • Any acute and infectious diseases in the pelvic zone;
  • Abscesses and tumors in the prostate organ (adenoma);
  • Haemorrhoids;
  • Problems with urination.

In general, if all this is not about you, you can calmly try prostate massage – and even better turn to your wife and do it with your intimate chip.

What does prostate massage mean and how it is done

Most men are very afraid to let something in their ass, as if this fact alone will immediately write them down in the ranks of gays. In fact, the expansion of the usual sexual horizons can give incredible experiences – for example, many men call a blowjob with stimulation of prostate one of the most memorable sexual acts that were accompanied by unprecedented pleasure. In short, you do not need to be afraid to become gay – you can still prefer women and at the same time enjoy the prohibitive high from your priest’s caresses.

If you have been appointed a procedure for medical reasons, it is simply stupid to refuse it – the results may be instant. Some make the prostate to be smashed to themselves. However, we recommend that you reconsider our prejudices and try it with your wife – what if you like it?

In order to overcome fears and fears, you need to learn as much as possible about the procedure itself. Often they show a prostate’s intermination in porn, but one should not rely on a beautiful picture absolutely: everything is done there only for pleasure and entertainment, and the right healing movements may not be.

In fact, the correct procedure lasts only a couple of minutes, while the man is in the knee-elbow position or on his side, with his legs to his stomach-this is the easiest way to get to the right organ. A finger is carefully inserted into the ass and the iron is massaged with neat light movements. Nothing terrible or painful happens, many, on the contrary, feel excitement in the process and then ask wives sex massage prostate.

Massage prostate at home to a buzz for a buzz, tongue or finger

For those who cannot overcome themselves or who are not recommended a direct effect, you can make it externally: massage the crotch – the space between the anus and the scrotum, making neat light movements. But do not rush to rejoice: stimulation of the prostate at home will have a much weaker effect, so it is better to dwell on the classic version. Do not look for easy ways-with direct penetration, you, firstly, will get health faster, and secondly, you will get an prohibitive high.

When doctors prescribe

The prostate is mainly done after the doctor is done after a trial time. Unfortunately, the doctor prescribes it only in extreme cases, although the massage is shown to a lot! Most often, patients go home with such a recommendation in case of chronic prostatitis.

If you feel a decrease in sexual function or you have a sedentary work that provokes stagnation of blood, do not wait until the doctor prescribes manipulation – ask him when visiting whether you can use this method. In 9 cases out of 10, your initiative will give excellent results. In addition, as we have already said, the technique can be practiced simply for sexual emancipation and bright orgasms.

Methodology from the best sexologist

We have already said that the stimulation of the prostate in Pornovideo is just an imitation or rather an analogue that is focused only on the audience. If you want to get a clear step -by -step technique of prostate massage, a video tutorial from a qualified specialist will be the best option. Our sexologist recorded a separate video in which she spoke about testimony and contraindications, gave special equipment – you can easily master it and you can do manipulations yourself or involve it for this partner. Believe me, the girl will be very interesting to try a new type of stimulation, plus she will be able to act carefully and carefully.

If you want to get clear information and quickly improve your health to become sexy and courageous again, the video course will be the best option.


Only 5 minutes will be enough to improve health and raise your sexuality to new heights. First, the procedure is done every other day, and then after 3-4 days. It is recommended to make at least one course of treatment of prostatitis per year. If the disease is chronic, then the procedure is done once every 7 days.

Massage prostate at home to a buzz for a buzz, tongue or finger


Proper preparation is very important. First you need to completely clean the intestines using the anal shower SEVEN CREATIONS KIT, then drink more water. This will help to find the iron faster. The surface of the skin should be completely clean. The procedure improves potency and it must only be carried out on an empty stomach, it is best to refuse food a few hours before.

Before the procedure, you need to prepare a lubricant, for example, Pjur Back Door (it will facilitate the entering the finger or toy inside), wash your hands and briefly cut your nails, remove the burrs. Manipulation can be carried out both in a medical glove and with a bare hand.

The most important thing is to find the iron with a finger (tactilely it is felt like a tubercle the size of a chestnut) and act on it with stroking movements so that the iron is well stimulated. Then you can start massaging with a stroke movement. At the final stage, she is kneaded so that the blood flies intensively to her. It is at this moment that an orgasm can happen! The anal hole and muscles of the rectum are also stimulated. After about one and a half minutes of manipulations, a few drops of the prostate secretion stand out. In their appearance, they judge the health of a man – for example, with diseases there may be purulent intersperses or an unpleasant odor. Pure secret looks transparent-white.

Massage with a finger

So, before doing prostate stimulation, a man needs to take a convenient position and completely relax without compressing the muscles. In order not to perform acrobatic sketches, it is better to connect a woman to this process and turn the process into an erotic game. For women on our site there is even a special video course “Prostate massage”, watch it together to better understand what to do.

The strongest effect of this procedure will be ensured if the pelvic muscles are relaxed. In an uncomfortable position, a man may experience pain. First, the edge of the organ is massaged, gradually move to its central part. You need to move from right to left and try to massage all the areas, not missing the edges.

Massage prostate at home to a buzz for a buzz, tongue or finger

The prostate stimulation with a finger is carried out with the index finger, namely its pillow. Since it is sensitive enough, you can easily probe an organ and stimulate it without a strong pressure.

The softer than iron, the calmer the movements should be, the harder – the stronger. After stroking, press on the upper part of the gland, then slip to the lower part. At the beginning of the movement should be softer as possible, over time, the force of exposure can be increased.

Massage sex toy

Massage prostate at home to a buzz for a buzz, tongue or finger

Nexus Revo

Now you know how to make a prostate with the help of a finger correctly, but the use of the toy will be no less effective. Now manufacturers offer a lot of ergonomic massagers created specifically for the “second heart” – for example, Nexus Revo or Rabbit Company Prostate Rabbit. It is necessary to take exactly the profile toy – it is anatomically correct and massages the organ with light pressure. Typically, the devices provide several modes that can be adjusted to increase the efficiency of massage.

It is very convenient to use the massager, especially if you do not have a partner, but every day I don’t want to go to the doctor. You just need to take a suitable pose, enter the massager into the anus by 3-5 cm and activate the device.

For maximum efficiency, it is recommended to use it as follows:

  • Weak mode – 1 minute;
  • The average mode is 1 minute;
  • Strong mode – 1 minute.

For 3 minutes, a full massage is produced. If there is no speed and intensity adjustment on the device, still use it for 3 minutes. Do not forget that in order to facilitate the input you need to use a lubricant on a water or silicone basis (just not for silicone toys!), without it, there is a risk of getting dryness and cracks in the priest, which you do not need at all.There are models of massagers that do not require penetration by analogy with indirect massage. They can be used even on an office or car chair to get massage when you are doing your business. If possible, it is better to choose a direct massage option when the stimulant head affects the organ itself, and not the tissues surrounding it.

In short, do not look for easy ways – choose an option that will really improve your health and give new sensations. In the end, we have been discovering new horizons in different fields all our lives all our lives.

Then we offer you techniques for self -massage that you can try tonight. But if you are not ready to do a massage yourself, then turn to your girlfriend, let her watch our video tutorial “Prostate massage” to make this process a pleasant love game for both of you.

Perhaps the idea of a joint intimate massage should be discussed as a priority – a woman will be pleased to give pleasure to the spouse, and you will not have to dodge and strain to enter a finger into the anus. It will be wonderful if your half masters stimulation techniques with the participation of special toys that we cite below.

Technique “circular movements”

The first option is to use a device with a rotation function, for example, Nexus Revo Stealth, it is important that the massage is anatomical in shape. Rotation is circular movements that are directed throughout the prostate gland. This is the most comfortable method, since the effect is only on the iron, everything else remains alone. The main plus of this device is that it has a control panel that will free you from the need to take an uncomfortable pose. You just insert the massage on the anal lubricant, for example, Pjur Analyse Me, and he will do everything for you.

Technique “Come here”

You can dwell on the device easier and buy a static model with vibration, for example, Nexus Revo Slim. The pluses are all the same: a convenient shape and intensive stimulation. But in this case, the device will move entirely, or rather vibrate. This gives a very pleasant sensation, as it affects the entire region of the rectum and anus, which, as you know, has more than 72 thousand nerve endings. First you need to prepare: a good, high -quality lubricant – by no means Vaselin or, moreover, fat cream, Wicked Jelle is best suited. Next, pick up a convenient position, you may have to show flexibility. It is best to perform equipment, lying on your back. The pose should be as convenient as possible. You insert the device with slowly in circular movements, then you make the “Come here” technique, that is, you are moving the massage to you, as if you are beckoning someone with your finger, calling to approach you, you need to bend your legs at this moment in your knees.

Technique “Jumping Hammer”

Another cool stimulator – Duke from the German manufacturer Fun Factory, all toys of this factory are produced in Germany, in the city of Bremen, they pass 8 stages of control and have a 2 -year -old guarantee without restrictions. After lubrication, you can gradually introduce a toy with a depth of about 4-5 cm (all men have a prostate where it can vary a little). To the touch the right point is slightly rough, it is not very difficult to find it. Direct massage – accurate stimulation. The main thing is to prevent painful sensations, they should not be. You also lie on your back and perform the equipment – with quick shocks up with a small amplitude, acting as much as possible on the iron. The massage, in its actions, really looks like a construction jack of a hammer.

Connect your woman to this process, it will diversify your relationship and help to wake up passion. Let her watch our video course “Give a man a bright orgasm”, this will be a truly cool gift for both of you.

Used poses

During the massage, you can stand, bend, rely on your elbows and knees or lie on the right side – all these poses provide good access to the right body. It is best to try every pose in order to then decide which one is best for them. The most popular positions that are used, including in medical institutions, are on the side with pursed legs and on all fours. Do not be afraid to look strange or funny in front of your girlfriend, just trust her!

Harm and benefits at home

The massage of the prostate gland at home with her husband with a finger for pleasure, if it is made according to all the rules, will bring invaluable benefit:

  • With a stagnant secret, pus and bacteria will come out;
  • Blood supply will improve;
  • Sexual capabilities increase and restore;
  • Signs of chronic inflammation are eliminated.

For the prevention of male diseases, manipulation is also perfectly suitable – you do not need to wait for pain symptoms and reducing an erection, just start the massage course now. The results will be amazing.

The harm from the home procedure is quite possible, but only if you do it incorrectly – for example, too long or intensively. We must not forget that the “second heart” is an organ of internal secretion, very tender and sensitive. In order for the wife to manipulate the wife, she needs to be very attentive and sensitive, she knew how to stop in time – this requires caution and practice.

Also carefully look at the list of contraindications, because not in all cases this manipulation will suit you.

The consequences of massage

If you do the procedure correctly and take a full course (usually it is 10 days), you will literally soar – in the body everything will work like a clock, plus an erection will become much better, excitability will increase. If the situation was not too neglected, a full -fledged sexual life is returning, which means an erection and a bright orgasm. And of course, the discovery for new aspects of pleasure will also positively affect marital relations!

After 40 years, many men begin to disturb a sharp decrease in potency, the prostate gland can become inflamed. So, if you have passed several massage courses for prevention, with a high degree of probability this disease will bypass you with a side, and you will be much healthier and sexier than peers and you can give them a head start.

Video lessons for the wife

Stimulation of a prostate at home with a husband with a finger for pleasure is an exquisite affection that can bring it to incredible orgasm, as well as improve health and improve the quality of intimate life. The man does not always agree to visit the doctor or do manipulation on his own – for some guys, this means humiliation and/or a tendency to homosexuality. But if you take everything into your own hands and offer your boyfriend an unusual sexual affection, he will not be able to refuse!

Previously, it is worth watching about the massage of the prostate at home. Watch the film – just not erotic, but training from our sexologist. In it you will find safety precautions, a description of the main techniques, as well as various secrets and nuances for a quick and pronounced effect. Maybe you yourself will like it so much that she will persuade you to try!

Safety precautions

We have already said that the “second heart of a man” is a very sensitive and delicate organ that cannot be subjected to rude pressure. Also an important role is played by preparation for the procedure:

  1. On the day of the procedure, it is advisable to empty the intestines.
  2. The bladder, on the contrary, should be filled.
  3. To carry out manipulation, it is worth taking latex gloves and always grease (in extreme cases, a medical petroleum jelly is suitable). No lotions or oils are suitable as a lubricant!

The manipulation begins with light strokeing movements when the prostate gland is already felt. Then follow circular massaging movements without pressure! If the wife is carried out by the wife, she can imagine what affects the delicate skin around the eyes – it is also necessary to treat the prostate gland as care.

How to start if a husband is against?

When a man is prescribed prostate massage, the first reaction may be disgust or complete unwillingness to follow the advice of the doctor. This is understandable – we have already said that the guys are very jealous of their anus and perceive the procedure as an attempt on their masculine essence. Nevertheless, you perfectly understand that health is very important for your man, so you cannot ignore medical prescriptions. It is better to suffer once (and then, the procedure can become pleasant!), then to be able to have high -quality sex. And if you manage to bring it to orgasm through the prostate, the next procedure will be asked for it already!

Of course, to force the spouse is not an option, he is not a guilty schoolboy. Instead, it is better to interest him – for example, promise to make the prostate stimulation with her husband, which often appears in a movie for adults. Even if your lover did not have such sexual imagination, he will at least think and want to try new sensations.

True, affection with a tongue is a bonus, the main manipulation is carried out using a finger. Promise your spouse that you will be very careful and stop as soon as he asks. It is also important to try a few poses to identify the most convenient – it also depends on it in many ways.

To get rid of doubts and fears, recommend to your loved one to see how the prostate massage is made on the video, as well as read the reviews of the guys who talk about the results after the course of manipulation. Let the procedure be perceived in two ways, there is nothing wrong with it either – all the prejudices are only in my head. And if you stop clamping and afraid, you can get a strong buzz.

How to make a man on his own

You need to understand – you can independently conduct a course, but this is not too conveniently technically: just try to contrive and put your finger in your ass to understand what we are talking about. In extreme cases, you need to at least once visit the procedure at the doctor so that he will show the techniques, and only then try to put a finger into the anus yourself. So it will be easier to understand and feel the technique.

In general, the manipulation is carried out in the same way – a lubricated finger is inserted into the anus, iron is felt and its soft stimulation begins. The only plus of independent manipulation is that you can track your feelings and feel the perfect pressure power.

In fact, any woman can learn the effects on the prostate gland, just show her a video tutorial of our sexologist. If you don’t have a close woman now, you can find private ads to stimulate the prostate gland in Moscow – there are people who regularly provide such services and have learned to carry out manipulation painlessly and pleasantly.

The best option for a single man is to use special massagers and toys that are designed specifically for the prostate organ. We will talk about them now.

Toys and lubricants to help pictures

If you think that toys in a sex shop are needed only for pleasure and entertainment, then you are mistaken. Some of them really help improve their health – we are talking about the “second heart” stimulants. Let’s take a look at those of them that you definitely should pay attention to.

Massage prostate at home to a buzz for a buzz, tongue or finger

Fun Factory Duke

A stylish apparatus of smooth medical silicone will be liked by those who like to combine health procedures with pleasure. The stimulator is designed in the form of a hammer, which at first glance may seem strange, but anatomically fully responds to the bends of the body – the Duke head lies directly on the iron. The effect on the organ is achieved due to three -stage vibration of different power, which brings a sense of erotic pleasure.

From the shortcomings of the apparatus, according to buyers, it is worth noting the absence of vibration in the crotch and scrotum – only the interior vibrates, where the prostate body is located. That is why it can be difficult to get an orgasm without additional stimulation, but its quality will increase significantly.

Massage prostate at home to a buzz for a buzz, tongue or finger

Nexus Revo

A very convenient stimulator with an ergonomic head and body, which is painlessly included in the anus. The chip of the device is a rotating head that at the same time vibrates or pulsates depending on the regime. The point effect on the prostate organ allows you to increase the outflow of stagnant juice in a short time, improve blood supply and lymph flow. This device is aimed mainly at healing, but many users write about pleasant orgasmic experiences that they receive in the process of massage.

Massage prostate at home to a buzz for a buzz, tongue or finger

Svakom Vicky

Svakom’s prostate organ stimulator is an amazingly stylish and convenient device that will allow the maximum pleasure from the procedure! The secret of Svakom Vicky is the simultaneous vibrational stimulation of the “second heart” and the crotch, which brings an unreal high. An additional plus is the vibrator’s water resistance and a very quiet buzz, which allows you to use it in almost any situation.

Massage prostate at home to a buzz for a buzz, tongue or finger

Rabbit Company Prostate Rabbit

The famous “rabbit” will now please men! An elite massager with the simultaneous stimulation of the prostate organ and perineum, two powerful motor and six modes of operation – Rabbit Company could really surprise. Buying this unique stimulant, you get two in one – the healing of the prostate gland and unprecedented orgasms, which can be achieved even without additional stimulation of a member. “Rabbit” can be used both as part of the recovery course and in bed with a partner – he will serve a good service everywhere.

Massage prostate at home to a buzz for a buzz, tongue or finger

G Pop

The vibrator G Pop after the devices described above seems simple and uncomplicated, but in no hurry to judge it by appearance. The reason for simplicity is in amazing ergonomics, verified by the best specialists according to male anatomy. Yes, this small assistant will not create vibration of the perineum or testicle, but it is simply not intended for this. One powerful motor is located in the head – just in the place where it is in contact with the prostate organ. As a result, you will receive the vibration of that strength, intensity and localization, which will get rid of stagnant processes and improve sexual life. The ring on the back of G Pop allows you to easily and simply extracting and inserting the device, even when you have little time. You decided to use vibrators or stopped on the classic type of massage with a finger, in any case you will need a special lubricant for easy entry into the anus. We say “special”, since the first one falls will not work. Let’s look at the right types of lubricants.

Massage prostate at home to a buzz for a buzz, tongue or finger

Water based

These lubricants are light and watery, made in the form of a gel, almost not sticky. The pluses of such a lubricant – he moisturizes the anus, provides good sliding, does not conflict with silicone toys. Minus – the gel dries quickly, and since the anus does not distinguish its own lubricant, with prolonged erotic massage, this can become a problem. If we are talking about 1-2 minutes of exposure, such a lubricant is suitable. Examples of good products – BIOGLIDE ANAL, PJUR Backdoor Comfort Water Glide, Nexus Slide (created specifically for stimulants of the prostate organ).

Massage prostate at home to a buzz for a buzz, tongue or finger

On a silicone basis

Silicone lubricants retain their parameters for a long time and practically do not dry, which makes them very convenient with long sexual games. The only minus is that such lubricants should be additionally washed off with soap from the body, and they cannot be used for rimming – caressing the anus with the tongue, since silicone lubricants are not designed to swallow. The best representatives are Pjur Analyse Me, System Jo Anaal Premium Original. Recall once again – silicone lubricants can only be used with those toys and stimulants that are not made of silicone.

So, you probably already understood that the stimulation of the prostate gland is a procedure that will not interfere even with a healthy man, and can also bring a lot of pleasure that you have not experienced before. If there are problems with intimate health, an erection has not become so strong or ejaculation occurs too fast, manipulation with the prostate gland may well solve it in a short time. The situation with chronic inflammation or stagnation necessarily includes measures in direct stimulation, they are recommended by the doctor.

Our sexologist specially recorded a video tutorial for men in which she spoke in detail about all the advantages of stimulation of the “second heart”, and also gave detailed techniques. If you overcome your laziness and prejudices to at least try this manipulation, the result will appear almost immediately – rich sexual life, male health and limitless opportunities in bed!

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