Preparation for anal sex for beginners

Preparation for anal sex for beginners.

Intimate intimacy is always a great way for couples to restore the connection, and adding something new to it is a great way to strengthen the connection in the couple. And, as you know, some types of proximity are not necessary to reserve for rainy days or special occasions. So, no matter what the weather is outside, anal sex can be just amazing.

For couples who are just starting to get acquainted with anal sex, a joint study of unknown stimulation can create miracles to strengthen their connection. The anus is simply overflowing with thousands of nerve endings. This is a treasury of pleasure, which, with proper stimulation, can lead to incredibly pleasant sensations. And, if this is not enough, anal games for men give an additional advantage – reduce the pressure and edema of the prostate.

Regardless of whether there is anal stimulation in your repertoire, and you are ready to switch to a new level, or this is something new for you both, the time to study the theoretical part and joint purchases should become part of the new experience.

Use communication to be on one wave: honestly tell each other about what you want and what you do not want. Set the boundaries – if anal stimulation with fingers and toys is preferable than a penis, tell your partner about this. Such communication will not only introduce the necessary clarity, but also make the pulse become more frequent.

Having found out how to prepare for anal sex, you will create such an optimal environment that the only thing you both will be focused on is the pleasure.

Prepare for the best anal sensations, refreshing together in a bath or soul. Some prefer to make enemas to make sure that the rectum is free and clean. This will not only eliminate any fears about cleanliness, but will also help each of you feel relaxation and comfort.

Conserving self -confidence, and also provides an excellent pastime for your partner. Take a shower with a fragrant shower gel or a bathtub with a bomb so that the skin acquires a light aroma of essential oils. If we are talking about fingers, trim the nails.

The anus does not produce its own lubricant, so having a lubricant at hand is simply necessary. A silicone -based lubricant with prolonged action is ideal for anal games, and water -based grease is great for use with silicone toys. Tip: the use of lubrication for sensory massage is very effective to start intimacy.

Create a suitable atmosphere by choosing a playlist, the necessary lighting and candles to create a mood. Make sure toys, condoms, a towel and everything else is at hand, because then you will not want to stop.

Now that you set the boundaries, created the perfect environment, prepared and put yourself in order, it is time to have fun. Regardless of the level of experience, use a lot of lubrication and always act slowly – remember that the anus is a very sensitive body area.

Although fingers, tongue and penis themselves can deliver a lot of pleasure, the use of anal traffic jam is a great way to get acquainted with different sensations using different sizes, reliefs and other features. Moreover, the use of anal plug during penetrating vaginal sex, sensual massage and even kisses can give not only even more excitement, but also more vivid sensations.

For those who only discover anal stimulation, we can advise the Anal Ditto Clot from We-Vibe, with its small size and pleasant vibrations. Want to experience prostate stimulation? Use the Vector prostate stimulator from We-Vibe, designed to simultaneously stimulate the prostate and perineum.

Remember that it is always important to maintain proximity and connection in the couple, and joint studies of something new bring a little excitement.

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