I’m afraid of anal sex, but curiosity takes its own – a guide for women

“I’m afraid of anal sex, but curiosity takes its own” – a guide for women.

I’m afraid of anal sex, but curiosity takes its own – a guide for women

Unconventional for women, for some men, anal sex becomes the idea. He heard the stories of friends or sophisticated by this pleasure in the past, the man just sleeps and sees how to drive his stallion into a cramped stall. You cannot resist the temptation, but you are afraid? It’s time to pull yourself together and open a new «page» sex.

Preparations for anal sex

First, make sure that you are ready for this morally. Just think, millions of people have anal sex and enjoy it, there is nothing reprehensible or perverted in this. If the Creator gave us the opportunity to receive 2 times more pleasures, then why not try?!

No matter what happens

A partner cannot get dirty with feces, this is a misconception, because they are much deeper. But in order not to worry, you can make an enema a couple of hours before sex, although we recommend just going «In a big one», After all, the enema will wash off the entire microflora. And yet, if you took the usual hygiene measures before sex, then, believe me, there can be no smells.

I’m afraid of pain

Pain – The reason for the wrong actions of both partners, if you, of course, are all right with health. First, use lubricant, but this does not mean at all that you can start frictions actively so actively. The movements should be slow, each subsequent one is deeper and deeper, but you need to start with a small – with stroking movements and gradual introduction of the head of the member. Secondly, increase the time of preliminary caresses – The more you will be excited, the «More welcoming» Your ass will take a new one «guest». Thirdly, the leadership of the process – The ideal option when the partner herself directs the member and sets the pace, at this time the partner can caress your charms. Fourthly, choose the right pose: lying on the side – Partner from behind or doggie. And remember how everything is new, the first anal sex is unlikely to go smoothly, but the next time it will definitely turn out better, and there are not around the corner and full sexual intercourse.

I’m afraid of anal sex, but curiosity takes its own – a guide for women

Advantages of anal sex for a girl:

  1. Now sex is available on critical days! Light shower and hygienic swab will allow you to forget about monthly female troubles. Now at your disposal full sex, during which, by the way, you can get the same orgasm as with traditional sexual intercourse.
  2. Other feelings for you and partner. The female genitalia is arranged so that with anal sex, the same favorite erogenous zones are affected, only through the wall. In addition, new "Strings", which are available only with anal sex. What to say about a partner: you will see how he enjoys power, you will hear his moans from every frictions, followed by a stormy orgasm. But it is precisely the desire to appease the partner that pushes us to the most crazy acts…
  3. You control the situation much more than it seems. The sphincter muscles are much stronger than vaginal, therefore, only a couple of persistent compression and the partner will feel who sets the pace.
  4. You can not protect yourself. Of course, we recommend using protective equipment during anal sex, because such sexual intercourse is much more dangerous in terms of obtaining infections for a partner and partner. But, if you trust your boyfriend, then a couple of times as a variety you can even without a condom, believe me, your half will be very grateful.

Anal sex does not exclude pregnancy, in cases where the girl has «profile» Diseases or during the act of the sperm leaked to the labia.

And remember, it can be painful if you are too tense or do something wrong, and also if your partner has a much more average. Still, no one canceled physiology, and the anus is still not as elastic as a vagina.

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