How can you get infected through anal sex, what diseases are transmitted

How can you get infected through anal sex, what diseases are transmitted.

How can you get infected through anal sex, what diseases are transmitted

Infection through anal sex with different infections called STD – is it possible? Interest Ask. Many people believe that only vaginal unprotected sexual intercourse is dangerous, and anal seems to be possible without barrier contraception. And this opinion leads to the spread of infection at an accelerated pace, taking into account the fact that today free relations, homosexual sexual acts and friendly sex without obligation are very popular and are found everywhere. Freedom of morals is a personal matter for everyone, but do not forget about reliable protection during love stories!

Let’s talk about that, how can you get infected through anal sex without a condom, how the first signs are manifested, and what to do if you felt something wrong. Unfortunately, many STDs at the very beginning pass asymptomatic and are found only during a preventive examination, when a person is already potentially dangerous for his partners.

Why and what is dangerous anal sex without a condom

The rectum is simply stuffed with blood vessels, in addition, it is not at all intended for the penetration of a member and reciprocating frictions. Its function is to derive the processing of life products that go to the exit, but not to the input. A man came up with a lot of pleasures that nature has not provided for him, and just one of them. The walls of the intestine are easily damaged, since their shell is very thin, and the released lubricant is mixed with blood. Contact blood-liquid-mestericity occurred, therefore, infection with any muck, if there is simply inevitably.

How can you get infected through anal sex, what diseases are transmitted

So consider all risks associated with unprotected anal sex before surrendering to “rear” joys with all passion, especially with unfamiliar partners. Most likely, you are embarrassed to ask the doctor what diseases are transmitted through anal, because these pleasures are quite non -standard, because we will try to tell about all the possible infections that you can pick up through the knead of love in the anus.

All diseases transmitted through genital contacts are also transmitted with anal-genital intercourse. And the risk of infection even increases, since through the blood secreted from anal cracks, microorganisms pass unhindered. Bacterial infections that move from the intestines to the mucous membrane of the genital organs can also become great nuisance, which is why inflammation of the urethra, bladder and a decrease in local immunity will begin.

Is it possible to become infected with HIV through anal sex

HIV transmission mechanisms through the rectum is not so intricate. Through increased friction and damage to the intestinal cell are infected directly. By the way, the transmission of the virus occurs both through the partner’s infected sperm, and through the emitted lubricant. Ejaculation outside the anus does not save. Thanks to the intestines, microorganisms easily migrate throughout the body through epithelial cells.

Do not think that single sexual contact with the bearer of the immunodeficiency virus is a guarantee of your protection. Even once it will be enough to intercept the “battery stick”. Only a condom is able to protect you from the receipt of infected genital fluids, and virulence, that is, the degree of contagiousness, this virus is very high. Transfer can even occur through cuts on the skin, breast milk, what can we say about the sexual paths of infection. Homosexuals belong to an increased risk group.

The combination of oral and anal caresses (Annilingus) if one of the partners of an infectious disease in the likelihood of infection is equal to anal sex in one of the partners. Regardless of who the carrier of the pathogen, the disease will go to the partner. There are times when people, having no symptoms and signs of infection, do not know that they have become a carrier of infection.

How effective condoms are as an HIV prevention for anal sex

With proper handling of condom, you are almost 90% protected from the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms. Yes, unfortunately, 100% protection has not yet been invented, and in some condoms, microporas significantly exceed the size of the viruses themselves. It is not a fact that at the moment in your pocket are more durable products.

However, it is “elastic bands” that give the most reliable protection against all STD, including HIV. And it does not depend on what role you play in your sexual intercourse: taking or penetrating. To talk about real efficiency, you need to use condoms not episodically, but constantly. If the condom has broken in the process of copulation, the chances of infection increase. Barrier rupture at the time of ejaculation increases the risks of one more time. In this case, the outcome will depend on the state of the human body and its general and local immunity.

Keep in mind that the information content of blood tests for HIV-expression depends on the statute of limitations after an unprotected act. It is best to focus on the data in six months, not earlier. With strong immunity, even this period is not extreme. Take tests over the next 2 years 1-2 times a year.

Anal sex and syphilis

Syphilis is easily transmitted through anal sex, since the ways of infection are very diverse: blood, saliva, genital fluids, domestic infection, etc.D. Even wet bath towels can be excellent carriers. Therefore, a condom is the best protection in intercourse of any kind. The causative agent is in all fluids of the body of an infected person.

The highest probability of hooking syphilis is contact with the primary span of the sick, which itself is in the initial stages. Typically, such skin formation is planned in the place where the penetration of the pathogenic flora occurred. Contact with a soft chancr (covers the skin almost everywhere in the second stage) is also dangerous. In the third stage of the disease, when the patient has decomposition processes, the danger exists, but much lower.

If you really want to try anal sex, but are afraid to risk your health, we offer you to buy special anal stimulants that will satisfy any of your fantasies! Start small and use anal plug, gradually getting used to an extraneous object in the anus. After you can purchase an anal phalloimitator that completely repeats the geometry of the rectum and leads into ecstasy with its delicate vibration!

How can you get infected through anal sex, what diseases are transmitted

Is it possible to become infected with hepatitis with anal sex

Remember, different forms of hepatitis can be infected with any form of sexual contact! Everywhere there are mucous membranes that contain a high number of viruses, and it is through contact with them that infection can be realized. Only the barrier method of contraception protects against it. By the way, viral hepatitis is the most dangerous in the world from the SPPP. The decomposition of the liver can be slowed down with medicines, but, as a rule, you can prolong life for only a couple of decades, after which still the victory is not behind you.

In people leading a random sex life with homosexual contacts, the risk of infection increases by 70%. The same hepatitis C enters the body through the blood, and the presence of microtraumas significantly increases the chances of getting sick. Vaccines from it do not yet exist. You can hook a “gift” from a partner with acute and chronic hepatitis – there is no difference.

Infection of fees through anal sex

In medical practice, there is even such a term – anal gonorrhea. It is awkward, however, to have such a diagnosis in the outpatient card? Gonococci fall on the mucous membrane of the rectum, after which they settled reliably there, and their active reproduction begins. By the way, development does not occur so quickly, which the sick one does not always connect the appearance of the first symptoms with the last unprotected anal act.

The products of the vital activity of gonococci are most toxic for the human body, and not themselves.

You may not know about the disease of the partner, since in some people the main symptom is a gonococcal abscess located on the prostate gland or near the urination canal. His gap during contact and the flow of discharge into the sexual paths of the partner provide 100% infection.

The incubation period lasts from several hours to 2-3 weeks. The first symptoms will be: itching, burning, atypical purulent discharge from the priests with the smell of rot, white plaque on the anal ring, frequent and painful urge to defecate (often false) without relief after the acting act, a local increase in temperature. It is treated with an anus gonorrhea with antibiotics – tedious and for a long time.

Cytomegalovirus with anal sex

Cytomegalovirus is very virulent, therefore it can be transmitted even through a common life, and with anal sexual contact without barrier funds, the sick partner will surely reward you with this muck. And he is dangerous because it is impossible to completely recover from him – just drive into a sleeping state.

He may not make himself felt for a long time. The first symptoms usually appear in a month, and these are: temperature, nausea and vomiting, abundant salivation, increased pressure, high fatigue, frequent inflammation of the genitourinary system, etc.D. If a pregnant woman is infected, the fetus can suffer greatly and get innate ugliness, mental retardation, delays in physical development, jaundice, low hemoglobin and other health problems.

Infection with chlamydia through anal sex

Infection of chlamydia through anal sexual intercourse is one of the main methods of infection, and, by the way, the risk with non -standard contact is especially great. For women and men, these pathogenic organisms are dangerous in that they cause various inflammations of the genitourinary sphere, which quickly turn into chronic forms of the course of the disease. Infection during pregnancy leads to the fact that the child is often born premature and with a noticeable lack of body weight.

Chlamydia spreads according to lymph flow and settles in organs and joints. She is happy to settles in the internal genital organs (discharge, itching, burning), lungs (hello, pneumonia), eyes (hello, purulent conjunctivitis), throat (sore throat, tonsillitis and again angina). It may not make itself felt for a long time, manifested only when the immunity is weakened or when other infections are joined.

With anal contact of chlamydia, they settled primarily in the rectum, while non -standard discharge with an admixture of pus will be observed from the anus. Infection is prevented only by using a condom.

Anal sex, what other diseases can be transmitted and developed

Mycoplasmosis, trichomoniasis, herpes 1 and 2 species, spicy condylomas, gardnerellosis, ureaplasmosis – here is a whole list of diseases that are easily transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse in the ass. Moreover, many of these infections are considered hidden, like chlamydia, since they do not make themselves felt for a long time, but they affect the body confidently and assertive.

If you discard thoughts about sexually transmitted diseases, then let’s recall that the intestines are lined with bacteria useful for it, but these “animals” behave very aggressively when it enters another sphere of life, for example, to the urethra or cervix. E. coli easily penetrates the genitourinary system, causing urethritis, cystitis, salpingitis, thrush and other inflammations that can lead to infertility. They are difficult to treat. And in the practices of oral caresses in the anus, there is a risk of transferring bacteria to the oral cavity and throat, which threatens the ENT pains.

How can you get infected through anal sex, what diseases are transmitted

Infection through anal sex, first symptoms

We will list the general symptoms that can manifest itself when infected with a corns through anal sex. You should see a doctor if you observe:

  • rise in temperature and aches in the joints;
  • general malaise and weakness;
  • non -standard discharge from the anus, especially with an admixture of pus and mucus;
  • itching and burning in the anus;
  • increase in lymph nodes;
  • frequent and painful urges for defecation;
  • constipation;
  • Blood when feces.

Be sure to use condoms to protect against STDs, and also do not forget about a special lubricant, which protects from the appearance of anal cracks and excess injuries of the rectum!

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