Girls love anal sex: is it true and why

Girls love anal sex: is it true and why.

Girls love anal sex: is it true and why

Dear lovers of “come from the black entrance”, today we say without abyss and decompose all female tricks in the topic of alternative sex on the shelves! Using advice and studying the issue thoroughly, you will know exactly how much True and why girls love anal sex.

Everyone is well aware of the love of men for penetration into the ass: the forbidden fruit, new sensations, complete dominance. Quite acceptable explanations of such fantasies and desires. And how do ladies really belong to this type of sexual relationship? This question haunts the strong half of humanity. Girls really want anal sex or just correctly manipulate males for their selfish purposes? In fact, in nature no one is an ardent adherent of the anal as the receiving side, at least such needs are not laid down in the body. And the initial pain here is a determining factor why women refuse to penetrate the “behind”. But people are in the eternal search for sources of vitality!

For the first time, many girls agree to the sake of cute-expensive exploits, but due to the discomfort and pain that have arisen, which can only be avoided, these same ladies later make their second halves that tasted the forbidden fruit, from the gate, the turn. It is difficult to understand how many girls really like the anal sex and the sensations from him, which of them receives orgasms, and does not simulate them. But such virgins, fortunately for men, exist. Only how to find out if your Kisa applies to amateurs of the “rear” intercourse?

Why do girls love anal sex

And here there are a lot of reasons! The very first of them is the perception of all the prohibitions after the failed sexual rebellion as a remnants of the past. Sex in the ass and used to exist perfectly in the intimate life of society – people have been engaged in it since ancient times, but the moral and the church have never accepted the non -standard option for satisfying needs. Now everyone is up to the light bulb. Women have learned to filter stupid prejudices from really vile perversions, but even in our century of modern technology and freedom from dogmatism there are personalities who consider it not clear why the girls do not only agree to anal, but also love it no less than Vanilla classics.

Girls love anal sex: is it true and why

Physiology of women to blame

Everything is simple here. Indeed, for a man, this option of sexual contact we wish. He gives him new vivid sensations: the rectum wraps over the penis denser than the vagina. But who said that a woman is not capable of enjoying penetration into the anus? After all, it is known that with anal intercourse, the penis, penetrating deep into the rectum, actively stimulates all those erogenous zones that are responsible for the orgasm with vaginal sexual intercourse.

For some girls, the uterus is shifted a little back, and the nerve endings are located closer to the anus – in the very zone connecting one hole with the other. These ladies are precisely those delightful fans of anal dolibs who themselves will persuade any moral champion of morality to the rear -wheel drive of ships.

Cunning and self -interest

Well, pardon for slang, but you can’t call it differently! Among the avid anals, you can run into the one who gives in the ass solely with a great purpose to advance their lives to a new level, albeit through a “sump with shit”. Such chicks cling to lovers of anal sex and stages are promoted to different material values. The deeper “on an unusual path”, the cooler the gifts, dear men! Cunning? Not that word! Honestly, they cannot stand the rear passage, but they moan very realistic and sweetly bent the ass so that the stamens stuck exactly there. The counter has earned)))

Love for submission

The ladies bastards from the dominance of the male are happy to give their ass to his caring hands to feel all his power and strength. They allow you to use your whole body, albeit not always from the first call. But such specimens “pass the fortress” much faster, because at the subconscious level they themselves want it.

Women who have anal sex precisely because of love for submission, note that it starts the “effect of maximum fullness”. An attractive man took her all and everywhere!

Faith in the best future

Do not discount the psychological aspect of this issue. Guys and girls love anal sex also because it is most often more careful, delicate and affectionate than standard sexual intercourse. He can help to make contact to spouses even in the household issue.

Many note that the relationship that they had with a partner before the first act are radically different from further. Anal sex teaches lovers to trust each other, brings more proximity, sensuality and mutual understanding into the relationship of the couple.

Some girls want anal sex with the hope of promoting existing relationships to a new level, well, like, we will begin to live together or get married. In principle, there is also a certain share of self -interest.

Salvation of a sinking ship

When all the poses of vaginal sex are tried, and from oral caresses it takes the jaw, and the contents of the stomach rolls to the exit, sluggish orgasms begin to inevitably spoil the intimate life. Anal saves her with its brightness! New sensations obtained through the anus are incomparable with any previous. If the lover is experienced in this matter, you will get a double orgasm. Stimulation of erogenous zones through the thin wall of the intestine can hook for the rest!

Non -standard sexual intercourse: why do girls don’t want anal

But, as you know, not all representatives of the weaker sex like to have anal sex. And they also have reasons. In any topic there is a side “against”.

  • The education and moral foundations do not allow them, because it is “dirty” and “in Dikarski”.
  • It seems to some ladies that, in the case of the publicity of her participation in anal sooty (for example, girlfriends, friends, parents, etc. recognize.D.), she will be condemned. And who needs a reputation of a prostitute?
  • Fear of pain is probably the main “brake” in complete emancipation in front of a beloved man.
  • Experiences about the state of health. The fact that frequent anal sex can provoke hemorrhoids, or, worse, oncology, stops even those girls who love him.
  • Fear of defecating on a partner or let the gas at the most passionate moment.
  • Anal sex will replace vaginal, and the partner will begin to use its ass only as a drain hole.
  • It is unpleasant that the “mayonnaise spit” will regularly flow out of the rear hole.

Each girl who does not want to practice anal sex will always have reasonable, from her point of view, reasons to refuse a partner.

Unsuccessful past experience

Past Oblomes are one of the most common reasons because of which women refuse to have sex “behind” in the future. And the wine here lies only on a man. Blinded by animal lust, some representatives of the stronger sex are guided only by their instincts, not thinking about the sensations of a partner. Anal sex is a complex type of sexual relationship that requires certain knowledge in the technique itself, as well as the features of female anatomy. What girls will deal with them if the guy does not think about anything, if only the anus was tightly wrapped in the penis?

These are the “chapels” taking the virgin ass for boarding, repel all the desire to allow someone closer there than on a cannon shot. Dear men, if you do not give a damn about your subsequent sex life with this individual, do not guess other males! Learn to have anal sex carefully and carefully, read the corresponding material, and only after assimilation of the theory, proceed to practices with a delicate female ass.

How to rectify the situation

A careful attitude to her soul mate and the ability to listen to her feelings is what will allow the girl to love not only anal sex, but also a blowjob in the technique of “deep pharynx”. A simple conclusion suggests itself: women who are negative about penetration into the anus, as much as the men illiterate in bed.

If your lover said that she had a similar experience, and now she would never agree to sex in the ass, start acting! You, as a man, should flatter if you manage to reveal to your favorite all the charms of such sexual intercourse. A little patience, the possession of small tricks, and the lady of your heart, being in euphoria, will call you pros in bed.

Consider the fact that it is sincere relations and exclusively with a beloved man that can change her views on anal intercourse. For girls, classic sex, not to mention its alternative species, is more related to emotions and trust. If your communication is at the level of “Hello, let’s smoke and fuck in the ass of this Saturday evening”, the analchik will not break off you.

Girls love anal sex: is it true and why

Girls love anal sex if they end from it

Have you ever used sex toys during love games? The sex industry now offers so many amazing and useful devices that help to bring a woman to an unforgettable orgasm, and not only clitore! If the lover will reach the peak 2-5 times per approach, do you think if she loves sex with you in principle, and anal, in particular? The answer is obvious.

You do not have to be a sexual giant, capable of non -stop to move in a certain rhythm for an hour and longer. Toys for love pleasures – what an experienced, subtly feeling, caring and attentive lover needs. Even if you are active for only a few minutes, a woman can finish several times in a row. After all, making love does not come down only to the direct penetration of the penis into an anus or vagina. Prelude is also a part of sex, moreover, completely important.

What to buy from sex toys

For strong excitement and vivid orgasms of a partner, you can compete to surpass all Vaskov in the district. Even if you are a well-deserved fifth-generation lover, some intimate-Tovars will be very useful: contraceptives, high-quality lubrication, anal shower, body cosmetics and, of course, adult toys themselves!

See what exciting anal traffic jams we have: with tails, in the form of roses, anatomical, golden, large and for beginners, with suction cups, as well as massagers, stimulants, bushings with vibration and large expanders! In addition to cork, look at vibrators for pussy – duplicate its anal orgasm with clitoral! So that the member enters the ass like clockwork, buy a good lubricant specifically for her.

Of course, the arsenal of the “brave soldier” can be adjusted for your needs and taking into account your baby’s wishes. Both men and women love to have sex, so we are not shy and excited to the whole coil. The main thing is a high -quality orgasic finish!

Some ladies are so original in their intimate preferences that double penetration and affection of the clitoris will seem children’s fun! If your beauty has not yet confessed her vulgar fantasies – this does not mean that they do not visit her. You think all the girls are so chaste? In fact, almost every second dreams of being skilled in the skillful hands of two (or even more) male lover. It is not a fact that she will do this, but when the two members can finish at the thought of two members.

Of course, it is not at all necessary to organize threesome sex for your beloved, but as close as possible to advance to the implementation of its fantasies, under which it masturbates, preferably! The same phalloimitators will help in this. There are products with two processes for the penetration of vaginal and anal. And at this time you will take up oral caresses. Or the clitoris stimulator will solve the problem. You can calmly enter the ass or pussy, and in another hole with a rubber friend. You will certainly like it! It will be very crowded, additional stimulation is always fine! And to hear the passionate groans of her lover, to see how she wriggles with pleasure – it is hardly worth telling how important this is and cool for every man.

How to find out what a girl loves or wants anal sex

Many guys do not consider anal sex some kind of victim from the girl. They are sure that most women themselves want this because of special sensations and love for subordination to a strong male. Let some females hide it, but they want to surrender to the imperious man to trembling in their knees. Someone has the goal of maintaining virginity before the wedding, so sexual problems are solved through the “black entrance”. Someone does not want to get pregnant, some other women replace vaginal sex with anal during menstruation. But how to find out that it is this girl who is ready to have anal sex with you?

  • She behaves openly and cheekily, loves vulgar jokes and frank topics about sex.
  • Calmly agrees to experiments in the classics and loves a blowjob. From Kuni in response, he flies away. So, liberated.
  • She herself starts conversations on the theme of the “back” intercourse, but does not recognize the desires. He asks leading questions.
  • Interested in this topic in porn – clearly focuses on it and does not speak negatively.
  • Enthusiastically considers anal toys for adults.
  • Posterly reacts to patting on the ass, caressing with a finger in the area of the anal “ring” and a warm -up of the buttocks.

There are individuals who directly declare that they want to try penetration into the ass, but they are afraid. Here you have to “drive cockroaches”, in principle, as in other cases.

We act delicately

And here is the answer for a man to the most intriguing question. To find out if your girlfriend loves anal sex, the most important thing is that you do not need to ask her directly and assertively. The bulk of the heifers will be encrypted under chastely virgins, bashfully clapping with eyelashes with a connotation “How dared to think about me …”. If she really never engaged in such joys, then it will be difficult for her to decide. But here it all depends on the man. Less chatter – more actions.

  • We remain tactful, patient, calm and confident – thereby who wants to give in for his magnificent spiritual qualities! Even if the board is so great.
  • Choosing the perfect moment – prelude. It is with preliminary caresses, at the peak of excitation, the girl can allow a little “look at the visit”. Put your finger on the anus and look at the reaction. If everything is calm in Baghdad, continue.
  • We use a lubricant and introduce only one finger for starters – slowly, neatly, without sharp movements towards the rectum.
  • If the anus is sufficiently developed, and the girl allows, we move into the main action. Remember that haste is good only when catching fleas.
  • As soon as the woman says to stop, inhibit the process, regardless of your sensations and proximity of orgasm.

Girls love anal sex: is it true and why

So many troubles are observed when the first penetration into the anus. Then it will be easier. Try that your beloved is more likely to end during anal intercourse. Experiment, use toys for adults, see exciting porn relevant topics. Just do not go over the stick! Anal is quickly tired every day! Take it with great – an option, but very doubtful.

You have something to add? You know what kind of girl anal sex loves and how to persuade them? Rather, write comments and share invaluable experience – we will be useful to society!

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