Anal toys for beginners | Anal toys

Anal toys for beginners.

Anal toys for beginners | Anal toys
For the first time, when you hear about how many pleasant sensations an anal game can bring, the question arises: "Where to start?". Well, The easiest way is to use anal plugs for beginners. It doesn’t matter if you want to experience anal pleasure yourself or with a partner, the main thing is not to rush and start with a small toy. It is her selection that is dedicated to our guide. What you should pay attention to?

Anal sex requires preparation. And you need to start with the correct selection of the toy.
Do not immediately look at large models the size of a male penis. The ass needs to be developed gradually. When choosing a plug, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Size. For the first time it should be small, in the thickness of approximately like a finger, have a wedge -shaped design. It is desirable that the product is specially designed for beginners of anal games. Small size and tip, which is very easy to insert – this is the perfect anal plag for the first time.
  • Convenience in management. Well, if you can control the toy remotely. One click of a button, and now you are already enjoying anal sex. If there is no such management, pay attention to that the toy can be easily extracted independently. If the toy has a comfortable handle, you can easily experiment alone.
  • The presence of vibration. Vibration in anal plag – A pleasant bonus. When you want to not only feel fullness and stretch the anus, but also get the opportunity to reach a powerful orgasm, various vibration levels will help in this.
  • Material. Ideally, it should be hypoallergenic, that is, even suit people with the most sensitive skin and mucous membrane. The best anal products are made from smooth seamless silicone. It is absolutely safe for the body.

Top toys

The best assistant at the first anal game is traffic jam.
Anal traffic jams – cone -shaped products can be made of glass, steel, silicone.
Unlike many other types of products, they have a limiter, due to which the toy will not slip beyond the right one and will not fall into the rectum.
It helps to feel fullness, stretch the anus. While the traffic jam is – you will get used to this feeling.

  • Cork Spectra – Gels made with a universal curved shape.
    Women will be pleased to stimulate the point G, massage the prostate for men. It turns out double pleasure. It is made of hypoallergenic PVC, which quickly acquires body temperature. Thanks to this, the toy will not be perceived as something cold and alien. Diameter – 2.5 cm, length – 10 cm.
  • Hot Planet Unicorn Playful (there is still in black color) has a shape resembling an anal Christmas tree.
    The tip is thin and rounded – for light penetration. It will not need to be pressed with it, and push it inside, it will slip into a pre -greased -shaped yourself. Further five small smooth balls to massage each section of the ass.
    The cork is made of medical silicone, it does not absorb odors, and this is a very important criteria for anal toys.
    The length of the working part is only 8 cm, and The diameter in the widest place reaches no more than 3 cm.
  • Anal plug BVIBE – Noice It has remote control.
    It is not necessary to worry about anything with her at all, it is enough to insert, and then the control panel will do all the work for you. In size: 8.5 cm in length and from 1.5 cm to 2, 5 cm in diameter.
    In addition Plag with vibration, and powerful: 15 modes, 6 levels. With them it will be possible to be tougher and more tender – adjust the intensity based on your desires. Included to the toy there is a storage cover, USB-junur for contactless recharge.
  • Jelly Rancher T -Plug – Wave – Black will help prepare the ass for adventure.
    The toy is focused on convenient wearing, you can walk with it for several hours before anal penetration so that it does not hurt, and the partner enters without much effort.
    The material of the product is compatible with water -based lubricants, and does not require special care. Length – 9.6 cm, diameter – 2.8 cm. If you wear plag during classic vaginal sex, it will not only not hurt, but it will also help narrow the vagina.
  • Anal plug Inya Prince Small It has a convenient ring -shaped handle at the base, for which it will be convenient to pull out the toy at any time.
    In diameter it is only 2 cm, in the working length – 5 cm. The most for the first experience.

Anal toys for beginners | Anal toys
Anal balloons, Chains and beads – Another toys suitable for beginners.
Usually they have a rounded shape, fastened together by a barely noticeable jumper or thread, have a small diameter on the tip and expand to the base. With their help, you can stimulate the sensory hole without resorting to strong expansion using a cork. Still, not everyone is ready to put even small plugs the first time.

Due to the fact that each ball has a different size, the hole with them will stretch smoothly.
You can first try to introduce a couple of balls, gradually switching to wider. But the most piquant moment is waiting at the end, when the beads will need to be removed. This must be done smoothly and slowly to feel the whole spectrum of sensations from stimulation and the sphincter nerve endings. Many even end with such stimulation.

  • Beads Madness Erotic Fantasy This is a budget option, however, everything you need to help feel the joy of games with the rear opening. There are five beads on the thread, each with a diameter of 1.8 cm.
  • Anal balls – Anal Beads made of safe silicone. You could see them in adult films, because They are released by the famous Pornhub studio for everyone.
    All balls of different sizes from 0.5-2 cm. A good option to feel a gradual immersion.
  • FIRST TIME LOVE Beads A fairly long chain (21 cm) for those who want to immediately start deep penetration. The balls on it are small, so the discomfort of the game with the chain will not be provided, but to feel your hole in the entire length – they will help.

Is it possible to start anal sex without training on toys?

Experienced sex guru and Sexologists recommend first to try out toys for anal, And after starting sex with a real partner. And there are several reasons for this:

  • First, first you need to try everything alone.
    This is like with classic sex: first masturbation, studying your own body, erogenous zones, and after intimacy for two. One thing is easier, you can not be shy, you do not need to worry that it will hurt and you will have to break your partner as soon as he begins to accelerate and enjoy.
    Yes, and it will be clear that you like more and which pace is more suitable, and it will be much easier to relax.
  • Secondly, the anal hole must first be stretched out thoroughly, and after starting a complete penetration. The muscles should get used to, and if you start immediately with deep contacts, it will be painful and unpleasant.
    Even if you decide to try out sex with a partner, it will not hurt to insert anal plague first, then proceed to pleasant preludes and then, having taken out a toy, take a partner in the ass.

A huge advantage of traffic jams over other anal devices is that They do not jump out. They can be inserted and perform any work: walk around the house, clean, do a massage to a partner.
No need to waste time waiting for the ass to stretch, you can do your own business and get pleasure.

Tips and recommendations

Anal toys for beginners | Anal toys

  • Do not forget about the prelude.
    Before proceeding with anal stimulation, you should relax and tune in to the desired wave. You can watch the movie of the genre 18+, use Vibrator for the clitoris for greater excitement, or just dream up on piquant topics.
    If you decide to relax with a partner, ask him to make you massage with exciting oils. Preparation for anal games is needed and important.
  • Use a lot of lubricant.
    The anus does not emit natural lubrication as a vagina, so it needs a special moisture. The toy should literally slide in it so as not to cause discomfort and pain. At the same time, do not try to replace high -quality lubricants with cheap analogues like Vaselin.
    He will not be able to properly protect the delicate skin from microcracks, and can harm the toy.
  • Choose only special anal lubricants.
    They can lubricate the entrance to the anus, the toy itself and add a lubricant directly at the time of the game if you feel that it is necessary.
  • Remember that the anal toy is designed exclusively for the anus.
    Even if she has a pleasant vibration, do not try to give her vaginal pleasure.
    To transfer anal microflora to the vagina is dangerous for health.
  • Choose a suitable pose.
    At the right angle, the toy will penetrate smoothly and painlessly. You can lie on its side, or take a knee-elbow position by wide opening your legs and putting a pillow under the buttocks.
    The main thing is that it is convenient for you to insert a toy, to get it, and the anus was most disclosed.
  • Enter the plag slowly.
    No sharp and quick movements – smoothly and not in a hurry. No need to immediately introduce him all the way into the entire Dean.
    If this is the first time, muscles need to be used to getting used. First 1 centimeter, after 2-3, and you can pull out.
    The first sensations can really be painful – and this is normal. Lubrication will help to anesthetize the process, but still light pain or even discomfort is quite natural.
  • Do not forget about hygiene.
    The anus and the area around it should be clean. Before the anal games, it is worth taking a shower and rinse the intimate area using Intimate care products.
  • Toys should also be clean.
    Immediately after buying, they must be disinfected. Subsequently, before each use and after the game, be sure to process them cleansing compositions. So you will prevent infection in the rectum and save the toy for a long time.
    Give the time to study the instructions: the rules of use, purification, compatibility with different types of lubricants and precautions.

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