Anal stimulant | Types of anal toys | Anal stimulants in an intimate shop

Anal stimulant and its types.

Anal stimulant | Types of anal toys | Anal stimulants in an intimate shop
Anal stimulants can have different forms: from ordinary cork to a real Christmas tree. They are made from a variety of materials, they can expand and vibrate. How to choose a toy that will really bring pleasure? It is worth understanding what models exist, and how they differ.

Why do you need an anal stimulator?

Anus is a special zone on the body in which many nerve endings are concentrated. The touch of this area can cause strong excitement in both women and men. And if you approach caresses correctly, then you can significantly expand erotic experiments and get a huge pleasure.

For anal stimulation, it is convenient to use special sex toys. They are necessary in several cases:

  • To prepare for anal sex. It is important to relax the muscles of the sphincter, get used to the feeling of fullness. If you insert a cork before the penis, then the sensations will be much more pleasant. There will be no injuries, sensations of pain. This is a soft way to bring a partner to more decisive action.
  • For double penetration. Caresses of both holes are all most interesting for a woman. But there is no desire to invite another man. And then anal toys come to the rescue.
  • For narrowing the vagina. If an anal sleeve is located in the ass, the vagina becomes much already. This enhances the sensation for both participants in proximity. In such games, it is desirable to use traffic jams with a large diameter (3-5 cm).
  • To strengthen orgasm. Christmas trees and balls are able to make an orgasm at times more interesting. They are taken out of the body at the time of maximum pleasure, giving additional experiences.
  • For masturbation. The movements of the anal stimulant can lead to the maximum excitation. Such a toy gives pleasant emotions and helps relieve sexual tension.
  • For role -playing games. Special traffic jams with tails are ideal for reincarnation into a cat, bunny or unicorn. One detail easily allows you to try on a new role. It is both beautiful and exciting.
  • For decorating the body. Sometimes I want to look bright even in bed, when the clothes are at least. Anal traffic jams with crystals just make it possible to emphasize grace and passion for details. A variety of shapes and colors help self -expression.
  • For wearing. A feeling of fullness can create a playful mood. There are anal traffic jams that can be worn constantly, and no one around you will know about it. It’s nice to feel such a cork at work, during training or even at a meeting with the director.
  • For fisting. Hooses expansion is a bright experience. Sensations are always on the verge of pain and pleasure. Such caresses in the anus area give orgasms that cannot be caused by other methods. And gradually an increase in the diameter of the anus is possible with the help of anal stimulants.
  • For prostate massage. Men use anal stimulants to treat prostatitis and the prevention of this disease. Regular effect on the prostate gland allows you to maintain male power for many years, and even after 60 conduct an active sex life.

Types of anal stimulants

Conditionally, all anal stimulants can be divided into several groups:

  • Anal traffic jams or plugs. Created to feel fullness. They are introduced into the anus and left in this form. Not intended for progressive movements, although at the beginning of the immersion you can play with them like that. There are large and small. Always equipped with a limiter that does not allow to plunge too deeply.
  • Anal stimulants. Oblong stimulants created for frictions. They are pleasant to introduce and pull out. Can be left in the body and as a cork. Length usually exceeds 12 cm. The surface is smooth or embossed. Instead of a limiter, there may be a comfortable handle.
  • Anal chains. Anal toy consisting of several parts connected by a flexible cord. For example, a few balls on a soft hitch. The diameter and shape of the constituent elements can be very different. The toy is immersed in the body during the prelude, while the orgasm is pulled out. At the end often a convenient tail or ring for simple extraction. Usually the number of components from 3 to 10.
  • Anal Christmas trees. Composite toy on a hard coup. Sometimes it looks like a real children’s Christmas tree: with diameter alternation. Length from 10 to 20 cm. Suitable for progressive movements. It is interesting to get out not only during orgasm. Diameter and size are always for an amateur.
  • Anal tunnels. This is an anal plug with a hole. Through a hole in the center you can look inside, pour a lubricant or other liquid. You can even insert even a vibrator or penis into some traffic jams with a large diameter. The tunnel is quite elastic, does not crush, holds shape.
  • Cleaning devices. The anal toys include enemas. These are special devices for cleaning the anus. Their use is recommended before anal sex.
  • Prostate massagers. Anal stimulants of a special curved shape relate to the prostate gland. Massage is performed in different ways: tension and relaxation of the muscles of the perineum;With progressive movements, in which you need to remove and immerse the toy with your hands;With the help of vibration. The anatomical form is practical, does not cause discomfort. But the use does not always give blessed.

Anal jewelry and tails

Separately, you can distinguish anal sex toys for role-playing games. These are anal tails. Today they are gaining more and more popularity, as they help to transform into a new image in seconds. The tails are reliably connected to the anal sleeve, and it is with its help that they are held in the body. In the process of use do not fall out, do not move.

The tail on the anal traffic can be different. The most interesting models are with natural fur. It can be a rabbit or fox. The color is different, since the fur is easy to paint. There are options with artificial fur. Fluffy, smooth, long and short tails help to become a fox, a bunny, a horse, a unicorn, a lion cub or someone else.

Anal jewelry is a sex toys with a decorative base. This is a great solution for a gift, because many people love jewelry. And you can use such pebbles even in bed. In this case, the shape of the cork can be of different. Decorative models are of different diameters. For beginners, tiny options are ideal that will definitely not cause pain when diving. The base can be smooth or embossed, which gives different experiences when diving.

And the color of the stones can generally be very different. Bright solutions delight the eye. And individual models are equipped not by simple stones, but by Swarovski crystals. The rays of light shimmer in them, and it is really beautiful.

Decorative anal traffic jams are sold in stylish packaging. This is a ready -made gift that can be presented for any holiday. This thing can be used as a hint that it is time to expand the horizons and try anal sex.

Materials of anal stimulants

Its flexibility depends on the material of the anal toy. There are hard models, there are soft. This indicator also affects the cost. The most popular materials for the manufacture of anal sex toys:

  • Glass. Glass anal plugs are very practical, they do not absorb odors, are easily cleaned. They can be sterilized by any compounds and even boiled. Borousing glass does not beat, does not break. There are no chips on its surface. High -quality glass serves for decades. And it is completely not flexible, it holds its shape perfectly.
  • Ceramics. Environmentally friendly material, which is rare for sex toys. Usually bushings have a bright color. The surface is smooth, pleasant to the touch. The cork is hard. It is easily, you can use with a lubricant on any basis. Practical thing, serves for a long time.
  • Metal. Metal traffic jams are ideal for games with temperature. They simply heat them or cool, they hold heat for at least 15 minutes. It is impossible to break or spoil them. Wash by any detergent. The surface does not absorb odors. Metals that are safe are used for manufacture. Serve anal bushings made of metal for decades.
  • PVC, gel. The special composition is ideal for sex toys. PVC can be soft or hard, elastic or solid. The form to give an anal stimulant will turn out any. At the same time, you can use lubricants on water and silicone basis. Wash – with a mild cleansing agent. The material quickly takes body temperature.
  • Silicon. Usually silicone simply covers the toy on top. More often it is used in vibrating models. Hypoallergenic material, has no taste or smell. Safe for a person even with frequent use. Can only be used with water lubricant. Color, shape and flexibility in models are completely different.
  • Plastic. Dense and solid anal stimulants of plastic characterize a democratic price. They wash simply, unpretentious in storage. Lubrices can be consumed by any. Often on the package is the abbreviation ABS.
  • Latex. Very delicate material that stretches perfectly. Often expanding anal stimulants are made precisely from latex. Feature – artificially manufacturing. As a result, individual intolerance is possible. Cheap latex products can have an unpleasant odor, you should buy only models from famous manufacturers. Large companies have learned to eliminate this drawback.
  • Rubber. TPR or TPE is a composition from which anal cork is obtained tender and flexible. These are options that can be tilted, compressed. Nice texture, a variety of shapes and colors allow you to choose a sex toy to your liking.

Additional opportunities

Anal sex toys can have additional capabilities. These are the features of the form or special functions that make the use of more interesting. Their availability is not necessarily when buying. And these improvements increase the price sometimes 2-3 times.

  • Electrical stimulation or myostimulation. The effect on the body with small electric charges gives very pleasant experiences. This is a safe procedure that gives sensations from light treasurement and tickling to strong shocks. When exposed to anus, hundreds of bright orgasms can give. In this case, anal stimulator with myostimulation can be used with this function, and without.
  • Extension. Increasing anal traffic jams are in demand. After administration, they can be expanded in diameter by 20-100%. Special material is stretched when air is pumped into the device, and the sleeve grows. The process of increasing and compression simply control with a special pear. The device is created for lovers of anal fisting.
  • Vibration. Anal stimulants with vibration give a lot of experiences. Tender movements in the ass stimulate very tender zones, causing bliss. The more modes and speeds, the more fascinating the experiments with a sex toy.
  • Rimming. Special movements imitating affection in the area of the anus are unusual and pleasant. Single models now have such a function. But it is really well thought out, and it is difficult to compare it with other caresses. In this case, it turns out to control the force of influence, alternation of movements. You can often use Rimming along with vibration.
  • Remote control. Traffic control control can occur remotely. The remote control is carried out on the wire, and then it is simply at hand at the time of use. But there are models with a remote control or controlled from a smartphone. You can turn on such anal stimulant at any time and anywhere. The peculiarity of models is a quiet job. Often such bushings are used to wear.
  • Alternation of diameter. The shape of the anal stimulant can be any. But the most interesting – with alternation of diameter. With the introduction, the anus first turns out to be stretched, then again closed. Such movements are very exciting. When the toy is removed from the body, they are repeated. And the larger the difference in girth, the more interesting.

The price of anal stimulants in the world

Anal plug in the world costs from 400 rubles. This is the minimum cost that you can find on the sale. The average price of a good model without additional functions is 1200 – 1500 rubles. Anal stimulants cost from 600 rubles. Simple models of bushings with vibration are from 800 rubles, but the number of speeds is not large.

A good anal stimulator from a well-known manufacturer can easily be bought for 4-7 thousand rubles. But this is a guaranteed quality, anatomical form and a long service life.

The most expensive model with several moving elements and with the function of rimming. They allow you to experiment, and also control. Their price exceeds 10 thousand rubles.

Which anal stimulant to buy? Explore all possible options and decide what you want. And, already relying on this solution, find the right model in our catalog.

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