Anal shower. Why is needed. How to use

Anal shower. Why is needed? How to use?.

Anal shower. Why is needed. How to useMost couples living together for several years are faced with the same problem. Sex becomes boring and monotonous, passion disappears, and with it love. Those who are not trying to solve this problem begin to look for connections on the side and soon come to divorces and partings. And those who want to keep their family and their relationship can easily do this with the help of intimate toys and new experiments in bed.

Most often, couples begin to practice anal sex. Many girls against penetration into the anus because they disdain or are afraid of pain. But with adequate preparation before and during penetration, you can not only avoid unpleasant sensations, but also get a lot of pleasure. Each man notes special pleasure from anal sex due to increased stimulation of the penneum of the muscles of the anus. And for a woman there is an opportunity to experience new emotions from stimulating the vaginal wall on the other hand.

According to statistics, most men are cheating with those women who are not afraid to try something new in bed and are not afraid to realize the fantasies of their man. And if his permanent partner does it, then he will no longer need any other. Therefore, if you want to become closer to your man and see how his eyes light up from love and passion again, then try to smoothly bring your sex from classic to anal penetration.

In order for neither you nor your man to feel disgust during penetration into the rear approach, we recommend using an anal shower. Anal shower intended for a specific purpose, namely, cleansing the rectum.

How to use anal shower

The use scheme of the anal shower Pretty simple. Take an anal shower and lubricate its tip, which will be placed in the anus, anal grease. The use of lubrication is mandatory, because it is it that will minimize all kinds of risks of damage and cracks.

Gently fill the anal shower with warm water. Take a convenient pose on the side, standing or squatting and smoothly enter all the water into the rectum. Next, you need to wait a few minutes before the urge to the toilet.

By emptying the intestines from all the contents of the enema, you can repeat this procedure several times, until the water that comes out of your rectum will not be completely clean.

Proceed to anal sex should be a few hours after the anal shower. This is due to the fact that water can still flow out of the anus for some time after cleaning, so in order to avoid awkward situations during penetration, it is better to wait a bit.

Having completed such a procedure once, you will no longer have any questions about how to make an anal shower right.

If you are going to practice anal sex regularly, then we recommend that you also follow your diet. Then the time to prepare and cleanse the intestines will need much less. Try to make your diet as many such groups as possible as:

  • Low -fat lean meat,
  • Stewed and fresh vegetables,
  • Milk products.

It is also important to monitor the norm of water drunk, this will greatly facilitate the work of your intestines.

What is an anal shower for

Anal shower. Why is needed. How to useAlmost all men and women dream of anal sex, but many are stopped by a certain disgust and fear of falling into an awkward situation before their partner. The rectum cannot physiologically self -cleaned, so for this purpose you can use anal shower. He will help you prepare in advance for anal sex, which will allow you to completely relax and not worry that something will happen wrong.

It is also more pleasant for a man to enter the anus after cleaning, because this guarantees that after anal sex his penis will remain clean. Therefore, almost all pairs practicing penetration into the anus understand the need for such a procedure.

If you want to please your man and yourself, as well as make your relationship stronger and more passionate, then anal sex is best for these purposes. And so that he will pass as you planned, you should buy an anal shower HERE

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