Anal sex during pregnancy – you can or not? | Anal games

Anal sex during pregnancy – you can or not?.

Anal sex during pregnancy – you can or not? | Anal games
Pregnancy for a woman is one of the best periods in life, but also quite complicated, because there are many questions, the answers to which can be difficult to find. Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy, this is what interests most of the fair sex. Around the intimacy during the period of gestation, there are many legends, but gynecologists agree in one thing, you can’t measure everyone under one measure, because everything is individually.

When anal sex is safe?

Anal sex during pregnancy – you can or not? | Anal games
Every woman during pregnancy should think not only about herself, but also about her not yet born baby. Before making some decision, it is better to ask for advice from a gynecologist. As for the anal sex, it is not contraindicated for those who have the pregnancy normally. But for everything to be fine, you should fulfill several rules:

Hygiene. It is important to take a shower before and after anal sex. And never alternate it with vaginal without visiting the bath. It is forbidden to place a member in a vagina after anus. This can tolerate bacteria, which will cause an infection.
Caution. All movements with anal of a pregnant woman should be smooth. It is very important not to injure the anus. Cracks can cause hemorrhoids, so it is important to use a high -quality lubricant and prepare a narrow hole for a long time. Well, if there are problems with the anus, then sex of this kind should be postponed.
Painlessness. In the process of anal sex, easy pressure on the uterus is possible. It all depends on the posture, but if unpleasant sensations arise inside, you should immediately stop moving.The video is not supported by your browser.

In what cases you need to be careful during anal sex?

Anal sex during pregnancy – you can or not? | Anal games
In the first month of pregnancy, in most women, the fetal egg is perceived by the body as something foreign. As a result of this, the tone of the uterus rises. This condition does not require treatment, but it is very important in the first two months to treat itself as attentively as possible and, if possible, exclude active sexual life. Physical activity, hot baths and visiting baths, sharp movements are categorically prohibited. At the end of the first trimester, the gynecologist will conduct an ultrasound and tell the state of the uterus and how the fetus develops.

If after the inspection no pathologies have been revealed and the expectant mother does not complain about anything, then the restrictions on sex can be removed and nothing will interfere with an intimate life with a loved one. But before the first ultrasound, it is better to wait with anal.

In what cases is anal sex and any other type is contraindicated:

• If there is a threat of miscarriage, such a condition can provoke the tone of the uterus, bleeding or premature contractions;• If a month and a half remained before the delivery, during this period the uterus begins to open, the neck softens, and intimacy can cause premature birth.
• if there is a genetic anomaly of the fetus or violations in the hormonal background in the future mother;
• development of infection affected by the reproductive system.

But any love joys are the joy and positive emotions that are simply necessary for a woman during the period of gestation, so you should not refuse them, but some restrictions will have to be introduced into an intimate life.

Restrictions on intimate life for a pregnant woman

Anal sex during pregnancy – you can or not? | Anal games
During the bearing of the baby, you need to carefully monitor your condition. And it is worth changing some habits in sex, so as not to harm a person who is not yet born:

• Necessary reduce the duration of sexual intercourse, It should last no more than 10 minutes. But this does not concern the prelude, on the contrary, it can be lengthened.
The best pose For a woman, a “spoon” option is considered (partners lie on their side, a man behind).
• Pose of the “Amazon” (a woman sits on top of a man) should not be used during gestation, the male organ in this case penetrates too deep into the uterus.
• the usual pose for all, when a man on top can exert strong pressure on the stomach, so the strongest half will have to take the entire load on himself.
• When the woman’s belly is already large enough, then in this case the pose is perfect when the expectant mother lies on the edge of the bed, and the man stands nearby on his knees.
• If the vagina is dry, which is not uncommon during the period of bearing the baby, then it is recommended to use a special lubricant (lubricant).
• If anal sex has not previously been practiced, then it should not be used during pregnancy, it can provoke a reduction in the childbearing organ.
• You should not enter a member too deeply into the vagina, this process can be controlled using special rings that are sold in a sex shop.

Regular sex life in any period of life is important for a woman, especially during pregnancy. Indeed, thanks to it, it is possible to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, get positive emotions and not only for the mother, but also the baby. The thing is that during sex the uterus is reduced, and this is a very pleasant massage for the fetus. If there are no complications of pregnancy, then any type of sex is useful and needed.

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