Anal sex during pregnancy: is it possible to engage, trimesters, poses

Anal sex during pregnancy: is it possible to engage, trimesters, poses.

Anal sex during pregnancy: is it possible to engage, trimesters, poses

The opinions of many doctors are so different that it is difficult to immediately draw a certain conclusion: Is it possible to have anal sex during pregnancy, and what is generally dangerous in such a crucial period for the unborn child and mother. There is a version that this type of intimacy has an exceptionally positive effect on the physiology and psyche of a pregnant woman, plus everything does not violate the usual sexual rhythm to which the couple is accustomed. Others assure that anal sex can easily provoke a miscarriage in the first trimester and premature birth – in the second and third. As always, we will analyze all the controversial moments on points and we will take a common axiom.

Anal sex during pregnancy: is it possible to engage, trimesters, poses

Is it possible to have anal sex during pregnancy

Let’s immediately consider such an option that the expectant mother feels great, she wants intimacy, there are no threats of interruption. And we will paraphrase the question like this: is it possible to have anal sex of a healthy woman during a normal pregnancy?

And what, in fact, interferes with her? If there are no medical contraindications, any type of sex is permissible.

  • You have good tests, there are no toxicosis, pain and discharge do not bother.
  • You have already practiced anal sex before pregnancy.
  • You want just such proximity with your husband.
  • “Hall in the back” has not been unpleasant for a long time.
  • Your husband is neat at such moments and is ready to slow down a little if necessary.

If all these points are about you, you can have anal sex! The main thing is that this is not a coercion or the desire to please the partner. First of all, you should think about the future child, and not about each other’s lusts.

Possible pros and cons of anal proximity during pregnancy

Before you do this type of intimacy, think about all risks and possible benefits. Pregnancy is a very unpredictable period in which even an experienced doctor does not always predict the influence of any action on the fetus and course of gestation itself.

For Mom For a child
pros Minuses pros Minuses
Physical pleasure.

A rush of blood to the organs of a small pelvis.

Increasing sensitivity in erogenous zones.

Positive emotions.

Preservation of psychological proximity with a partner.

The risk of infection with viral infections.

Threat of miscarriage or premature birth.

Cracks around the anus.

The appearance of hemorrhoids due to inflammation.

A positive effect on the development of the fetus due to mom’s emotions.

Vestibular apparatus training.

Intrauterine infection with bacteria and viruses.

Each couple personally decides whether this kind of sex is suitable for her or not. If you have doubts, it is better to leave the undertaking of anal sex for the postpartum period.

Consider the fact that preparation for this type of sex involves an enema. Everything would be nothing, but only it washed out many beneficial substances from the body, and they can be necessary for a developing child. And do not forget that too frequent anal classes can disrupt the intestinal microflora. You want to once again?

Dear, future amateur parents, we are only “behind” with arms and legs for diversity in your intimate life, but please do everything wisely and evaluate the risks in advance!

Anal sex in trimester: at an early stage, in the later stages

The only warning for a completely healthy woman will be the first months. Yes, it is in the first trimester that anal sex can provoke a miscarriage, since pressure will be on the walls of the uterus, the production of oxytocin will increase when excited, therefore, the slightly fixed embryo may not resist.

The most favorable period of pregnancy is the second trimester: malaise passes, toxicosis is behind, the stomach is not so big. A woman blooms even externally: voluminous breasts, rounded features. Many men consider their wife to be especially sexy at this moment, therefore, why not use such a wonderful moment and not diversify leisure in the second trimester with anal sex with an excited spouse?

In the late stages, that is, in the third trimester, sex may well be. Why not? Of course, a large stomach can interfere, but for this there are special poses that we will talk about a little later. The last 2-3 weeks are considered a dangerous period in the third trimester, therefore, in the last weeks of pregnancy, anal sex is undesirable. You do not want premature birth? And the state of the anus leaves much to be desired. The grown fruit is already pressing on all organs, a constant tension is created in the small pelvis, which is why even these nasty nodules can emerge about hemorrhoids who did not know about hemorrhoids. What kind of sex is there, and even more so “rear -wheel drive”! Here to reach 40 weeks and survive)

Anal sex during pregnancy: is it possible to engage, trimesters, poses

And you knew that during pregnancy in the late stages, women have a slight leakage of urine due to pressure on the genitourinary system? Consider this fact, since with the active development of the anus, and even, coupled with a child constantly pressing on the rectum, your sphincter may also relax a little. And then stained underpants will become a regular addition to pregnancy for you) Do not get carried away. Anal sex should not become your main type of intimacy during gestation. Otherwise, hi encores (fecal incontinence, if you are informed).

When you can’t have anal sex

Be sure to pay attention to a number of reasons why it is better to abandon anal pleasures. For yourself for the good!

  • You have anal cracks or hemorrhoids.
  • Your pregnancy period is from 2 to 12 weeks for obstetric calendar.
  • Only 3-4 weeks left before birth.
  • You have an increased uterine tone and there is a threat of termination of pregnancy.
  • Your history has miscerves or premature birth.
  • You did not have anal sex experience before pregnancy. The introduction into such a delicate sphere of intima is best done after childbirth, since the member in the rectum for the first time is painful, alas.

Keep in mind that men are not so conscious. A spouse, even very loving, can persuade anal sex, following his desires. And they are strong, oh, how strong, especially among lovers of narrow holes! We will not lie, an orgasm from anal in women is rare, but the partner has all the bonuses: narrow, unusual, and when the fetus is even more pleasant, it is already more pleasant. You understand the hint? If you can’t, then do not succumb to persuasion! Then please your “Pooppit” – after the birth of the heir.

Our dear men, do not be discouraged if anal-vaginal joys with your girl fell under sanctions. After all, there is a lot of interesting things for you in the “Sex toy” page, where you will find nozzles on a member, vagina and masturbators, sex machines, intimate massagers and everything you want here and now) You might change your favorite roles? And you will be very useful with a strap -on or anal stimulant? Fantasize, feel free.

In what poses can you have anal sex during pregnancy

We’ll make a reservation right away, here, of course, not densely. You will not be particularly getting out and you can’t arrange an orgy. But the options, as always, are. Seeking, yes they will work) study.

  • Knee-elbow or “crustacean”. Without pressure on the stomach, the entry of the penis occurs at the right angle.
  • Sitting on a man’s knees. Here the girl controls the angle of entry herself.
  • A man from below, a woman as a horse. Do not forget to tilt the body a little back to catch the “natural bend” of the intestine)))
  • On the side or classic “spoon”. The least traumatic pose for anal sex during pregnancy.

The sex marathon is canceled, 5-10 minutes and to the finish line-otherwise hemorrhoids are not far off (you will be so soon). It is not necessary to introduce the penis deeply. In an unsuccessful state, you are unlikely to make anything there, but in a deeply pregnant woman these processes are poorly controlled, so if you are unwilling to come across a “counterclaim” ..

We will not delve into the topic of how to prepare for anal sex, what is necessary for this, because this type of intimacy during the gestation of the gunner presupposes the availability of “back” experience. But if you forgot, then read in the article “How to Start and Correct Anal Sex” and remember.

Anal sex during pregnancy: is it possible to engage, trimesters, poses

What are alternatives to anal sex during gestation

If anal and vaginal sex fall under sanctions, then it remains only to simulate “holes and clicks”) so we will begin.

  • Games with breasts. This part of the female body becomes a special yummy while waiting for the child. Even in women with a “unit”, metamorphoses and, voila, in your hands, fleshy “tria”. Play your health and benefit both. Drive the nipples with a penis, click it between the breasts and end in health.
  • Sex with her hips. Yes, yes, you did not rush. Take sex with her feet! But specifically, then squeeze the member between her thighs and drive until the full loss of memory. If your wife is anorexic and all on the Instagram boasts a gap between these same thighs, then this device is not for you-do -t-to.
  • Oral sex. Generally classic during pregnancy! Take in your mouth how much it will fit) it does not injure anyone. Although just in case, read what you need to know about the hygiene of oral sex, what diseases are transmitted, refresh knowledge)

Well, here, it would seem, everyone discussed, came to the conclusion that you can have anal sex during pregnancy, but only carefully! And we are already ready to tell you until imminent meetings, but … we remembered that many still ask one, well, just a unique question in their logic!

Is it possible to get pregnant during anal sex

Yes, and always triple! And you give birth to it through the same place where it came from. No, do not faint, we joked. In fact, the pregnancy from anal sex is likely as much as it is likely that this article was written by Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich)

And again about the comments! Write, write, write, about everything that you know and think on this topic! Just communicate, just express an opinion, it’s still simple)

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