Anal sex: anal for girl VS prostate massage | Anal toys

Anal sex: anal for girl vs prostate massage.

Anal sex: anal for girl VS prostate massage | Anal toys
Anal sex – This is what some consider unnatural, others – a shameful innovation in the erotic world, others – an excellent experiment that increases trust between partners, and the fourth in all of it enjoy it.
And here we meet with the first myth on this topic. In fact, all types of sex, including anal, are as many years as all of our humanity exists. It was practiced from the very old times, although the reasons were different: homosexuality, reluctance of pregnancy, preservation of virginity and even the transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the student.

Anal sex means not only penetration actions, but also any stimulation of the anus, for example, language, fingers or Sex toys. So those who are against him because of a stereotypical connection with gayness, but who allows a partner to play with an anus with a fingel, you are wrong. All these anal caresses are in no way related to your orientation. This type of sex, like any other, has a connection only with the fact that you love diverse pleasure;)

Anal sex Noteworthy is that both men and women can deal with it. Preparation for these caresses and for those and others about the same. And this is exactly the type of sex to which you need to prepare, otherwise the desire to get an unforgettable pleasure will turn into unpleasant and painful consequences.

Anal sex of everyone meets with small painful sensations, but their value depends only on you. The fact is that only one function is provided for the rectum – excretion, which means everything else is unnatural for it. As a result, there is a protective reaction of the body, manifested by a sharp compression of the sphincter (round muscle located around the anus). That is why you can not use any sudden movements or immediately take up toys large sizes. It can not only hurt, but also traumatic.You should start with the massage of the anal ring with your fingers and anal plugs small size. They will fit gorgeous Lola Toys Anal Plug And Lola Toys Slim ANAL PLUG. Rounded tip and thin barrel are designed specifically for beginners. As soon as you get used to these sizes, you can slowly increase the length and diameter of the toy. Manufacturers took care of your convenience, creating special sets of starting anal toys. Usually they consist of three traffic jams. DOC Johnson William Anal Trainer Kit Just perfect to start getting to know the world of anal pleasures. In addition to a slow increase in size, cork also gain a relief that will stimulate the anus and internal walls. So, doing training, you will also get great pleasure in the process!

Do not forget about anal lubricant. Neither men nor women in the anus itself produces it. Lubricant – This is the most important attribute of anal sex. And if you use toys, follow the compatibility of the material massager or traffic jams And the composition of the lubricant. Hot Aqua ANAL – This is a wonderful lubricant on water -based, which is suitable for any type of materials and is easy to wash off the skin. However, it must be used a little more than, for example, silicone ANALOVE. Its plus is that it remains longer on the surface of the toy or skin.Anal sex: anal for girl VS prostate massage | Anal toys
Another similarity of men and women in this matter is hygiene! Anal sex is considered the most dangerous in terms of infection with sexual diseases. These include HIV and even AIDS. Therefore, if the partner does not have complete one hundred percent confidence, then it is worth using strong condoms. An additional occasion to use them is an unwanted pregnancy. This happens like this: when ejaculation inside, sperm can leak and get to the labia of a partner. With subsequent stimulations, it can easily get inside. Yes, the probability is small, but it is better to overdo it than to not be unnecessary, unless not?

Many people consider anal sex something dirty and obscene, but this is due to the fact that a place intended to remove excess from the body in people is not associated at all with excitement. However, there are special hygiene products that allow you to clean the colon so that no embarrassment occurs in the process. Anal shower – A fairly simple device that will help safely and how deeply you need to clean the anus. The device is a semblance of an enema with water. Nexus – The simplest of representatives of this type of toy. But there are devices where manufacturers thought about your pleasure during the process. Orion Smart Wash Rippo And Lovetoy made with a special convex relief and bends that will deliver additional stimulation of erogenous zones during the hygienic procedure. Nice with useful;) And of course, in men and women, the anus has a huge number of nerve endings, which makes caresses from the outside an excellent prelude or addition for any kind of sex.

Next, we will talk about how much the process of anal sex and sensation from it for weak and strong floors. There are very significant differences that are reflected both at the physical level and on the psychological.

Consider first anal affection for girls. In the larger half of the fair sex, the uterus and the back wall of the colon are located close, it is its massage that can lead to a violent orgasm. And stimulation is carried out just from the side of the anal opening. According to statistics, about twenty percent of women who regularly have anal sex cannot end without additional and simultaneously stimulating the anus! That is, for women, the impact on both sides and a sense of fullness are important for women. That is why in the arsenal of anal toys for girls there are so many anal traffic jams.

There are ordinary ones Anal traffic jams, attracting the relief and volumes as Orion Booty Beau or Lola Toys Perfect Fit Plug. Their velvet material in combination with rounded shapes will give just the desired effect and a pleasant small pressure on the wall close to the uterus. A Lovense Hush – a representative of traffic jams who are capable of more. Management from a smartphone and various vibration modes will make sex unforgettable, even if your partner is at another point in the world;)
Some women are excited from the fact that anal sex for them is like a forbidden fruit. Then this type of sexual interaction is rightly becoming a bridge for great trust in a partner!Anal sex: anal for girl VS prostate massage | Anal toys
In men, everything is arranged a little differently. Prostate, stimulation which in pleasure is comparable only with point G, easily reached just through the anus. The impact on the prostate is not only breathtaking, but also good for health. Massage is the prevention of various male diseases, including cancer. And the simultaneous stimulation of the penis and prostates – An accurate recipe for powerful facials that will come one after another. There are special bending traffic jams adjusted to the male body: FUN FACTORY BOOTY or Mood Naughty from Doc Johnson. Convenient limiter and velvet hypoallergenic medical silicone indicate the quality of toys, and a well -thought -out anatomical form – for the limitless future pleasure;) But the manufacturers went further, and now a large niche borders on other types of sex toys prostate massager. Brends were especially distinguished Rocks Off And Nexus. Their goal is to satisfy the sexual desires of all men in the world! Here you will find absolutely everything: starting sets Starter Kit, Not vibrating Sparta with a special extension at the end of the barrel, Revo Intense With the function of rotation of the head, Cheeky Boy with an unforgettable relief … So you can continue until infinity. Countless men were bribed by huge functionality, high -quality manufacture and sensitive anatomical approach of manufacturers to each toy. Let your anal experience be on top.

Regardless of countless various opinions, anal sex is an integral part of the world of sexual pleasures. Approaching him wisely and caution, you can not only add new sensations, but also strengthen the previous! Yes, anal sex is considered one of the most dangerous types of sexual interaction, but there are special warnings, rules and means that will prevent the risk of any unpleasant consequences.

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