Anal plug with a tail: what are they and what are needed for

Anal plug with a tail: what are they and what are needed for.

Anal cork with a tail is a sex toy designed for role -playing games, consisting of part and decorative tail penetrating into the anus. Used to develop an anus and give the intercourse of additional emotions.

Quite often, girls do not want to think about anal sex due to the fact that they are afraid of him. Such thoughts are not taken from the ceiling, as many guys think. Girls really feel unpleasant pain and discomfort in the process of this type of sex. In order to continue the experiments, but at the same time to feel the minimum unpleasant pain, a special anal plug with a tail was invented.

If everything is done correctly, then anal sex will enjoy both partners, but for this you need to learn how to perform a series of special exercises with which toys purchased in a sex shop will help.

What is such a toy for

Anal cork with a tail is needed so that the anal muscles are completely relaxed. When this happens, the girl will be able to take control of the muscles, and therefore, over all the sensations she experiences during intercourse. This will help reduce the harm of anal sex for a woman. Let’s figure out how to use such a sex toy correctly.

So, this traffic jam, as you could guess by the name of the object, is introduced into the anus and helps the muscles completely relax.

In appearance, such a cork is very narrow at the beginning and gradually at the base, it expands. This is provided so that due to the lack of skills, the sex toy does not fall into the anus. As for the types of toy, there are a lot of them, and we will talk more about them a little later.

Basically, anal plug is used for training so that at the most crucial moment the girl experiences maximum pleasure, but it can be used not only for increased sensations, but also for self -satisfaction.

By the way, men can also use anal traffic, so this toy unisex. It all depends on the preferences of partners. No need to think that such a cork will harm the body. Even doctors recommend using it for preventive purposes.

Anal plug with tail: varieties

Now let’s look at the common types of anal traffic jams, because there are no less than ordinary children’s toys.

To begin with, anal traffic jams come with a tail, with sparkles, without any additions. Specifically today we will consider the types of anal plugs with a tail, since the use and value that is mentioned above, all such products have the same.

Such traffic jams are created on the basis of natural or artificial fur. Immediately note that the price depends on this factor. The cork can be both long and short, there are flexible and hard options.

In any case, each of its appearance looks very beautiful, sometimes even elegant, so such a sex toy agrees to try to apply almost all girls who are not indifferent to sexual experiments.

Anal plug with a tail of different animals

Anal plug with a hare tail. If you have never seen a sex toys of this type, then remember the multi-colored pompons, which were not so long ago in trend. The traffic jams have approximately the same type, because they look like a small ball, which can be absolutely any color. Its main advantage is that it does not cause discomfort;

Anal cork with a horse tail. This type is suitable for girls who are definitely not afraid of anything. The pile of this toy is long and is made in the form of a straight line, it is tougher than the first option. Usually sold only in dark colors;

Anal plug with a fox tail. According to the name, it is clear that the color of such an anal tail resembles the color of the fox, it has a fluffy and long pile. If the fur is artificial, then everything will be like on the picture on the Internet, but if natural, then the color of the toy may vary.

Before use, it is recommended to make an enema with a special anal shower. This will be extremely useful in case the games end in sexual intercourse with its partner. Enjoy your sexual entertainment!

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