Anal expanders. Application, consequences and how to use

Anal expanders. Application, how to use the consequences of application..

Anal expanders. Application, consequences and how to use

Anal expanders

Almost all couples come to the fact that classic sex begins to bother. You stop getting orgasms and vivid emotions, and a man begins to want sex less and less. And replacement of regular sexual life comes dissatisfaction and treason. How to get out of this closed circle?

In order for sex to not turn into everyday life, start experimenting in bed with each other. The first in the list of new products is anal sex. Moreover, thanks to anal toys, the anal passage can be stimulated by both a man and a woman.

With the introduction of anal toys into the area of the anus man, he will experience a sea of pleasure by influencing the erogenous zone of the prostate gland. And the woman will experience pleasant sensations by stimulation of the uterus through the adjacent area of the rectum. Thus, with the correct and smooth preparation of the anus, you can not only protect your marriage from betrayal, but strengthen and improve the relationship themselves. After all, a satisfied man immediately becomes generous and caring for a beloved woman.

Anal expanders will be interesting to those who enjoy fisting. The feeling of expansion and fullness in the area of the anus gives a very vivid impression to those who are no longer interested in ordinary anal sexual intercourse.

The use of anal expanders

In order to prepare your anus for anal sex, we recommend using an anal extensor. Anal extensor – This is a toy made in the form of anal traffic jam and supplemented with a special mechanism that allows you to pump it using a special pear. Thanks to pumping, the anal cork increases in size, allowing you to train the muscle fibers of the anus wall, which in turn leads to smooth stretching of the anus.

After using the anal expander, the penis or anal vibrator will be much more comfortable and more pleasant.

Anal expanders are extremely convenient to use due to the fact that their diameter in a calm state does not exceed 2-3 centimeters. Therefore, their initial introduction should not cause either you or your man of any complications and difficulties.

Anal expanders buy a lot of men and women in order to:

  • Prepare with this simulator for anal sex. The muscles of the anus are not as elastic as the intimate muscles of the vagina. Therefore, to enter the penis into the anus, there will not be enough ordinary prelude, you need to prepare yourself and your partner a little in advance.
  • Feel the effect of double penetration. This is a very common fantasy of the fairer sex and if you do not want to let the third person into your relationship, then you can easily realize these desires with the help of anal expander and anal traffic jams.
  • The penis entered into the vagina will support the wall on one side, and the anal expander on the other. Thus, the girl receives double stimulation, which will cause an extremely acute feeling of pleasure. In the vagina, the sex member will also be very narrow, which will undoubtedly like your partner.
  • Stimulate the prostate. Moreover, this can be done simultaneously, both in order to enjoy, and with the aim of having a beneficial effect on male health.

How to use anal expanders

Regardless of the selected model of an inflatable anal cork, it is necessary to remember the main recommendations. These include:

  • The mandatory use of a special gel lord, which is intended specifically for an anus hiccups, can be purchased at any pharmacy or specialized store.
  • The introduction and extraction of an anal expander should be carried out smoothly, without any sharp movements.
  • A partner who is intended for this anal expander must first prepare and sexually excite. For this, kisses, caresses with fingers and the tongue of both the vagina and the anus area are well suited. You should not rush, it is necessary to show as much tenderness and patience as possible, because the more relaxed partner, the less discomfort will arise when entering and inflating an anal expander.
  • Pick up a comfortable pose. You can put a comfortable pillow under the lower back and relax the buttocks and the area of the anus as best as possible.

Depending on the material from which the expander is made, it can be left in the anus for a certain time. We especially recommend trying to have classic sex with an inserted anal device. This will feel unrealistic pleasure, which cannot be compared with ordinary familiar sex.

The consequences of anal expanders

Anal expanders. Application, consequences and how to use

When using any anal devices, including expanders you must be delicate with your partner, After all, the anal region, especially at the beginning of its development, needs smooth movements and a slow pace.

If the introduction of the expander is performed using sudden movements, without the use of anal lubricant and in stress, then there is a risk of some unpleasant consequences. However, all this can be avoided with the proper use and care of the introduction of anal toy. Then you are guaranteed to obtain only incredibly pleasant sensations.

If you or your man want to experience new vivid positive emotions, then buy an anal extensor in the online store. After that, your relationship will become stronger, and sexual life will sparkle with new colors.

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