Anal chain: what is anal chain and how to use?

Anal chain: what is anal chain and how to use?.

Anal chain (it is also called Thai beads) – this is the intimate toy of unisex made of bombed balls. Can be used both by beginners who decided to experience new sensations and experienced supporters of anal stimulations.

For what? The anal chain can perform not only the function of preparing the anus for further penetration, but also used as an independent device. The chain of chain is that it is able to carefully stretch the muscles of the sphincter without damaging them.

If you use the chain as an independent stimulant for prelude, then, making various manipulations with its help, you can easily get an orgasm! It can also be useful and, if necessary, narrow the vagina or feel an additional relief with vaginal sex.

What are?

Anal chains are with vibration and without. If the chain is equipped with a vibro function, then it can be used as a vaginal stimulant. Do not forget that you can’t alternate anal-vaginal penetration! This can be fraught with inflammation and the transfer of microflora from the intestines to the vaginal mucosa.

Also, anal chains are divided into those that have balls of the same size, and those that consist of balls of different sizes. The most popular form of the anal chain is a Christmas tree. This is an ideal form for the gradual and painless introduction of balls inside. The fact that the balls on the chain are gradually increasing, allow you to gradually get used to the size of the ball injected, making penetration with the next less uncomfortable.

Do not confuse anal chains with anal balls. Most often, their main difference is that anal balls are balls on a thread, the distance between which is quite large. On the chain, the balls are located close to each other and have a smooth transition among themselves.

Precautionary measures: When using any anal devices, the lubricant should be used. The lubricant must be applied to the anus (important! not on a chain) and gradually immerse the balls inward. Follow your feelings, the use of balls should not cause pain and discomfort.

Tips for beginners: An ideal toy of such a plan for a beginner will be a chain that has a diameter of balls from 1.5 cm up to 3 cm. This attribute is recommended to be purchased with a limiter, in order to avoid complete absorption of the object into the rectum. Choose a product from soft silicone.

With direct use, it is important to monitor the feeling of pain. If the pain occurs, it should be stopped immediately, in order to avoid damage to the rectum tissues. Do not rush, you need to enter the chain slowly and accurately.

Before the first use, the purchased product must be thoroughly washed. Before and after use, this toy is cleaned with water and soft soap. After use, it is necessary to carry out additional treatment with an antiseptic.

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