Anal bleaching: what is it and who needs? | Anal games

Anal bleaching: what is it and who needs?.

Anal bleaching: what is it and who needs? | Anal games
Recently, anal bleaching is gaining more and more popularity. The essence of the procedure is to lighten the skin in the anus and external genitalia. Some clinics offer light up not only the genital area, but also a bikini zone and a halo around the nipples. What is it for and who needs it?

It is generally accepted that a similar procedure is carried out only by pornstars, actors or people performing on the stage, but this is not so, anal bleaching is very popular in the circles of inhabitants, special demand for the procedure for representatives of golden youth.

Why is it necessary?

Excessive pigmentation of the anus or external genitalia creates a feeling of “dirty” skin, they do not carry any danger to health spots, in this case many worries many Aesthetic question. Many girls are embarrassed to cash in front of a loved one or wear a frank bikini, just because of dark spots around the anus.

Anal bleaching – Simple procedure, helping to cope with this problem. After 2-3 visits to the cosmetologist, the skin around the anus brightens and no longer differs in color from the skin of the whole body.

Why is the anus darken?

The appearance of pigment spots around the anus is due to several reasons:

  • features of the skin;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • taking some medicines;
  • deformation of delicate skin when wearing tight linen;
  • age -related changes;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • pregnancy.

Anal bleaching: what is it and who needs? | Anal games
As it becomes clear, there are a lot of factors leading to the appearance of age spots around the anus, but not every girl is ready to put up with the imperfection of the skin and, enjoying the constraint, goes to the cosmetologist’s office.

How the procedure goes

Before contacting a cosmetologist, you need to visit a dermatologist and take an analysis for the presence of a fungus and other related diseases, which are an obstacle to anal bleaching. When lack of contraindications, you can safely go to the procedure.

The elimination of pigmentation in the intimate area occurs In several stages. First of all, vegetation is removed by depilation or shaving of the desired area. Then, the skin is cleansed of dead cells with a scrub or pilling, after which the process of eliminating age spots begins. In most cases, cosmetologists use special lotions and creams containing hydroquinon – a bleaching component.

In the future, the anus needs special care, it must be lubricated with special creams, excluded the effects of ultraviolet radiation and anal lubricants, otherwise the skin will acquire an initial look. Typically, the whitening course takes no more than 2 weeks.

Anus whitening at home

Elimination of pigmentation around the anus is an expensive procedure and not everyone can afford to do it in the clinic. Some refuse her due to constraint to an outsider. In this case, you can do all the manipulations At home, This requires to purchase a special cream with hydrokhinon. Creams and lotions with a whitening component are widely represented in some pharmacies and stores of intimate affairs. There are in our assortment.Anal bleaching: what is it and who needs? | Anal games

Contraindications for anal bleaching

Even such a procedure, not complicated at first glance, requires a thorough approach and, along with many other manipulations, has a number of contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • genital herpes and other inflammatory processes during exacerbation;
  • allergies to components of cosmetic drugs;
  • hemorrhoids and anal cracks;
  • Reception of hormonal contraceptives.

If there are no contraindications, then it is worth making the anus more attractive. It should be understood that the cosmetologist’s procedure is more effective, the result at home will have to wait long. Whitening cream should be applied according to the schedule specified on the package. Usually, this is 1-2 times a day for 2 weeks.

The anus whitening is temporary. A few months later, pigmentation occurs again, and you have to repeat everything. It is not possible to make it for a lifetime.

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